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Choosing the best text editor for Android - 2022


Text editors are not only installed on computers or laptops. Users prefer to work with text on their Android devices with touch controls.

It's really convenient: you can lie on the couch or drive on business while editing a document from your phone. We will tell you about the best text editors (for Android editing) rated above 4:

    Microsoft Word

    Developer Microsoft
    Rating Google Play 4,4
    Link Download

    Microsoft Word is one of the best text editors, now also on Android. The application successfully combines high quality, a clever interface and a pleasant look and feel along with comfortable touch controls.

    Functional features:

    • Rich library of templates. You do not have to create the document you want from scratch, but use the numerous templates that come with the application.
    • PDF viewer. Not only can you edit various documents on the go, but you can also open and conveniently view PDF /files. Plus you can transfer them into a Word document for editing.
    • Simplified file sharing. Literally in a few clicks you can share your documents, flexibly managing who can work on them.
    • Collaborative working. Work in groups on the same document, commenting, editing, and reviewing edits.
    • Premium features. If you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, you will have access to additional features, such as viewing change history or advanced document formatting options.
    • The application will be useful for those who don't need the full functionality of desktop versions of Word, but who need to edit documents on the go as conveniently as possible.

    Disadvantages Disadvantages
    • great functionality, especially in terms of free mobile application;
    • possible to edit PDF;
    • rich multimedia features.
    • some options are only available with a subscription;
    • incompatibility with some budget devices;
    • voice dialing issues.

    Download Microsoft Word on your phone

    Google Drive

    Developer Google LLC
    Google Play 4.3
    Link Download

    Google Drive is a good tool for text editing and file storage on Android. You can upload photos, documents and videos of all formats for safe and secure storage. You will be able to open all the downloaded /files from totally different devices, including your Android.

    Users will be able to access certain folders and /files so that other people can comment, view and edit them. When searching for a file it is easy to find it by simply typing the file name or entering its content.

    It is remarkable that documents can be managed even without an internet connection - in offline mode. There is also a very useful function to scan printed documents using the integrated camera of the device. The application is also closely connected with Google Photos from where one can easily view clips and photos. As for working with /files, you are allowed to move, view, download and rename them. Popular text, image and video /files are supported, as well as archives, Office and other formats.

    Lately, Google introduced a new version of Google Docs for Android with a number of significant updates

    In the latest update, Google Sheets added comments, new charts were introduced, 400 new fonts for documents and improved collaborative document editing was implemented.

    Commenting is a highly anticipated feature when working with office documents, but only in the latest update did Google Sheets for Android introduce the most anticipated ability to comment on table cells.

    The function of adding comments makes the most sense exactly on mobile devices - smartphones and tablets, because when working on a small screen device it is very easy to miss the important details, due to which the need to create notes, comments appears.

    Also in previous versions of the table processor for Android there was no normal ability to create graphs and charts. Fortunately, this update of the Sheets app has taken this point into account, and now you can edit charts and graphs similar to the web version of the Google Docs service.

    The developers have added some support functions to their product. For example, if you add a graph to the table, the application will check the availability of free cells next to the elements and may advise to grab free cells.

    As for the new fonts, with this update the user has access to about 400 fonts, which can be selected through the Google Docs for Android.

    New features when working with multiple users: in addition to comments, you can respond to them, even in the print display (in print mode user sees how the final version looks like in the final version).<1 Received entries are synchronized instantly, and this applies to all devices.

    The application is highly efficient and fast. You only need to open Simplenote to be able to instantly write down ideas and thoughts that pop into your head. You can mark the most important notes with special labels as well as simple fixation at the top of the list. In this way you will not get tangled in the huge number of notes of all kinds.

    It should be noted that the notes include only text without the possibility of serious formatting. You can customize the way notes are displayed and set a password.

    Load Simplenote for free


    Developer Evernote
    Google Play 3.8
    Link Download

    Evernote is a simple and functional text editor with its built-in file storage. It is a highly advanced tool not only for storing notes of all types but also for successfully dealing with your tasks.

    The program offers you the possibility to take notes. It is about saving thoughts and ideas in the format of notes, lists and notebooks. Text, images, photos, PDF, video, audio, web pages, as well as Microsoft Office documents can be inserted. Thanks to the camera, you can easily scan the desired entries on sheets, paper, business cards, photos, and so on. Powerful auto-sync lets you edit notes with instant edits on any device linked to a single account. For example, you can start editing a file on your smartphone and then finish the process on your computer. If you have security concerns, you can add a password. There is an option to share one's own ideas and share opinions with work colleagues while in the app. User can set reminders, schedule tasks, edit documents on the phone and much more.

    Download Evernote for Android

    QuickEdit Text Editor

    Developer Rhythm Software
    Google Play Review 4
    Link Download

    QuickEdit Text Editor is a robust and fast text editor with a fairly large number of text editing functions and editing tools. The program is perfectly optimized for Android mobile devices.

    A code editor is present and the syntax is able to be highlighted. Furthermore, 50 or more programming languages are supported. The high productivity of the application must also be highlighted, as even massive text /files are opened very quickly. It is possible to undo certain actions, as well as to redo the changes. This is done without any limitations. As for text scrolling, it is carried out very smoothly in different directions. It offers two color themes to choose from and with the quick search it is possible to find the text you need in a moment.

    It is one of the best code editors as well as a quite handy and light text editor for Android.

    Download QuickEdit for Android


    Developer Notes
    Google Play 4.9
    Link Download

    ColorNote is a very common notebook allowing to create messages, notes and reminders quickly. You can search for notes, as well as group them by color in the form of tiles or a list. There is a synchronization function. You can password protect your documents. At the same time in the calendar you can make your own schedule with a special sound signal. It is convenient to share resulting notes via e-mail, Twitter and SMS.

    A rather bright and interesting notebook for regular use.

    iA Writer

    Developer Information Architects
    Rating Google Play 4,4
    Link Download

    The purpose of iA Writer is to create a visual space for the user to work with text documents, avoiding unnecessary visual noise. Only a simple, distraction-free working environment is the perfect balance that other text editors cannot match.

    • The inverted "Light in the Dark" mode supports both daytime and night work;
    • The application is not only supported on Android, but also on Windows and MacOS;
    • The focus mode allows to focus on individual text parts.

    It's really easy to start using the application; just install it from the official program page and create your first text document. The paid version costs 500 roubles and increases the functionality to deal with large texts over 10,000 lines long.

    Writer Plus

    Developer Easy4U Ltd.
    Google Play 4.6
    Link Load

    Writer Plus is a light, intuitive text editor. An application for creative natures, devoid of the boredom of conventional word processing programs. The elaborate interface allows you to give scope to your ideas by capturing them on the pages of the electronic editor. The utility supports lists and tables as well as character and word count.

    In general, Writer Plus allows you not only to browse txt /files on Android, but

    • edit like any text processor;
    • work in focus mode without distractions;
    • open markdown /files and format them;
    • use keyboard shortcuts to quickly edit text;
    • count the number of characters, sentences, words and keep statistics;
    • check spelling in any language.

    All /files Writer Plus stores in external storage wherever possible, you may also upload entire document folders to the editor. For this purpose a convenient file explorer is available in the document storage of the Android operating system.

    Writer Writer Plus makes full use of the available syntax for markdown. This includes subheadings, tables and image links.


    Developer Akid Soft
    Google Play 3.9
    Link Load

    Android Web Developer is not only a text editor for Android but a full-fledged integrated development environment for programmers. It supports languages and formats such as PHP, HTML, CSS, JS, JSON.

    • With this application you will be able to create new projects and edit existing ones. Web site development becomes accessible right from your smartphone screen;
    • Autocompletion and code highlighting are supported;
    • The periodic autosave option is enabled.

    Paying 200 roubles for the paid version, the user receives the following functionality:

    1. Totally ad-free;
    2. Automatic coding detection;
    3. Works with Git version control system;
    4. Integration with web server.

    Download the AWD on Google Play.

    Spck Code Editor

    Developer Leaf Stack Studio
    Google Play 4.4
    Link Download

    The free text / source code editor is useful for both writers and programmers. A number of programming and web development languages are supported (the main ones are JavaScript, CSS and HTML). The full version of the application provides SFTP/FTP access and also includes Dropbox and OneDrive support.

    The functionality of Spck Code Editor allows the following:

    • Creating snippets to insert text templates into a document:
    • Integration with Git client;
    • Some interface color themes;
    • Supported keyboard shortcuts for editing;
    • Comparing changes in two documents via Diff viewer;
    • Autocomplete and syntax highlighting;
    • Run external commands using SSH;
    • Built-in JavaScript console for debugging;
    • Views markdown syntax.

    Moderate amount of ads in free mode and a friendly interface make this advanced notepad a great choice for word or code manipulation in web development.

    Best text editors (comparison chart)

    Microsoft Word Google Drive Simplenote Evernote QuickEdit. Text Editor ColorNote iA Writer Writer Plus AWD Spck Code Editor
    Edit docx (Word) + -. - + - - - - - -
    Редактирование txt + + + + + + + + + +
    Создание документов + + + + + + + + + +
    Подсветка синтаксиса - - - - + - - + + +
    Стоимость подписки От 0,80€ From 0.91€ Free From 0.76€ Free From 4.99€ From 1.19€ 6.49€ From 2,09 €
    Поддержка фото + - + + - - - - - -
    Печать документов + + + + + + + + + +

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