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Best sites to download TV series on your mobile phone


The ubiquity of the Internet greatly simplifies the life of modern man. With the help of the World Wide Web you can find any information, buy goods or order services. It has also become easier to organize your leisure time, to spend time watching an interesting film, listening to music or playing a game with other people.

For example, to see the new season of your favorite series, you don't have to wait for a new series on television. Many specialized resources provide a service for downloading TV series. Algorithms download everywhere approximately the same, but for a secure download not all portals are suitable. Together with the series in your phone can get malicious /files, trojans and viruses.

We have gathered the top 5 proven sites that allow you to download the series to your tablet or phone. Android or iOS - the platform is not crucial. The main thing is that their download will not harm your device.

You will also find here popular Russian series for youth and teenagers. A brief description, genre, year, duration of the series - the number of seasons or episodes. A selection of the best domestic works.

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Content :

    1. Dylds

    • Year - 2019,
    • genre - sports, comedy,
    • Length - 3 seasons

    Mikhail Kovalev works as a volleyball coach. His bad temper and disrespectful attitude towards the opposite sex lead to his expulsion from the major leagues.

    To regain favor with his management and re-enter the Super League, the guy needs to win a volleyball championship against a provincial women's team of college girls.

    Mikhail turns for help to his mother, who once coached the head of the current federation. The mother agrees to help her son, but on one condition...

    The creators of the picture have managed to show though somewhat stereotypical, but interesting and charismatic heroes. The relationships between the characters are splendidly prescribed. And the love storyline develops convincingly on the screen, delicately, without falsity. The story is peppered with great humour, funny jokes and comic situations.

    The film bribes with a pleasant and convincing transformation of the main character from a cynic, a boor and a misogynist into a nice guy and a caring coach. Thanks to his efforts, the worst women's team became champions of the city.

    Dynamic plot, modern slang, not prolonged episodes made the series a worthy and high-quality film project.

    Serial "Faces" can be downloaded to your phone at the link:

    Watch Faces on

    On you can download other Russian serials 2020-2021. There is an introductory subscription, it is free.

    There is an impressive collection of TV series of various genres. For the ease of navigation we have sorted the videos by genre:

    • Films by year;
    • Detectives;
    • Thrillers;
    • Fantasy;
    • Comedy;
    • Criminal;
    • Historical;
    • Anime;
    • Helodrama;
    • Horror and others.

    For each series, there is information on episode release date, cast and a brief synopsis. Download the /files via torrent. To do this, select the series and click on "download torrent file. The site redirects the user to the torrent tracker page, where you can choose your preferred method of download (fast, for a small fee or slow and free). In addition to serials, you can download movies of different genres at, new releases appear regularly. Also on torrentik you can watch series on your phone without downloading /files to your mobile device.

    Go to the site

    2. Closed School

    • year of release - 2011,
    • genre - detective, drama, thriller,
    • length - 4 seasons.

    The characters of the mystical story were teachers and students of a boarding school located in the middle of a dark forest in an ancient mansion.

    The secluded world, the distance from the bustle of the city, and the mysterious mansion make the schoolchildren's experiences much more acute than in ordinary life.

    But the teens bravely overcome the dangers, showing selflessness, sacrifice and courage.

    The thread of intrigue, mystery and mystery just "pulls" the viewer to watch another series.

    Watch on IVI

    Go to IVI to watch new Russian TV series 2021 - 2022 online or download to your phone.

    Another popular portal which brings together new Russian and foreign cinema. The site is divided by genre, you can find a particular film or series through a quick search bar. All materials are sorted by categories:

    • Future in theaters (new releases);
    • User collections;
    • Reviews;
    • Films by year;
    • 100 best series and others.

    Mobile series can be downloaded in different formats and you can choose from several voice-over versions (KinoGolos, LostFilm, NewStudio and others). Downloading is via torrent-tracker. Also on the site there is detailed information - series release date, duration, cast. If you have stable Internet access, you can watch the series online. In addition to serials, the site presents a good selection of new release movies, cartoons, music and games.

    Go to the site

    3. Fizruk

    • year release - 2014,
    • genre - comedy,
    • length - 4 seasons.

    The plot is based on the story of a man who for a long time was what is called the "right hand" of Mamay - a man with a criminal past.

    After the "master" fired Thomas from the head of security, he decided by any means to return to his former position.

    The man decides to act through the authority's child and gets a job as a gymnasium teacher in a school.

    But once he finds himself in a completely different, unfamiliar world, radically opposite to the usual Thomas's way of life, he himself changes beyond recognition.

    A heart-rending, fascinating and beyond subtle story is presented to the viewer. It is interesting to watch the change in priorities and values of a man who lives in the real "stable" noughties, but without forgetting the "dashing" nineties.

    The rude, cynical man who uses the unselfishness of his colleagues and best friend to achieve personal goals, becomes the perfect opposite of himself, the former. At the same time makes happy himself and his loved ones.

    Watch on Kinopoisk

    There are also on Kinopoisk you can download other Russian crime series, watch them in the same section on the site.

    Site is a hosting site for /files on the Internet. Here are collected popular series for mobile - foreign, Russian and usual full-length movies. Portal favorably with the absence of intrusive advertising and friendly interface compared to similar sites. New videos are added to the collection every day and you can find the file you are looking for through the quick search bar. You can choose a series to watch by rating - a special table reflects the popularity of video. For those who want to discuss new movies and just chat on various topics, there is a forum that opens a separate tab.

    Before downloading the series will have to send an SMS (cost about 20 rubles) or buy premium access, one day will cost 40 rubles. The costs are compensated by the impeccable quality of video and professional voice acting. By the way, you can download any series without torrent at the link under the description (you may need a program to do this).

    4. Farce

    • year of release - 2015
    • genre - drama, crime,
    • length - 8 episodes.

    The story of the crime drama covers a long period - from 1961 to 1991. The plot is based on the selfless friendship of four guys.

    Kosta Germanov is unlucky - he has lost a large sum of money, and the bandits demand immediate repayment.

    The friends - Boris, Sanya and Andrei want to help the guy. All four buddies decide to become speculators in order to pay off the debt.

    Naturally, each of the guys had their own plans and dreams. But for now, the friends become speculators, and plunge headlong into the underground economy of the 1960s.

    The illicit activity has taken off, but the real dreams are pushed further and further away.

    Criminal in drama story format is a lively, thriller and funny story of strong friendship, mutual support and cohesion.

    But no intrigue and trouble can affect the romantic and love line of the series.

    Watch the series

    If you want to download a season of your favorite series for free, you should pay attention to Downloading takes quite a long time, and the quality of the video sometimes leaves much to be desired. We provide several sections:

    • Films by quality;
    • Film by genre;
    • Annual release;
    • Friends of the site (useful links);
    • Another site.

    The advantage is the minimum of obtrusive advertising and a simple download scheme. For your ease of navigation all the videos are divided by genre and year of release. Before downloading you can watch the trailer, read the annotation and comments. For commenting and more comfortable downloading of movies and TV series on your phone, you can complete the simple registration. Major

    • year release - 2014,
    • genre - detective, crime,
    • life - 40 episodes.

    A typical major, the son of an influential man, Igor Sokolovsky leads a riotous lifestyle inherent in the typical "golden youth".

    The boy with a law degree has never worked - all his whims and amusements were paid for by his rich father.

    That all changed one night - during a brawl in a night club, the boy got into a fight with a policeman and ended up in prison.

    In an unclear way the hero managed to go free. His father, tired of his son's shenanigans, thanks to his connections, got him a job at the police.

    The department received the guy not very friendly. Igor also considered his appointment as a forced "exile". However, the death of his mother, and then the murder of his father forced the young Sokolovsky to reconsider his attitude to life, to find universal solutions in solving crimes, sometimes transgressing the letter of the law.

    He had to make considerable efforts to prove not only to himself, but also to others, his importance. As a result, Igor becomes an "honest cop", firmly experiencing unexpected surprises fate.

    Download "Major" and other Russian detective series can be on the link:

    Watch the series

    another popular site that provides a free download of movies, serials and music on your phone or any other device. The functionality of this portal is huge - besides online viewing and downloading /files, here you can chat on the forum, find new friends, read funny stories and horoscopes. There are many categories:

    • Audiobooks;
    • Music videos;
    • Movies;
    • Music;
    • Music programs for phone;
    • Books and many others.

    The library is updated daily with new series and seasons of popular shows in different genres: comedy, thriller, fantasy, melodrama. You can find interesting videos through the top 20 series to date. For each video detailed information is provided - year of release, rating, cast. The download process starts automatically when you press the "download" button, no need to go to the torrent tracker. Here you can also subscribe to receive alerts when new episodes are released. All episodes can be watched online or downloaded as you watch. There are several download formats available, differing in terms of video quality and size.

    <6. Through My Eyes

    • year of release - 2012,
    • genre - fiction, thriller,
    • length - 12 episodes.

    The creators of the picture have built the plot in the form of a puzzle. The stories of individual characters are intertwined within the series.

    In a military laboratory, under the "secret" label, research on the possibility of transmigration of souls is conducted. Scientists conduct experiments on living human beings forcibly confined within the walls of the laboratory. Among them is a life imprisoned murderer Tkachuk.

    The head of the research team, Volkov, understands the danger of the development, and tries to stop the experiment. To do this, he drives the criminal's soul into a magnetic trap. However, something went wrong - psychic energy breaks free from its imprisonment and freely enters people's bodies.

    The investigator, the ambulance doctor, Volkov's son, his classmates are drawn into the terrible events. In parallel, the heroes are hunted by people interested in conducting experiments, in order to remove unnecessary witnesses and continue experiments to acquire immortality.

    Series heroes destroy the soul of the killer, interrupt a dangerous experiment and reveal the criminal plot of "masters" of the laboratory.

    The viewer is presented a series of events through the eyes of each hero, directly or indirectly came into contact with terrible possibilities.

    Watch online

    7 Molodezhka

    • year - 2013,
    • genre - sports, drama,
    • length - 6 seasons.

    The Bears hockey team did not shine with victories, so they were not among the league leaders. However, everything changed dramatically in the lives of the players. Sergey Makeev, a former NHL player who finished his career because of an injury, becomes the coach.

    Professional coach has to make a winning team from 15-17 years old boys. Participants have little faith in their own victory, dealing with their own problems and personal life. However, hard work, mutual assistance and a desire to win have brought the boys together into one united sports family. The young hockey players grow up in front of the audience, fall in love, cope with different life situations.

    Serial sports themes distinguishes successfully selected cast, excellent staging, excellent direction.

    Watch the series

    Conclusion . Spending time watching new episodes of your favorite series - what can be better? Thanks to sites offering the possibility to download series to your mobile, you can enjoy watching videos in good quality anywhere.

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