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Best Moscow Metro Navigators for Android


Mobile applications are not a bad help if you are not good at navigating. In fact, it is very easy to get lost in large cities, and it is difficult to do without a navigator or a map.

For example, the Moscow subway scheme looks very confusing. One has to spend time trying to figure out which branch to transfer from, and which of the options is the best.

In today's review, the best apps that tell you how to take the Moscow Metro in a fast and optimal route:

  1. Yandex.Metro
  2. Moscow Metro
  3. pMetro
  4. "Metro and MCC"
  5. "Moscow Metro" (audio guide)

Yandex.Metro - Metro scheme and travel time calculation

"Yandex.Subway allows:

  • construct the most convenient route in the subway;
  • calculate the approximate travel time (taking into account transfers and tunnel crossings);
  • get information about stations closed for repairs and crossings between stations;
  • select the most convenient exits from the subway to the desired streets;
  • calculate the number of transfers;
  • pay the fare, deposit the funds on "Strelka" and "Troika" transport cards.

How to use the "Yandex.Metro"

  1. First of all, you should download the application;
  2. Open the Yandex.Metro;
  3. Click the gear icon;
  4. Select a city from the list by clicking on the checkbox;
  5. Go back by clicking on the arrow;
  6. Select "From" and "To" items;

  7. For your convenience and time savings, you may set the "Fill in "From" and "To" items with one click on the station. For this purpose activate the option "Select stations with a tap".

For route details open the link "Route details" at the bottom of the screen.

Route information on the underground map includes:

  • Identification of the travel time;
  • Identification of the need to change the transport;
  • advice on the choice of a particular car to save time, and alternative transport (e.g. taxi) to travel more quickly.

The advantages of the application include:

  • general accessibility - it can be used also by the visually impaired.
  • Interactive Moscow Metro scheme adapted to TalkBack mode.
  • supported subways in other cities: Baku, Minsk, Vienna, Yerevan, Budapest, Athens, Tbilisi, Milan, Warsaw, Almaty, etc.

The presence of advertising content is marked by Play Market service users among the disadvantages.

Install "Yandex.Metro" free of charge following the link.

Moscow Metro (official application)

The official Moscow Metro map, developed by the Moscow Metropolitan. The application provides the possibility to:

  1. Figure the required route in Moscow and Moscow Region.
  2. Allows you to obtain up-to-date information about changes in metro operations, about stations closed for repairs.
  3. Calculates the approximate cost of a trip.
  4. Put money to "Troika" transport cards.
  5. Learn all "abnormal" situations on your route in real time.
  6. Get the history of stations.

How to use the "Moscow Metro" application

  1. Log in to the application. The screen will display the most important things including the alerts (written at the bottom).
  2. The Metro map can be zoomed in with two fingers.
  3. Insert the departure point ("From") and the destination point ("To"). The Metro Map displays the route. If more than one variant is possible, both of them are displayed with the difference of the travel time.

  4. You can also indicate the Departure and the Destination by tapping on "From" and "To" buttons respectively above the chosen stations names.

  5. Additional information about the route itself is displayed including the number of available parking areas, the numbers of available surface transport lines for the journeys within the city.
  6. If you click on the letter "i" of the station name you will be provided with the historical data.

The advantages of the "Metro Moscow" service include:

  • the availability of the fare calculator;
  • the possibility to know the sights of the city and to build the route to them;
  • the possibility to accompany people with low mobility;
  • the absence of advertising content.

The "Moscow Metro" application is available for download from: //

pMetro for Android

Minimalistic navigator featuring metro maps of over one hundred different cities including Moscow. The application provides the following functions:

  • Helps you navigate to your destination in the Metro.
  • Improves shortest route to your destination.
  • Calculates travel time.
  • Shows schematic overview of Metro stations.
  • Provides possibility to choose waiting time of the train (for example day or night).

The advantages of the application are:

  • the absence of advertising content;
  • The possibility to work with the metro maps downloaded directly from the http:/pmetrosu;
  • 3d-maps of the most of the stations;
  • creating user travel schemes;
  • multilingual interface;

Lack of the service is available only for Android 4.1 and higher. Also the program is not able to calculate the time for fast trains, therefore the calculated time in this case may differ from the real one.

How to use

  1. Download pMetro, open the application;
  2. To select the map in the "Map Catalog", enter the name in the search line (for example pMetro Moscow) or select it in the list by yourself.

  3. The first tap on the map sets the departure station, the second tap the arrival station. All following operations modify the destination station.

  4. In order to modify the start station you should either click on the empty place or modify this parameter in the settings menu (command "Clear").
  5. Set the start station also via context menu.
  6. The station name can be found by typing the station name in the search bar.
  7. The command "Show time" calculates the travel time to each station.

"Subway and MCC". - Moscow Metro map

The "Metro and MCC" application is not a navigator, but rather a guide to the Moscow Metro. In particular, it allows:

  • Use the scheme of stations to get to your destination.
  • Select variants of transfers between Moscow Metro stations.
  • Check schemes of stations and stops of long-distance trains.
  • Schedule meeting with someone at a specific exit of the Metro.

The major advantages of the Metro and MCC application include:

  • Ability to operate in the background.
  • Automatic update possibility in case of metro scheme changes.

The disadvantages of this program are the lack of a route planner.

"Metro Moscow" audio guide for tourists

This program is a mobile guide to the Moscow metro. Through it one can obtain the information about:

  • the history of the Moscow Metro construction;
  • the first appearance of the stations;
  • different interesting facts,
  • see many pictures of the Metro history.

The advantages of the application:

  • the possibility to make the normal Metro ride an interesting tour;
  • simple and clear interface.

How to use the Audioguide

  1. Download the application from Google Play [by following the link].
  2. Give this application access to your device.
  3. The application may display a size warning and recommend to use wi-fi to download. It is recommended to accept this condition in order to save the mobile Internet traffic.
  4. Log in to the installed program.
  5. On the main page select the recording to be played and click on "Play".

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