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5 ways to watch movies on the plane without internet


You are preparing for a trip and do not know what to take with you on the plane to kill time? In such situations, of course, a mobile phone comes in handy. You can listen to music, look at photos from several years. All this is fine, but what if you want to watch a movie? Besides, the timing is perfect: 1, 5 - 2 hours, just the average flight time.

There are several options for copying a movie to your phone in order to watch it offline (i.e. without having Internet access) on the plane. We will explore them and you can choose the one you prefer.

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    1. Copy the movie to your gallery, sd card or memory

    The easiest option. If you have AVI, MPG, MP4 etc movies in your media library, copy the /files to your device memory and watch the movie with any player.


    1. Connect the phone to your PC or laptop.
    2. File manager, copy the file to the device, for example to the DCIM or Downloads folder.

    3. After copying, safely disconnect the cable (making sure to copy the movie).

    4. Optionally: install VLC video player, it is necessary to play supported /files in a comfortable way.
    5. Display the movie via the Gallery or the Android file manager.

    This way, you will be able to watch any movie by switching to "In Plane" mode. You do not need any wi-fi or mobile Internet.

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    2. Viewing saved videos on Youtube

    Although it is difficult to find a feature film in the public domain on Youtube, it is a great platform to watch video content. It can be documentaries, instructional videos, and interviews.

    You need a Premium subscription to watch YouTube on the plane. It costs about $10 a month. Once you pay, you can save your videos for offline viewing. Let us understand how it works.

    1. Download the Youtube application if you have not already installed it on your Android.

    2. Make sure you are logged in to your account with the Premium subscription (the inscription is displayed next to the logo).
    3. Discover the video you wish to watch on the plane.
    4. Select the option Download video.

    5. Select the other videos you wish to watch.

    6. Go to Saved (Downloaded contents) and watch the movies without Internet.

    Disadvantages of this method:

    • This method will not work on the free version of Youtube app,
    • You will also not be able to watch the video on your laptop instead of on your phone.

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    3. Watching movies through an app

    If you have a subscription to online movie theaters, be sure to check if there is an option to download movies through a mobile app. For example, the Ivi service has been offering such a service for a long time.

    It is true that not every movie you are interested in can be saved to your device and watched on the flight. This is due to the various requirements set by copyright holders. So let us show you how to prepare a film for viewing on the plane or simply offline:

    1. Download the online cinema application to your mobile device.
    2. Go to the page with the movie or other video.
    3. Find the Download button and click on it. If not, it means that the film is not available for download.
    4. Go to the Download area: Your downloaded films are now collected in this tab and you can safely and comfortably watch them on the plane.

    This offline viewing method is comfortable and has no drawbacks. It works with most of the online services that take care of their customers. These include Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV. Not all Russian-language online cinemas can offer airplane mode, but things change over time for the better for the end user.

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