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5 ways to send a VKontakte message to yourself: instructions for your phone


Write a text message or send a file to yourself using VKontakte Dialogs from your computer or smartphone.

For PC and phone there are several ways to send:

    Method 1: Creating a Chat and removing incoming chatters

    1. Go to the tab Messages .

    2. In the left column of the messages click on the "plus" (the label " Start a conversation " will appear).

    3. In the list choose a person, preferably a friend or an acquaintance tick the box.

    4. When creating the conversation you write the title, let us say "Writing to myself".

    5. Next click on Create Conversation .

    6. Click the link below Participants in the conversation title.

    7. Clear the person from the conversation by clicking on the arrow and select the option " Exclude from conversation "

    8. Close the window and go to the new conversation.

    9. To verify that sending messages works, create a test entry of any content.

    Method 2. Sending a message through the "Messages"

    1. Go to your VKontakte page from your computer or laptop.
    2. Locate to the left of your avatar (main photo) under the menu "messages". Log in.
    3. In the search box (it is located under the notification icon - bell), type your name under which you are registered in the social network - nickname.
    4. The list of users you have communicated with before will appear. Among these users you will see your avatar, even if you have not yet sent an SMS to yourself.
    5. Hover over and click on your nickname near the photo.
    6. The window of personal messages will open, write to yourself. What about? Decide beforehand.

    Now chatting with yourself is saved and you no longer have to enter a name to search. The way to communicate with the best person on Earth has become shorter: VK-personal page - message - see yourself - write - send. Access to notes and reminders always at your fingertips.

    Method 3. Messaging with ID

    This method is good if the user has closed the social network tab, but has saved the login details on their computer.

    1. Find the ID - personal page number. When you are logged in to VKontakte, the ID is visible in the address bar at the top (to the right of the update icon):* * * * * * * * * * , where the asterisks are a set of numbers unique to each user.
    2. Paste into Yandex, Google, any browser you use, the command: //* * * * * * * * * * . Instead of the asterisks - the digits of your ID.
    3. Press enter, you will get to your VK messages.

    There is no need to enter the command manually each time you go to the search engine. Write it down once, save, copy and paste - perfect your epistolary skills.

    Method 4: If you do not want to bother, find yourself with a friend

    1. Go to the "friends" menu in your VKontakte profile home page.
    2. Select any friend and visit his page.
    3. Look through your friends list. Find yourself.
    4. Hover your cursor over the "send message" caption, below your own nickname (name).
    5. Click the left mouse button. Now you can write to yourself.

    Method 5. From your smartphone works too

    Whether you are in the VK mobile application or you have accessed your page in the browser.

    1. Click the messaging icon (at the bottom of your phone) to open the chat.
    2. In the search field write your nickname.
    3. Select your avatar by tapping your finger.
    4. Speak up - don't be shy.

    To avoid getting lost, you may post it on your wall or send it to a friend. In spite of this, it is more convenient to write a message to yourself. After all the post on the wall will be seen by others and you do not want to bother your friend.

    Why write to yourself?

    It turns out you can send a message to yourself in VKontakte. And the first thing to ask is, "Why?"

    This is a very handy feature, once you figure it out, you'll use it all the time.

    To keep your nose to the grindstone in today's world, you often have to write something down on the run. Save a phone number, a link, an email address just when you do not have a pencil handy.

    But these are not all the features of a social network. In VK, you can create and send messages 4096 characters long (more than three A4 pages) - you could take notes for a lecture. And it's also easy to send yourself photos, music, and even to make a repost to your personal chat room.

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