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Disabling Ads in uTorrent: The Best Ways


uTorrent is the most popular program for downloading large /files and sharing with other users via torrent networks. The main advantages of uTorrent are that it takes up minimal space and works with any version of the Windows operating system.

But uTorrent has a drawback: annoying ads at the top of the screen and a banner in the sidebar. This problem has occurred recently with the update to version 3.2.2.

There are a few ways to completely disable ads in uTorrent and continue to use ad-free version. We will explain how to do it.

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    How to remove ads from uTorrent through settings

    If you are not ready to purchase the pro version of the program and do not want to risk the pirated versions, you may disable ads from uTorrent in a more "sophisticated" way. You just need to log in to the application and follow the instructions:

    1. Access uTorrent settings:

    • from the menu at the top of the screen: Settings > App settings;
    • from the "gear" icon in the top right corner (if available);
    • Hotkey shortcut Ctrl+P.

    2. Go to the section "Advanced". A list with the setting variables and their values can be found: true or false.

    3. In the line labeled "filter" enter the word "offers" and we will obtain a list of settings that begin with this word. To disable advertising we must modify the value of the 2 parameters:

    • offers.left_rail_enabled - parameter responsible for advertisements in the sidebar;
    • offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled - parameter responsible for displaying ads on top.

    4. Set both parameters to "false". This can be done by double clicking with the left mouse button on a line. The second way is to select the row and toggle the value by clicking on "NO" under the table.

    5. Click on "Ok" and go to the next point.

    6. Since we have got into the settings and we want to get rid of the ads completely, we can immediately disable the offer to install the pro version of uTorrent. To do this, enter the word "gui" in the filter bar.

    7. Among all the parameters we are interested in gui.show_plus_upsell, this must also be set to false.

    8. Click on "Ok".

    9. To restart uTorrent it is not enough to click on the red cross in the upper right corner of the application. To exit the application, use the following method: File > Exit.

    If you have not installed uTorrent yet, you may disable the advertisement in the download phase. There are two ways.

    Purchase the official version of uTorrent

    This is an option for users who do not want to disable ads in uTorrent themselves, or are used to using only official torrent clients.

    How to remove ads in uTorrent by purchasing the paid version:

    1. Go to //
    2. Select the version you wish to purchase
    3. The cost of AD-FREE is $4.95 per year, the best way to select this version of uTorrent.

    4. Fill in the payment details and click the "Buy Now" button.

    The benefits of the paid version of uTorrent are clear: The program works without interruptions or glitches. The disadvantage is that you have to spend time downloading and installing it. However, you should agree that $4.95 per year is a paltry price to pay for one year of ad-free torrent downloads.

    Download a modified ad-free version

    You can find modified "user" versions of uTorrent in various torrent portals that have been "tweaked" by experienced users.

    As a rule uTorrent ads are disabled automatically in these modified versions, however downloading such programs is risky, because you may also get viruses.

    How to download an ad-free version of uTorrent:

    1. Register at the forum //

    2. Find uTorrent and select the torrent client version you need.

    3. Download the program and read the description.

    4. Check the file for viruses.
    5. Install uTorrent on your PC.

    We do not recommend you to download pirated software. Instead, it is better to use the ad-free tools described below.

    Help . We've collected the best torrent managers for your phone here.

    Disabling Ads via Pimp my uTorrent

    Don't want to understand the settings of uTorrent? There is a way to deactivate ads with the help of third party programs. The easiest and most straightforward utility for this purpose is Pimp my uTorrent (literal translation of the name means "Pimp my Torrent").

    This is a simple script that will automatically change the settings and parameters for uTorrent to work.

    Step-by-step instructions to disable advertising with Pimp my uTorrent:

    1. Download the script at //

    2. Please note: The script is only available for Windows users (Mac OS is not currently available with the script).
    3. When downloading, the script automatically asks you to allow access to uTorrent. Confirm access and do not be alarmed if the script disappears. This is only a temporary fix.
    4. Exit uTorrent and start it again. Enjoy the absence of ads and get used to the updated interface.

    AdGuard Utility to Stop Ads in uTorrent

    Another useful tool to help you remove uTorrent ads in a couple of clicks is the AdGuard utility. Its main advantage is that it "guards" the user from ads not only in uTorrent, but also in Skype and all over the internet.

    Instructions to disable banners in uTorrent:

    1. You can download AdGuard from here (choose the Windows tab).

    2. Install the program on your PC.

    3. Locate the uTorrent program through the shortcut properties.

    4. Go to Network > List the filtered applications.

    5. The next step is to find the exe file in the folder with the installed uTorrent and add it to the AdGuard.
    6. Save the changes.
    7. Restart uTorrent, download and share /files without annoying ads.

    This way, uTorrent users do not need to see any ads at all when using the torrent client. By using one of the provided methods you will be able to clean the top and sidebar from ads and see only the download and upload process.

    Almost all of the described instructions will solve the problem absolutely free. Still, we advise you to disable ads by paying for a subscription to the ad free version of the program. This is cheap, respectful of the developers and legal.

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