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Best Android selfie cameras review (top 2018)


In addition to the usual camera apps, there are also specialized android apps for selfie sticks on Google Play. We have collected the most interesting options in this review. Each selfie stick camera is available for download by clicking here.

Participants in this review:

  1. SelfiShop Camera
  2. Selfie Camera Photo Editor
  3. Selfie Camera Expert
  4. Camera 360
  5. Selfie Camera HD
  6. B612
  7. Selfie Camera
  8. Sweet Selfie

SelfiShop Camera - Selfie stick app

Love taking selfies using a monopod? Then be sure to check out the SelfiShop Camera app. This app works with various wired and wireless selfie pole models as well as a whole host of other cool photographic features.

After you launch SelfiShop you will be presented with the standard selfie software interface. At the bottom of the screen you will find a big button to release the shutter. In the left corner you have the button for the photo playback as well as the button to toggle between photo and video. In the bottom right-hand corner you find the settings menu.

At the top of the screen you find the timer settings, the buttons for switching between main and front camera, the Bluetooth quick connect button for connecting a monopod, the flash control.

The camera settings allow you to trigger the shutter after a tap on the screen, after rotating the phone, and to create a thumbnail image for quick sharing in social networks.

In the SelfiShop Camera application advantages:

  • Easy to use. SelfiShop's user-friendly interface allows you to take great shots with a single click and saves traffic thanks to its unique image compression features.
  • Privacy. You do not need to register an account to use the app. The app doesn't sync your photos to cloud storage, so you can trust SelfiShop Camera to take even your most intimate photos.
  • Easy to connect your monopod. Thanks to the built-in buttons on the toolbar as well as the "Monopod Connection Assistant", you can connect a selfie stick in SelfiShop in just a couple of clicks.
  • Manual settings. For those looking to take the best shot possible, SelfiShop Camera provides manual settings for ISO, white balance, HDR and exposure.

Download SelfiShop Camera


Camera360 is a simple application to create selfies and then edit photos.

The filter set is average but conveniently divided into categories: vintage, pop art, animation, special effects for landscapes, food and more. Some sets are paid, plus the "Camera360" watermark is left on the image. Regarding other selfies options, there is an automatic face correction function.

The application is compatible with monopods. The finished photos can be easily shared immediately on social networking sites. A big plus is the small size of the Camera360 installer: only 4 MB.

Selfie Camera Photo Editor & Filter & Sticker

The Selfie Camera Photo Editor & Filter & Sticker, which is a professional tool for creating selfie photos, has caught our eye. There are many filters and optional features of the editor to elaborate the photos.

The application has simple and clear user controls. There are a number of hotkeys - one of which allows you to instantly post a photo to Instagram.

But the most obvious advantages of Selfie Camera Photo Editor & Filter & Sticker are the wide possibilities in photo editing and the use of filters.

Here are some of the benefits of this application indicated by users themselves:

  • The editor can change your eye color and remove bags under your eyes.
  • With this photo, you can choose the make-up that best suits you.
  • The red-eye effect can be easily removed.
  • The built-in editor can whiten your teeth in a photo.
  • You can also edit the lipstick color to make your lips more expressive.

And these are only some of the advantages of this popular application you can read about in the reviews. The developers have provided many original "tricks" that any of you can use.

Create attractive collages from your favourite photos or use ready-made photo modules for photo processing. Don't forget to try masks to make your shot special and individual.

Unusual, original and very cute photos are obtained in Selfie Camera Photo Editor & Filter & Sticker.

Download Selfie Software

Selfie Camera Expert - Selfie Stick Software

The Selfie Camera Expert application, as you can guess from its name, is designed for creating selfies. It would seem that why do you need it when any modern smartphone has similar functionality? A key feature of this program is the application of filters during taking pictures. The user can see the photo processing in real time. Furthermore there is the choice between a single filter or several filters to be applied in random order.

Another important function of Selfie Camera Expert is the timer. It allows you to set the time after which the shutter release will happen. This function comes in very handy for taking selfies considering that many people use monopods and group photosets.

A further noteworthy feature of the application is the built-in image editor. It allows you to select the desired image from the gallery and do some post-processing. Frames, stickers, text and cropping are available to choose from. In fact, the user does not need to perform post-processing, for example, in Instagram. By the way, the selfie software allows you to share your selfies on other social networks as well.

In the negative aspects of Selfie Camera Expert, the saving of images to the gallery is a major issue. Some users have noted that this function does not work correctly.

download selfie camera

Selfie Camera HD + Filters: selfie stick app for Android

Want to take cool selfies? Then download and install Selfie Camera HD + Filters on your smartphone! With this simple software, you can forget about "Photoshop" and get beautiful photos with one click. The app is free, but some filters and effects are only available to VIP-subscription buyers.

It's easy to take photos now. No need to reach for the shutter release button or even hold the phone in your hand. Clap your hands or curl your lips and whistle. The smart device recognizes the beep and takes a photo. The picture is captured at a distance of 1-15 meters from the device.

For the benefits and features of the app, we will highlight:

  • remote whistle control;
  • remote clap control;
  • shooting instant or delayed;
  • reviewing filters in real time;
  • silent shutter;
  • white balance settings (incandescent, fluorescent lamp, auto mode, daylight, cloudy);
  • zoom;
  • countdown timer;
  • video recording;
  • autofocus;
  • scene mode;
  • manual exposure;
  • activators (use volume buttons as shutter or zoom controls).

With Selfie Camera HD + Filters you can regularly fill your Instagram and social media accounts with interesting and beautiful pictures.

Download Selfie Camera

B612 - great selfie stick camera

A famous selfie camera with tons of positive reviews and 100 million downloads.

B612 allows you to apply a multitude of filters, effects and stickers to your photos as well as all kinds of masks; the special face recognition system will do it in high quality.

Face correction function is also built into the camera editor: Not only can you change the skin tone and shade, but also smooth out facial features, hairstyle and eye magnification.

For additional functions. It's possible to create unique music videos: great video effects, music, a complete video editor where you can slow down or speed up the video, play it backwards.

All features in the B612 app are free, no additional subscriptions are required. The selfie camera is monopod compatible.

Selfie Camera: Beauty Camera

The application has a large variety of filters for selfies, collages and templates for Instagram. Features automatic skin and color correction as well as a timer for delayed photos.

The Selfie Camera editor allows you to add stickers, write text, draw, and make interesting blurs to your photos. The use of a monopod is supported.

The developers of Selfie Camera are constantly updating their product, bringing new features and fixing bugs.

Download Selfie Camera

Sweet Selfie - selfie cam - selfie stick program for Android

One of the best selfie creation apps, with over 100 million downloads. This success is due to a really great variety of possibilities: adding filters, masks, effects, live stickers, teeth whitening function, removing acne and other facial imperfections, creating collages.

It is true that to use some features of the selfie cam you have to buy a subscription. The app allows you to take photos with a selfie stick as well. Other interesting features include silent shooting mode, instant social media reposting, and competitions between users to create the best photo.

Download the selfie stick app

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