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Best apps for remote control of Android from a computer


Android remote control helps solve a number of tasks at a distance. Configuring your phone, working with applications, emulating mobile games, controlling access, presenting pictures on your TV - all this is done with remote control applications. We will focus on them in this review.

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    Android Device Manager

    The service from Google is, on the one hand, the simplest in its capabilities (no settings as such). On the other hand, you do not have to pay for it or even download additional applications. It is optimal to use if you have lost or stolen your phone.

    How to use Android Device Manager:

    • Call the number of the "tethered" phone,
    • Lock phone from a distance,
    • Emergency erase all data.

    How to use Android Device Manager

    Using the remote phone management service is very easy. In order to do this you must do the following:

    1. Go to this link in your browser (on your computer).
    2. Enter your Google Account username and password where you have been authorized to the Android device.
    3. Select the desired function using the menu on the left side: call, block or clear.

    Note. The remote management will not work if the Internet and geolocation are disabled on the phone. This is also valid for all other services shown in the article.

    You can open Android Device Manager from another phone or browser on your PC. This in both cases allows the remote management of Android by accessing the basic functions.

    Go to Android Device Manager


    Vysor is a Chrome extension and desktop application (Windows / Mac OS / Linux) to manage your smartphone remotely. With Vysor you can

    • control your mobile applications;
    • play Android games (using mouse and keyboard of your PC) using Vysor as an emulator;
    • communicate with social networks and messengers installed on your phone.

    One of the examples using Vysor is mirroring your device on another screen: on projector, TV or desktop PC. This can be useful for presentations of documents, photos, videos.

    To control the smartphone remotely through Vysor one should:

    1. install the desktop application (or Chrome browser extension),
    2. enable USB debugging,
    3. for PC - install ADB drivers,

    4. connect the phone through USB to the PC,
    5. wait for Vysor to connect to the phone,

    6. allow access on the phone.



    • The free version allows to easily perform the procedure through a wired cable.
    • The application is available for multiple desktop platforms.
    • Wireless streaming to PC requires a subscription.
    • Complex initial setup

    Download Vysor


    ApowerMirror duplicate the mobile screen to the PC. Possible platforms are iOS, Android (5>), Windows and Mac. Accordingly, Chromecast must be supported on Android and AirPlay on iOS. By default it is all available out of the box, nothing extra needs to be installed.

    The most optimal use of ApowerMirror is multimedia presentation on a large screen. The screen can be used in portrait or landscape mode if desired.

    Another option is to control Android from a PC, in particular the operation of mobile applications. The fact is that there are a number of applications without a full desktop version, including mobile games. There is no need to run an emulator, root the device, etc, ApowerMirror solves these problems much easier.

    Also the ApowerMirror app is useful for taking screenshots and recording what is happening on the phone screen.

    Tip to read: Best Screen Capture Apps

    Download ApowerMirror


    AirDroid is an app for remote control of iOS and Android devices.

    It allows you to send messages, manage your phone, transfer and download /files from your phone. The service is free in its basic version. To use the more advanced Premium version, you need to pay from two dollars a month. The Premium version provides access to the camera, the phone search is available and there is no limit on the amount of data transferred.

    How to connect the Android to the PC using AirDroid

    1. Install the AirDroid App from Google Play on your Android device.

    2. Open the AirDroid App.

    3. If using the app for the first time you must create a new AirDroid account.

    4. Please enable the required permissions for the full operation of AirDroid.

    5. Enable the functions you plan to use.

    Note. Some functions such as the Android remote screen management require root access to your device. Also some features will be disabled if you have not purchased a Premium Plan.

    6. Visit AirDroid Web and log in to the account you created above.

    7. Once connected, you will see the main control panel. On the right is a set of tools with brief information about the phone. On the left are all the apps that allow you to control your phone.

    8. Select the Files app to browse /files on your phone and transfer them from your PC to your phone and back.

    9. Select the Messages application to view saved messages on your phone or start a new session with someone in your contacts list.

    10. The Camera application is used to remotely view and control the camera on your phone.



    • A robust application with a wide range of functions.
    • The free version provides wireless streaming.
    • The free version displays ads.
    • In the Pro version only a limited number of devices can be used

    Mobizen Mirroring

    The Mobizen Mirroring application is one of the most powerful of those presented in the review but it has the most limitations in the free version. But there is:

    • support for the mobile screen,
    • application management,
    • file transfer and screen capture.

    In the paid version (from $2 per month):

    • access to the phone through 3G and 4G networks,
    • screen video recording,
    • display mobile notifications.

    How to use Mobizen Mirroring:

    1. Install the application on both your computer and smartphone.
    2. When you first run, provide your email and password for access.
    3. Run the program on your computer, click on the verification button. A 6 digit code will be displayed.
    4. Enter the code in the application window on your smartphone and benefit from the easy management interface.


    One of the most popular programs of this type. It is often used for communication between two computers but can also be used between a mobile device and a computer.

    This software is free for individual use, but to use TeamViewer for commercial purposes, you would have to pay from 2 thousand roubles per month. For basic usage there is no need to configure anything.

    The main functions of TeamViewer:

    • Remote control of a smartphone,
    • Changing Android settings,
    • Installing applications,
    • Displaying screen shots,
    • Home screen events.

    How to use TeamViewer

    Manipulating your mobile device from a distance is very easy:

    1. Install the software on your PC and on your phone using the respective version from the official site (QuickSupport version for mobile devices is suitable).
    2. Run the TeamViewer for PC having set access password and ticked the "Remote Access" box.
    3. Run the mobile device version. A 9-digit numerical code will be displayed - please either write it down or send it to the messenger.
    4. On your computer, on the "Partner ID" line, enter the numerical code.
    5. You will be connected to his device. Wait until your mobile device responds and you are ready to begin your Android experience.



    • 100% free option for streaming from Android device to PC.
    • No functional limitations.
    • No ads or watermarks.
    • Secure 256 bit encryption for additional security.
    • Works with or without Wi-Fi.
    • Remote account creation is required
    • No advanced features found in the pro-versions of other applications.

    Other remote management tools and applications

    Other applications with Android remote access functionality are available. Without going too much into details, let us list some popular ones.

    • MobileGo. Allows to connect via a convenient QR code. It has a backup function.
    • WebKey. A powerful paid application (with trial version) for the management of multiple devices.
    • AirMore. A rough analog of AirDroid with similar functionality. Interesting because it is completely free.


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