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AppCent - the best app for making money on Android


Friends, today I will tell you about an interesting application for Android - AppCent. As you can guess from the name, it is designed to make money through a mobile device.

The working principle of AppCent is simple: install the application on your smartphone or tablet for Android (as an option - iPhone, iPad, iPod), register an account and then begin to perform various tasks on your gadget. These tasks associated with the installation of various free applications on the gadget is paid instantly (payment for each installation - from 5 to 150 rubles), and then you can withdraw the earnings (real money) through your account to Yandex.Money or Webmoney or on your mobile phone - that is, pay a subscription fee. Service is a 100% pay-as-you-go system that pays for all installations.

Let's look at AppCent in detail.

What can AppCent do for you?

In fact, it is clear that earning money by installing mobile applications is the main goal of the user who installed AppCent. But let's take a look at when this app could be useful?

  • Paying for mobile services. You can top up your account with the money you earn for performing tasks (installing free applications) through AppCent.
  • The opportunity to discover the latest mobile applications
  • for developers - use the AppCent to promote your own programs for mobile gadgets
  • The possibility to withdraw money for paid games (in Russia only AppCent has this possibility now)
  • You can buy iTunes, ps4 and xbox cards (also unique to Russia)

Can I trust these applications to earn money?

If you think about it logically, there is nothing wrong with getting money for services rendered. You install apps and you get paid for it. AppCent service acts as an intermediary between developers and users. Additionally we would like to highlight the following fact: the application is available on Google Play, this shows its legality and security.

What do I need to start making money with the AppCent mobile application?

  1. Firstly, you have to be a Russian resident and have a phone number within Russia (other countries are not supported at the moment).
  2. Mobile device: Android, iPhone, iPad or iPod
  3. Electronic Wallet YandexMoney or Webmoney
  4. Free time to perform tasks through AppCent

Select a task to perform in AppCent

Get details of performance

Get money into account through AppCent for Android

The application has over 500 000 users installed, paid out over 10 000 000 000 rubles. All in all, AppCent inspires confidence and does not look like a "scam". At a minimum, you can easily install it on your gadget and try to perform a few tasks, then look at the statistics and draw conclusions yourself.

If you have any questions about AppCent, you can always ask a support team (24/7). Speaking of which, the AppCent team consists of 20 people, which indicates the scale of development.

Download AppCent for Android

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