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Avast Mobile Security is a popular Android antivirus app


Avast Free Mobile Security - Android antivirus edition - enjoys considerable popularity among mobile applications in the security and data protection category. Some of you may already have experience with a similar desktop antivirus called Avast Home Edition. Basically, the Avast Free Mobile Security solution replicates some of the functionality of its big brother and combines the best features of mobile antiviruses - say, Dr Web, which we wrote about not so long ago.

By the way, the developers' website ( reveals other editions of the Avast package as well. These are

  • a desktop version for Windows
  • a desktop version for Mac OS
  • a version for iPhone / iPad

Avast for Android is an independent review of the mobile version of Avast antivirus. We will list the main functions of the application, tell you how effectively this utility fights viruses and generally explain what Avast Mobile Security for Android is.

Avast Free Mobile Security: the main functions of the mobile antivirus

It should be noted right away that Avast lacks the typical drawbacks of other mobile antiviruses, such as the recently mentioned 360 Total Security. Avast doesn't have any unnecessary add-ons, tweakers, cleaners by default. All this is implemented in the form of add-ons that are installed only at the user's discretion. In other words, Avast is initially configured to perform the basic security functions on a mobile device, be it a smartphone or a Android-based tablet.

Avast's main antivirus functions are:

  • The antivirus engine itself and the virus scanner, whose means can scan device memory and remove Trojans and viruses. In addition, every time the mobile application is launched, it scans for the presence of infected code.
  • Internet activity monitoring (web-screen). Since the majority of malicious viruses currently infect mobile phones via the web, Avast takes on the function of preventing the mobile device from becoming infected. Essentially, the antivirus program takes on the function of a firewall, blocking unwanted connections and monitoring the user's Internet activity. Among other things, the web screen will analyze links and filter out spyware and Trojans that could cause considerable damage to your android device.
  • Manage application permissions. With this feature of Avast antivirus, the user can flexibly manage permissions for each individual android application. Unsuspecting developers often stuff their developments with many unnecessary, useless and often dangerous modules, not to mention adware functions that are unknowingly launched on a mobile device. You can add unwanted subscriptions to this list - and from now on all incoming calls and sms from unwanted recipients will be blocked with Avast Mobile Security functionality.
  • Block mobile apps running on your Android: Protect them with the default pin code.

Avast's main features are all security related in one way or another. We shall be focusing on the most important antivirus options as we proceed further on.

Download Avast for Android

Checking your phone for viruses with Avast Mobile Security

The "smart scan" means that Avast users are not offered any customization options like Kaspersky Antivirus where you can indicate the space to search for viruses. The antivirus program works, or rather its scanner, according to the principle: press the button, wait a couple of seconds and get the result.

Virus scanning process in Avast 2016

Okay, since Avast scanner is so reduced in its functionality in the android edition, what useful is found in the antivirus settings?

In the section "Protection" you can control where Avast can penetrate. You may also want to take a look at the following sections of Avast for Android: Scheduled Scanning, File System Protection, Internal Memory Scanning, Web Protection and Potentially Dangerous Software Detection.

Another useful section of Avast for Android that you may want to check out is the Activity Log. Here you can keep track of what was found as a result of a scan. Of course, you can use notifications - and no threat will be detected without your knowledge. But if scans are scheduled, you can always follow the trail of all the most important events.

Avast antivirus interface for Android

Additional tools for Avast antivirus

Blocking the launch of android apps

As already mentioned, the launch of a particular app can be restricted by a password. Avast Online Security offers to set your pin code as a password.

Settings and add-ons in Avast Mobile Security

Call Blocker

A fairly standard feature for any mobile antivirus for Android. The thing is that Android's standard features do not allow you to flexibly configure a blacklist of calls. You can block all unfamiliar or hidden numbers, add a contact, specify the number yourself or from the call log to block. Avast 2016's call blacklist can be enabled/disabled with a single click, which is very convenient.

Security Advisor

In principle, not a bad thing for antivirus. It informs the user about what permissions are required by a particular application, which adverts may be involved at runtime. Going to this section, you will see a list of all installed Android applications. Then select any item from the list and examine how secure it is.

Security Adviser for Avast Mobile Security


This important security feature is available only if you have rooted (rooted) your Android device. Read here how to do it. After that, all you have to do is activate the firewall in Avast's eponymous section and then agree to grant access rights to the application via SU.

Avast Firewall 2016 enables you to monitor the security of your Internet connection, mobile data transmission, application installation via the Internet and more.

Additional add-ons to the antivirus program

Avast offers several add-ons under Other Applications. Cleanup, Battery Saver, Passwords, Wifi Finder, Anti-theft and SecureLine. As you can see from the names, they have nothing to do with the antivirus program, the user can install them at his own discretion.

Detecting connectivity problems on the phone

Claim . Avast Mobile Security 2016 is not a bad antivirus for your Android OS tablet and smartphone. By and large, there are no unique features here, on the other hand, there is basic antivirus protection. All features are available for free, updates occur regularly, the antivirus application works quite stably.

We remind you once again that you can download and install Avast antivirus for Android here (through the official website or Google Play app store). Good luck in catching viruses and Trojans!

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