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Best online services for removing backgrounds from photos


Often when working with images, creating a variety of presentations or banners, there is a need to replace the background or use only part of the picture or photo. A quick solution to this problem does not necessarily require using Photoshop or other complicated programs, which often require installing and activating them on your computer. There are several simple services on the web that enable you to do this literally "in two clicks".

Top 5 services for removing backgrounds:

    Adobe Creative Express

    There are quite a few programs, applications and online services for photo processing. Some of them are very complicated for novice users and many are paid. Sometimes you just need to do something simple. For example how to quickly remove the background is Adobe Creative Express, a free tool.

    This tool is easy to use, ideal for basic image manipulation. Useful for photographers just starting out, or for those creating posts for social networks. Basic features: resize, delete or add background, text, various elements, layers, simple animations, textures, access to stock photos, download to your device, work online for general access. There is an advanced paid option.

    Cut the background or remove the background from a photo in the service can be done quickly and without a complicated site registration procedure.

    Step-by-step instructions:

    1. Go to the page //
    2. From the corresponding field we drag and drop the photo from the indicated folder.

    3. The background removal process starts automatically online.

    4. After the image has been processed a download button will appear. Once clicked the file will be downloaded in png format to your phone or PC.

    5. All process will be notified with a system message and the user will see an offer to try other site features for free.

    For the other image operation you will need to register an account. The free plan includes basic photo processing and 2GB of cloud storage. The premium plan is offered with a thirty day trial period that can be deactivated at any time.

    Service Pros

    The site is convenient for beginners and those who only need basic photo processing operations. The main advantages of the program are:

    1. Simplicity and usability. A regular user will not need to deal with complicated instructions.
    2. The free version offers very good functionality.
    3. For basic, simple background editing, you do not need to register and the process is quick.
    4. For those who want to try the premium version, a full month of trial operation is provided.

    The Adobe Creative Exspress has no drawbacks.


    The simple operation to remove the background of the image can be performed online at the well-known image stock site in the "Tools" section. This resource contains an advanced image search system, tools for enlarging images and a photostock itself containing 228 million paid and free photos and images.

    To remove the background you should:

    Step 1 . Go to // or choose "Free Background Removal" from the "Tools" section at //

    Step 2 . Download or drag-and-drop the image from your computer.

    Step 3 . The background is removed automatically and you can see how the image looks like with and without the background.

    Step 4 . You download the image and use it in your work.

    The major pluses of the service

    The disadvantages

    • The possibility to obtain the edited image quickly.
    • No annoying advertising, intuitive interface of the resource.
    • Ability to compare pictures with and without background before downloading.
    • The image format is restricted - only JPG, JPEG and PNG /files are available for downloading. TIFF, BMP, RAW and some others have to be converted first.
    • Can be up to 15 MB per file.
    • With low contrast background and object the service not always provides a correct background.
    • It is not possible to edit small mistakes directly on the site.


    Image manipulation of different types becomes more and more popular. The abundance of social networks and e-commerce platforms are dictating conditions and demanding quality and "good" content from users. The most popular task one has to face and find solutions for is removing the background from a ready-made photo.

    Fast to find a service that will provide a superior finished result is difficult, because among other things, it is desirable to use a free service. PXLR.COM offers such a service among its products: it is free, working online and producing high quality and fast background removal even from several photos simultaneously.

    How to use this service

    1. To use the artificial intelligence to remove the background go to //

    2. Use the arrow buttons to upload your photo. Using the center button you can upload a single photo for processing. The button on the top left allows you to upload several images for simultaneous processing.
    3. After you have selected an image the program suggests you to resize and change the resolution before processing.
    4. You can choose to retain the parameters of the original image, to make the image in Full HD quality or in web format. The new size may be a custom size, you can set it manually.

    5. Literally 30 seconds after pressing the APPLY button, admire the finished image without a background (for a single photo). The result before and after is the following.

    6. If you are satisfied with the result you can download the image by pressing the corresponding button "DOWNLOAD" on the right side.
    7. If there are some imperfections after the deletion of the background you can remove them manually by using the button "DETAILED EDIT" on the right side.
    8. You can use all available tools for detailed editing - brush of different thickness and softness, magic effects, shapes and lasso. A complete set of tools is available for free in order to perfect the background removal even for the most complicated images.

    Let us look at the positive and negative sides of the PXLR.COM service.

    The cons

    The pros

    1. Free and without registration.
    2. Fast processing speed.
    3. The possibility to process multiple /files at the same time.
    1. It will process only the graphics /files. It is not possible to remove the background e.g. with a scanned PDF image.
    2. Efficiency is higher when working with high resolution images.


    Working with photography is a fascinating activity. It is not necessary to be a professional or to learn any special software. With the free online service PhotoRoom you will easily edit the photo you need, if you simply do not like the background, and do it yourself:

    • prepare unique photo material for your project, presentation and other working/study documents;
    • surprise your loved one or update your room with a collage of unusual shots;
    • have fun watching the image transformed at your will.

    The website PhotoRoom has a set of useful tools for this purpose: remove/edit/replace background, insert text message, adjust image size.

    How to use the background removal service

    1. In the field in the center of the home page you upload your photo by clicking on "+ Start with photo" or drag it from your computer.
    2. The processing starts immediately-the original background will disappear in a few seconds. You download the photo cleaned of the unsuccessful background by clicking on the button below or continue editing - button "Edit".
    3. The working bar with the set of tools appears on the right side of the screen:
    • "Background" allows to make two variants of changes: to create the background in any color and of the necessary contrast or to change it to the image from your computer (button "Replace").
    • "Text" - provides easy way to add text to the photo, choose not only standard options - Layout, Font, and Color, but also shadow, reflection, and outline effects.
    • "Resize" - provides opportunity to set necessary parameters in pixels.
    • "Add" - if you want to add new image to the source image, this button uploads the image from your PC.

    The advantages of PhotoRoom

    The disadvantages

    1. The menu is simple and clear - you require very little time and do not need special skills to change the background of your photo.
    2. A wide range of additional options for creating high-quality and creative images.
    3. All changes are fixed and displayed in the work panel on the right side of the photo being edited. Any of them can be individually deleted.
    1. Only photographs in which the subject is not obscured by an object. Otherwise a part of the object itself is removed together with the background.
    2. If you add text the window with the caption does not react as quickly as you would like it to.
    3. The background does not contain the full range of colours for the creative process.

    Remove Image Background

    Online service // allows to remove unnecessary details or change the background of a photo. The service is designed for common users and professionals such as photographers, Internet product developers, media professionals, online photographers, etc.

    Remove Image Background works automatically - just upload your image by dragging or dropping it. There are file format restrictions, it is possible to upload images in jpeg and png formats.


    • It is not possible to upload directly from the internet even if the format is suitable.
    • It is possible to begin immediately as the user enters the site.
    • It is not required to register via e-mail or sms. However, in the future it is possible to register if needed to obtain a HD resolution image.
    • The editor's interface is very simple, similar to the one for uncomplicated Web pages.

    Step-by-step instructions

    Incoming the site the user receives a text expressing the essence of the service: "Removing the background from images". It is specified that this is done automatically and for free.

    An illustration shows how the image looks like with or without a background.

    The prompt "Upload image or drag & drop the file".

    1. The user moves the picture to the indicated area by Drag and Drop.

    2. If the format of the file is not suitable, a pop up window reminds the user that only jpeg and png are allowed. The second variant is the download of the file.
    3. The working window opens automatically, in which the background is removed in front of your eyes. It has two sub-windows "Original" and "Removed background".

      You can look alternately in one and the other and compare how cleanly the background details are removed.

    4. Below the two sliders: "Download" and "Download HD".

    In the first case a preview is available in high quality.

    In the second case, to receive the high resolution image on your device you have to register or log in to your account if you already have one.

    Registration is free and is possible via FB, Google Account or e-mail.

    Below the download button there are smiley buttons to mark the result. By clicking on one of them you can share on Twitter or FB.

    You can also go to and create a new background.

    Benefits and disadvantages of the service:

    The main advantages


    • The very simple service with an easy and unobtrusive interface is the main characteristic.
    • The intuitive nature of all operations makes the Remove Image Background accessible to any user even if he is barely familiar with the Internet.
    • The result will always be in png format, since jpeg does not allow to make a transparent background, it will always be white.
    • The background is not always cut out as the customer wishes

    It is possible to detect flaws, but not at the first approximation, but with a very careful analysis. In the second image the remnants of the background are visible. But this is an infrequent case. Generally the program recognizes and adequately separates the figure from the background.


    CRELLO is a free online service which allows us to quickly and easily remove the background. The photo processing is managed by an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system, which guarantees the high quality of the images. The program uses several special algorithms that improve the clarity of fine details. The program can work with JPG and PNG formats. Their size should not exceed 12 MB.

    CRELLO is designed primarily for regular users, although developers have created plugins and utilities for popular design software.

    How to use?

    The program is simple, its interface is intuitive. To remove background on photos using CRELLO you should perform the following steps:

    • Go to the website page //
    • Download an image from the computer, drag and drop it to the required window or insert a link to it.
    • Check the obtained result. The program starts processing the image as soon as it is uploaded, normally the whole process takes a few seconds.
    • Load the obtained image on your computer.

    If you would like to make additional changes to the image, you can do so with the "Edit" option. The program allows you to magnify and reduce the image, as well as rotate it.

    To add a new background, you have to use the tab "Background". You can select one of the standard options or upload your own background from your PC. If you wish, you can blur it or change the color scheme. The result is downloaded to your desktop.

    Benefits and disadvantages

    The main advantages of CRELLO are its simplicity and affordability - for normal photos processing, the free version of this service is quite sufficient.

    The software works automatically - the user does not need to remove the background layers. The image processing is characterized by a high quality. The algorithms recognize even the smallest details of the objects, e.g. disheveled hair.

    The CRELLO also has some disadvantages. The program is not very good at detecting objects if they blend into the surrounding background. The developers declare that the service is intended for processing photographs with people. Practice shows that CRELLO can also be used for photos with other objects, for example with animals. However, in this case the result and high quality are not guaranteed.

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