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Best Free Android Launchers in Russian, Top 2020


From a good dozen of free, including top-of-the-line Android loungers, it was difficult for us to select the contenders for the title of the best. However, by method of exceptions and comparisons we left the strongest contenders, quite trendy as of 2020.

We will pay attention to such characteristics of the lunchers, as lightness, free, the availability of design themes. If the Russian language is included with the launcher - we will note it additionally. Also identify other features, if any.

Defining the nominations: which of the lunchers is the best

  1. The most beautiful luncher for Android is Apus Launcher. It has stunning three-dimensional effects and themes that are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent. With an abundance of settings and visual options, it is not difficult to manage. It's available in Russian language, so you won't have any problem to understand it.

  2. The lightest and fastest is AIO Launcher which has no equal in terms of speed. It does not consume the resources of your phone but has a very simple and non distracting design.

  3. The GO Launcher EX becomes the best luncher with the greatest number of themes. There are already more than 30 thousand different skins created for this Launcher, and their number is increasing day by day. This application is great for smartphone screens as well as for tablets.
  4. From among the innovations of 2020, take a look at Hyperion Launcher. It is a well balanced application without much frills. At the same time, you can change everything: icons, applications, sort them by color and name. It is not yet available in Russian.

Unfortunately it is difficult to find a good candidate amongst the louppers without advertisements. On the other hand, if you do like a particular shell, you can purchase a PRO version without ads for a couple of dollars, why not?

We bring you the top of all Android Launchers :

  1. Nova Launcher
  2. Apex Launcher
  3. GO Launcher EX
  4. Next Launcher 3D (not updated)
  5. APUS Launcher
  6. CM Launcher (not updated)
  7. Index Launcher
  8. Smart Launcher
  9. Rootless Launcher (not upgraded)
  10. Microsoft Launcher
  11. AIO Launcher
  12. Hyperion Launcher
  13. PO Launcher
  14. Holo Launcher (not upgraded)

Nova Launcher Launcher with flexible grid and icons

A fairly original android Launcher with russian language interface, Flexible personalization, intuitive gestures, bright effects and backup options.

Nova Launcher supports gestures on the desktop, displays unread message counters for most messengers on the dock bar.

The feature is implemented thanks to the TeslaUnread plugin. In addition, Nova allows the user to flexibly customize the application menu.

Other space organization features include the possibility to create folders to group applications, to switch between horizontal and vertical scrolling, to hide applications from the desktop on the phone.

Configuring icons in Nova Launcher

Customizing widgets and applications in Nova

After installing the Nova Launcher application, you can modify your Android smartphone desktop and application menu. The color scheme of the Launcher supports fine-tuning of colors, and the grid sizes vary from 2x2 to 12x12. The dock bar at the bottom of the phone screen is easy to scroll, the number of panels changes, shortcuts and widgets can be dragged there.

Преимущества Недостатки Оценка
  • небольшой расход памяти
  • можно use third party icons
  • no gesture support in Android 10
  • not intuitive to create app tabs

Download Nova Launcher on Android

Apex Launcher: Speed and convenience

Fast, smooth and easily customizable luncher for android devices. The Apex Launcher provides multiple customization options.

The owner can select the number of desktops and customize the grid size, add widgets to the device's start screen.

The desktops and application menus support circular or elastic scrolling.

Launcher allows you to launch some functions with gestures, change the transparency of the background in applications, enable and disable wallpaper scrolling. With the desktop lock function, you can prohibit adding new objects and changing the position of old ones. There is also a function to hide unnecessary or secret apps.

The appearance of icons and the size of all widgets may be modified, applications on the device may be grouped into folders adding an unlimited number of icons.

Dock is gesture-based and provides scrolling for quick access to important applications. The Apex Launcher supports the Russian interface.

Benefits Disadvantages Revaluation
  • can hide applications
  • Laconic and uncluttered interface
  • Integratify the default Launcher
  • Widget settings are missing

Download Apex Launcher for Android

GO Launcher EX is the best Android Launcher with multiple themes

One of the most popular android Launcher on Google Play. GO Launcher EX is an extended version of the classic GO Launcher. It is distinguished by its fast performance and smooth interface, abundance of settings and stylish themes.

In the display settings, you can set the scrolling speed to adjust the smoothness of movement between displays. By holding the application icon a context menu can be displayed. On the screen and on the dock, operation is by means of gestures.

In the application menu folders can be created for grouping - a long tap on the application icon provides access to the settings mode. With the application manager, the user can hide and lock programs to protect his privacy.

GO Launcher EX allows to resize all widgets and supports desktop and application menu scrolling settings. The Launcher has its own widgets for the most comfortable device experience. Different grids are used for the most convenient layout of elements.

GO Launcher EX has Russian language support.

Benefits Disadvantages Evaluation
  • great look and feel themes
  • large selection widgets for Android
  • when updated, the weather widgets disappear
  • sometimes slows down for unknown reasons

Download Android Launcher 3D Shell Lite

Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite

Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite has the status of the world's first 3D Launcher with a flexible interface and vivid effects. The program supports gestures: Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite is configured with 9 basic gestures and offers the possibility to create your own one. During the switching between screens, users can see the original 3D effects (fabric, crystal, etc.). Similarly, beautiful effects are seen when switching desktops, application menu screens, opening folders. Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite has built-in 3D widgets created specifically for this application.

The Launcher has flexible customization options: the user can edit icons: change the angle, size, style, fonts and color scheme. Quick screen customization allows to add folders, shortcuts, widgets, change themes.

A powerful integrated application manager allows quick sorting of icons in the menu and batch adding and removing applications. The multi-functional Next button is responsible for activating floating mode, switching effects as well as the scrolling desktop function.

The Next Launcher 3D Shell Lite includes a Russian interface to display original animations and beautiful effects in stereoscopic displays.

Download Next Launcher

APUS Launcher - The smart and clear

Light and well-thought-out android Launcher with an intuitive interface.

APUS Launcher supports the phone's acceleration function, clearing the memory with a single click to make switching between applications and operating the device even faster.

The program is able to detect the important and frequently used applications by the user to perform a "smart" sorting into folders. Directly from the home screen you can search the Internet. APUS Launcher allows you to associate your own desktop with that of your significant other, a colleague or a relative, so you can change wallpaper and share your mood together.

The APUS Launcher community provides free design themes to customize your home screen. The APUS Launcher has a Russian language interface.

Benefits Disadvantages Review
  • Easy operation
  • many customization
  • many ads
  • intrusive

Download APUS Launcher

CM Launcher 3D 5.0 - An innovative and flexible Launcher

A beautiful, fast and optimized Launcher from the creators of the popular Clean Master app.

CM Launcher 3D lets you personalize your desktop and smartphone menus, maximize your device privacy and make your smartphone more comfortable to use.

CM Launcher 3D offers over 10,000 free themes, including 3D themes, custom lock screens, application icon packs, contact module themes and a choice of live wallpapers that allow you to flexibly customize the appearance of your Launcher. If none of the suggested themes are to your liking, it's easy to create your own theme.

Launcher has a smart lock screen, app hiding feature, and intruder photo to protect the privacy of your device.

Yandex Launcher with "Alice"

Yandex Launcher is one of the most promising applications for Android smartphones. It allows you to personalize almost any smartphone by adding brightness and personality to it.

The Launcher not only provides access to a huge number of new features, but also provides quick access to basic functions - calls, messages and settings.

Yandex developers have made the new Launcher as comfortable as possible. There's no unnecessary advertising banners and familiar services; the standard browsers used to access the Internet are Bing or Google. In general, the scheme of the new launcher is quite simple, the set of basic functions is standard, so even a child can understand the application.

Yandex Launcher for Android offers users a large set of features designed to simplify the process of using a smartphone. The following features are most often used:

  • Desktop. Allows you to personalize the screen of the device - change the design theme, conveniently place application widgets and buttons. The appearance of the desktop grid can be changed in the visual editor. Also features special shortcut panel (opened by swiping down) to access contacts and search bar in the browser;
  • Folders. Each folder can be given a different colour design, this allows to compose information according to the way you want. Also in folders you can see the recommended applications, for each folder a set of widgets is provided;
  • Application menu. After installing the launcher, all available applications will be grouped using thematic tabs. You can change the composition and location of folders at your own discretion. You can also set the programs filtering by color.

Avoice search - the Alice assistant, beloved by many users, is installed in the Yandex Launcher. It allows to quickly retrieve any relevant information, send a message or call your loved ones.

Install the Yandex Launcher via Google Play, the program is free. The required Android version is 5.0 or higher. It has already exceeded 5 million downloads (application is included in the top of Google Play Launcher), with regular updates and new features.

Benefits Disadvantages Oppreciation
  • Fast performance
  • comfortable sorting apps
  • widgets work unstable
  • no multiple app selection

Smart Launcher - great design and flexible functionality

For a better and more efficient phone experience, many users install third party Launchers to optimize the device for their specific needs.

From among the vast variety of options, Smart Launcher should be highlighted, and for several reasons at once:

  1. Design. The icons are drawn casually, so you'll need a minimum amount of time to get used to the new application system. The overall design is very simple and does not require a lot of system resources.
  2. Functionality. All applications are extremely adequately and conveniently sorted according to their application, which makes the Launcher even more user-friendly. Also the frequently used applications are installed in the main desktop, which is extremely convenient.
  3. Optimization. The very simplicity of the Launcher allows to make the best use of a device while ensuring smooth animations and the fastest application launch even on rather old devices.

The application is initially offered completely free and may be used for an unlimited time. There is also a paid version where ads are completely cut out and additional options are available. These include adaptive application icons, the ability to fine tune sorting and a host of other features. However, special mention should be made of the ability to create an extended desktop, which allows you to hide the on-screen navigation buttons, thereby increasing the usable screen area.

The application itself is available for everyone on the Google Play service which allows its installation on absolutely any device running on the Android operating system, be it a phone or a tablet.

It must be understood that the official application store is replete with a mass of similar applications but it is Smart Launcher that combines the utmost simplicity, functionality and an extensive list of features allowing the system to be fine-tuned to its very best.

Benefits Disadvantages Appreciation
  • Light and quick
  • pleasant design of themes and icons
  • many ads in the free version
  • can not move the shortcuts from the desktop

Download Smart Launcher

Rootless Launcher (not updated since 2019)

Rootless Launcher is a modified Pixel Launcher that, unlike the basic one, gives users access to more settings. Inferior to other similar applications because of the small number of "ornaments", while it consumes a minimum of RAM, as a result, suitable for weak devices. Based on the reviews, the application is faster on some smartphones than the standard Launcher.

Features and functions include:

  • Attivate or disable date;
  • Allows or disables the news feed;
  • Change the desktop theme and wallpaper;
  • Change the size and type of icons;
  • Harness the google search bar.

The benefits of the Launcher include:

  • Distributed for free;
  • Maintains minimum RAM, does not freeze even on weak devices;
  • Automatically searches for new updates;
  • Access to the package of themes, wallpaper and icons.

Disadvantage is the lack of support for Google Feed, the normal operation requires the download of an additional utility on the smartphone from the developer's website.

Download the application

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher allows you to quickly pair your smartphone with a laptop running the latest version of the Windows 10 operating system. User may take photos on the phone and immediately edit them on the PC, quickly edit /files in the office and send them back to the smartphone, etc.

Launcher provides gesture packages, desktop icons, ability to access frequently used applications with a swipe, etc. The application is distributed free of charge.

The advantages of the application include:

  • Simultaneous web browsing on the smartphone and notebook;
  • Simultaneous gesture control of the smartphone;
  • Personal news feed for quick access to important news, events and notifications;
  • Setup custom theme, wallpaper and icons to your liking;
  • Icon for quick access to contacts.

The disadvantage is that it consumes quite a lot of RAM, it is advisable to put it on devices with 2GB RAM.

Benefits Disadvantages Evaluation
  • Flexible personalization (icons, grid, design themes)
  • lost widgets
  • fast battery consumption

Download the application

AIO Launcher is a luncher with basic functions and good speed

AIO Launcher is not exactly a standard home screen shell. The emphasis here is on brevity. There is not an abundance of effects and colorful icons, 3d effects and other functions that waste the resources of the phone at times in an untargeted way.

First of all the basic widgets are displayed: last messages and missed calls, audio player, summary information about your system (available RAM, battery, memory, etc.). There are widgets for weather, traffic consumption, currency rates and more.

The free version of the Launcher has no basic restrictions. The paid version of the AIO Launcher (priced at $1.99) includes integration for Telegram and common widgets from other applications.

Benefits Disadvantages Order
  • minimal resource consumption
  • laconic and not distracting design
  • can not create folders for applications
  • small extensions (plugins)

Download AIO Launcher

Hyperion Launcher - the balance between impactfulness and speed

Hyperion Launcher is a relatively new product among Android Launchers. It has the perfect balance between heavier shells (such as Action and Nova), and the standard Android Lawnchair Launcher.

The Hyperion Launcher's user interface is obviously done without frills. At the same time, the application offers many possibilities for flexible customization. Among them:

  1. support for third party icons,
  2. change the shape of the icons,
  3. change the design themes, there is a dark theme,
  4. change the color of widgets, dock, panels,
  5. adaptive icon coloring.

H Hyperion Launcher supports Google Feed among others, but this module requires a separate download like the other shells. It's new, but it already occupies a favorable position among the best liners for mobile.

Benefits Disadvantages Evaluation
  • integration with Sesame
  • many useful widgets
  • no sorting of application icons
  • sometimes unloaded from the phone memory

Download Hyperion Launcher

POCO Launcher

Poco Launcher is the default launcher for the popular budget Pocophone. That said, it's available to download on most Android devices, which is surprising considering that even Google doesn't have its own Launcher.

Poco Launcher is a fairly simple launcher. It has a basic standard Android layout, with icons placed on the home screen along with an app dock bar for quick access. You can customize elements such as the home screen grid and the applications background.

There is a privacy function: you may hide the application icons from the dock if you wish.

The Launcher works easily and smoothly. Perfect for users with fast smartphones and for those looking for a laconic experience, whatever the hardware of the phone.

Benefits Disadvantages Evaluation
  • Low consumption of the phone memory
  • Sorting icons by color
  • Bridges animation
  • No gesture support

Download POCO Launcher

Holo Launcher is a light and simple Launcher (not updated since 2018)

A simple Android Launcher with fine-tuning options, the appearance of which is taken from Android Ice Cream Sandwich and KitKat design, which can run on earlier or later Android versions.

Holo Launcher fully replicates the look of Android 4.0.4: Appearance of icons, tabs, folders, outlines etc. The maximum number of desktops available to the user is 9, the grid for widget installation has the largest size 10x10. Custom grid setup is available for portrait and landscape mode.

Dock and widgets are easy to scroll, infinite scrolling can be enabled on the desktop and application menu). The Dock can set up to 7 icons and create up to 3 pages for quick access to frequently used applications.

Holo Launcher supports gesture control as well as backup for settings and shortcuts on the desktop for later data recovery.

Holo Launcher has a Russian language interface.

Holo Launcher: Which is the best Android Launcher?

  • The most beautiful luncher for Android is Next Launcher 3D Shell. It provides stunning 3D effects and themes that will surely leave no one indifferent.
  • The easiest and fastest is APUS, unmatched for speed.
  • The CM Launcher 3D is the one with the most themes. There are already more than 30 thousand different skins created for this Launcher, and their number is increasing day by day.

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