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Best GPS Navigators for Trucks 2020


The days of paper maps are, fortunately for drivers, long in the past. They have been replaced by a convenient modern car navigator, a simple program that only requires a phone, Android or iOS.

The drivers of trucks and cars can choose any navigator from the app store. Each of them has its own advantages and functional features. Before downloading the app, it's worth learning a little more about it.

We have collected the best apps and here is our top 2020 navigators:

  1. Navitel Navigator
  2. Jandex Navigator
  3. iGo Navigation
  4. OsmAnd Navigator
  6. NAVITEL RE900
  7. Artway NV-800 GPS
  8. Prestigio GeoVision 5068
  9. Dunobil Ultra 5.0
  10. GeoFox MID 702SE
  11. Roadmax Uno (MS-5)
  12. What is better: app or navigator

Navitel Navigator (Android / iOS / Windows CE etc)

"Navitel" is a convenient navigator for trucks and cars, can work without internet access. In addition, "Navitel" offers users the following features and benefits:

  • The base contains maps of 66 countries, that can be purchased and installed for permanent use through the official site of the developer.

  • The application provides different routes from point A to point B, calculates the distance and approximate time en route taking into account traffic jams.

  • A road events map is available. Repair work, accidents, speed cameras - all this information added by other users can be seen on the map in real time. In addition, you can add your own events, sharing useful information with road users.

  • Advanced functions for drivers: voice prompts, language selection, trip computer, weather, fuel prices, information about speed bumps and radars.

In general, "Navitel" is one of the most popular applications for Android and iOS. In addition to the mobile version, there are also Windows CE-based car navigators with Navitel preinstalled.

Yandex Navigator (Android / iOS)

Another popular GPS navigator that can plot routes across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkey and other countries. Main features:

  • Ability to choose one of three route options by estimating the estimated travel time.
  • Full operation in offline mode. It is necessary to download the map of the city to the application in advance in order to create the route without using the Internet.
  • Unobtrusive voice guidance. The voice assistant "Alice" not only helps to orientate in the direction of movement, but also warns about traffic jams, accidents, speed cameras. In addition, "Alice" answers questions (about the amount of fines, available parking, etc.).
  • Helps to find a free parking space, remembers routes, finds specified objects on the city map, gives information about the road surface.

Download Yandex Navigator for trucks in Google Play you can follow the link below.

Download Yandex Navigator

iGo Navigation (Windows Mobile / CE, iOS, Android)

A standalone navigator that is very popular among truck drivers. You can download the application on Google Play by following this link.

Main advantages of iGo Navigation:

  • Maintains minimal memory to install, saving space for photos, videos and other applications.
  • Drivers can access maps of over 100 countries including USA, Mexico, Canada, Brazil, Germany, Russia and Ukraine.
  • Huge infrastructure database that makes finding restaurants, cafes, monuments, museums, shopping centers easy.
  • Additional advantages: fast route guidance, search for unnumbered buildings, voice guidance, information about traffic jams and road junctions.

Navigator OsmAnd (Android OS / iOS)

Free app for truck owners who require a detailed road map for no internet access.

Main features of OsmAnd:

  • Autonomous maps of all countries of the world, you have to download them in advance.
  • Three modes (for cars, bikes and pedestrians) with voice guidance.
  • Fast search of locations through the built-in OsmAnd guide: gas stations, cafes, hotels, gps coordinates input is supported.
  • Route to short distances, search for objects and desired address on the map without using Internet.
  • The navigator warns about pedestrian crossings, traffic jams, "notices" speeding, available for passengers on public transport.

Download OsmAnd in Google Play at // (Android / iOS)

A convenient free navigator for travelers, cyclists, motorists and in particular truck drivers. Works fully both online and offline. Main advantages of for users:

  • Fast download of an offline map of any country for further route building without internet. This, by the way, helps to save on mobile traffic.
  • Frequent updates of the maps guarantee their relevance. The details are provided by the users themselves by tagging different objects including monuments and even fountains.
  • The application is absolutely free. This refers not only to the functionality of, but also to the maps (the navigator uses publicly available OpenStreetMap data) .


Device navigation

Don't like using mobile applications? No problem, there is an alternative - devices that have no features other than those of a navigator.

There is a huge range of GPS navigators on sale, and not surprisingly, one can quickly become confused. Some are successful, others not so much, there are cheap and expensive models, and the former are not always worse than the latter.

NAVITEL RE900 - a hybrid navigator/recorder

As already mentioned, not every car owner opts for a separate device for navigation when the universal gadget, the phone, performs the same functions.

But there is a compromise, the NAVITEL RE900. This device combines a navigator and a video recorder. Since the DVR is used by many motorists, such a hybrid would be interesting, against the background of other gadgets.

See some of the strengths of NAVITEL RE900:

  • Bright 5 inch IPS screen with 1280x720 resolution.
  • RAM 1 GB
  • Built-in memory: 16 GB

The navigation device is pre-installed with maps for most of the European countries (around 50) and the CIS. The device runs on Android 4.4.2, supports off-line navigation, accident notification and traffic jam display.

The DVR records video in max. 1920x1080 (Full HD) resolution and 30 frames per second. It is enough to provide good detail. Viewing angle is 140 degrees. For recording, uses a good, by today's standards, matrix OmniVision

It is noteworthy that the sensor DVR automatically triggers in extreme situations (strong acceleration or braking), allowing to record video without interference from the driver.

The price of NAVITEL RE900 is about 8 thousand Russian roubles.

Go to the NAVITEL RE900

Prestigio GeoVision 5068

Prestigio GeoVision 5068 is a budget model of the navigator based on Cortex with 128 MB memory. The screen has a diagonal of 5 inches, the resolution is 800 * 480. This has a positive impact on the detail of maps, image quality. Using a stylus for the display is not necessary - the sensor responds well to finger pressure.

The second "chip" model - integration with the service, which notifies the driver of the patrol posts, installed security cameras. Availability of geopositioning, of course, affected the price in the direction of its increase, but it is fully justified. Countries are the CIS, Finland, Georgia, Abkhazia, Azerbaijan. It is possible to load and delete new maps without any restrictions.

The advantages of the model:

  • optimal price-quality ratio;
  • improved functions in comparison with the older models GeoVision;
  • good readability even in the bright sun.


  • battery drains quickly.

Users write that the device works fast despite the modest processor characteristics - only 800 MHz. The navigator searches the addresses correctly and quickly loads maps.

Price of Prestigio GeoVision 5068 is about $75.

Dunobil Ultra 5.0

See the middle class representative. It is equipped with an 800 MHz processor with ARM Coretx A7 core. The touch screen is responsive, immediately responds to clicks. Multimedia functions the manufacturer has taken into account - the model has a video input, a transmitter. Instead of the old lithium-polymer battery the model has a lithium-ion battery. However, the capacity suffered again - 650 mA. It is equipped with the maps of Russia, Europe and Asia.

Weaknesses of the Dunobil Ultra:

  • synchronization with the smartphone to download traffic jams information from the network;
  • perfect for its class multimedia functions;
  • good satellite reception.


  • weak battery.

Users like the smartphone sync which provides additional features. And in general, for a small price (about 80 dollars) the navigator is good.

GeoFox MID 702SE

Functional navigator based on Android 4.4. The display has a diagonal of 7 inches (800x480, IPS matrix). Hit the right points on the sensor while driving is easy enough, however, the routes are still better to set in advance. The device searches well, the RAM is large (512 MB), the processor is fast (1300 MHz), its performance for navigation tasks is quite sufficient.

Loading is fast, the battery on a full charge lasts about an hour, which is quite a lot for this category. The build quality is high, the housing is stylish with a soft touch type coating. Since the weight of the navigator is insignificant, it can be simply attached to the suction cup. The disadvantages are the lack of a Wi-Fi module and the lack of a SIM card slot. The system is equipped with the updated map base for the Russian cities.


  • fast and convenient map loading;
  • excellent GPS reception;
  • excellent technical characteristics;
  • easy navigation.

The GeoFox MID 702SE costs around $125.

The ARTWAY NV-800 navigator

The NV-800 model has established itself in the market. Analyzing the reviews, it should be noted that the consumers rate it rather high and point out the following: the navigator works similar to the ones from the premium segment, however its cost is several times lower, about $45.

The navigator has a resistive screen with a diagonal of 5 inches. The resolution of NV-800 is not high but it is possible to work with a stylus.

Supported memory card - microSD (up to 32 GB), Grade 10.

Processor power 800MHz. For the operation of Windows Embedded CE v 6.0, Navitel software and multimedia it is quite sufficient.

NV-800 quickly find GPS-satellites - if the manufacturer has spared on the screen, the antenna installed a high class (F3i +). GPS module supports 66 channels of search.

Battery capacity is low, but if you consider that 950 mAh have not all expensive models, it turns out quite good.

Maps are all RF, you can update to new versions. The updates are loaded quickly, but this feature has a paid.

Main advantages of the car navigator Artway NV-800:

  • satellite search;
  • reliability;
  • budget (one of the cheapest models today).

Roadmax Uno (MS-5)

Roadmax Uno (MS-5) is a high-end navigation device based on Windows CE 6.0. It has everything drivers need: radar warning, traffic jams, road sign detection and toll road notification.

Browsing the basic map set, plotting your route utilizes the original licensed application. The display has a diagonal of 5 inches, the resolution is quite high (800x480). There is no 3G-module, but there is an input for a USB-modem. Via Bluetooth, you can download from a smartphone data on traffic jams on the roads. The maps for Russia, CIS, Baltic and Scandinavia are available. Therefore the navigator is very popular among the residents of these countries and travelers.

Dignities of the Roadmax Uno (MS-5):

  • comprehensible and simple interface;
  • sustainable software performance;
  • affordable;
  • bright display;
  • ultra-slim body (11 mm);
  • can be used as audio player.


  • lack of 3G module;
  • fast battery consumption.

Users leave good evaluations, write that sometimes the device loses satellite, but recovers rather quickly. The price is about $70 (for a premium segment, this is not much).

What is better: mobile navigators (Android / iOS) or Windows CE devices

Many drivers use these devices to navigate in the city and build routes. Meanwhile, if you download a truck navigator to your Android phone or tablet, you can get much more benefits:

  • timely updates, mapping new streets, houses and other important objects;
  • more detailed maps that show not only buildings, restaurants and shops, but also pedestrian crossings, speed bumps, speed cameras, radars;
  • rebuilds the route taking into account traffic jams, accidents, repairs on the road;
  • ability to add own information to the map and receive data from other users;
  • full voice "communication" that consists not only of route guidance, but also of voice commands, answers to questions and even games.

It is obvious that navigators for Android devices give drivers more freedom. Most of the applications have a free mode, they offer users a simple interface and continue to improve.

Frequently asked questions

What interesting features should the navigators downloaded to the smartphone have?

A useful feature is the 3D mode. It guides the user along the optimal route, taking into account traffic jams, accidents or other obstacles encountered along the way. These features are only available online! The function of messages about cameras and road police checkpoints en route helps! The function of paving the way for a pedestrian can come in handy. Option of three-dimensional modeling of the area allows you to better navigate in unfamiliar territory. There are also the following "features": DVR option, photo and video viewer, radio, radar, etc.

Free applications are reliable and practical?

Reliability is a relative concept. Free services are developed with the same quality as the paid versions, because their creators make money from the advertisements shown to the users. When downloading such a utility, you should be prepared for its frequent appearance on the screen. The free versions work offline as well as the paid versions and are equipped with the same basic functions. To be sure of the practicality and reliability of an application, read the reviews of its specific model and manufacturer.

What to look for when choosing a navigation aid?

  1. Where will you be using the program or the device: only in your country or abroad as well? There are adapted programs for one country, separate regions with their detailed maps or versions with map libraries of many cities and territories around the world.
  2. Car type: it is important that the navigator is adapted for the guidance of trucks, because such vehicles have their own routes and nuances. This "guide" takes into account whether there are tunnels or arches on the road and whether a particular vehicle can pass through them.
  3. Technical quality: type and size of the display, chip model, memory capacity and other physical indicators.
  4. Does the navigator have a rear view camera or is it possible to connect it additionally? It would be useful when maneuvering the truck in the narrow streets.

Which navigator is the best: portable or stationary?

The main difference between them - mobility. The portable one can be removed and used as a pedestrian. A fixed model requires an expert to install it, and it cannot be quickly moved to another vehicle.

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