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Best programs to repair damaged jpg files


There are quite a few corrupted /files left after file recovery, most often in jpg format. Also, after taking a picture with a digital camera, especially with an old sd-card, you might discover quite a few bad /files that are not suitable for storage.

Let's see what tools are available for recovering damaged jpg /files (and other graphical formats) and see what good they may do.

List of programs:

  1. PixRecovery
  2. RS File Repair
  3. JPEGfix
  4. JPEG Recovery Pro
  5. Picture Doctor


PixRecovery is a program to recover damaged jpg photos taken with Kodak, Nikon, Sony, Fuji and other digital cameras.

Features of the application:

  • PixRecovery recovers information in jpg images retaining the original color depth and proportions.
  • Select a saving format for restored images: jpg, bmp, png, tiff etc.
  • PixRecovery supports most graphic formats except progressive JPEG.

The program is very easy to use, the process to fix jpg /files is the following:

  1. Select the /files to be restored (Start Recovery Wizard window)
  2. Click Next and specify the folder to save them (Set Save Folder)
  3. Click Start and wait for the process to complete
  4. Look at the results of data analysis and check the photo/image /files in the indicated folder.

The software runs in a demo version, the saved file will be watermarked. They can only be removed if you purchase the full version of PixRecovery. The cost of the standard PixRecovery license is $49.

Download PixRecovery

RS File Repair

With RS File Repair you can restore corrupted images, photos with jpg extension. The program fixes various types of errors caused by viruses, software bugs, mechanical damages of memory card / flash drive.

The easiest way to start recovery is through Recovery Wizard, here you specify /files and folders to recover. It's noteworthy that RS File Repair supports 2 types of analysis - Analyse (fast) and Research (slow). Research implies a more thorough analysis of the file structure.

The restored jpg images are saved into the specified folder. There is a preview of the restored /files; even if you use the trial version of RS File Repair, you will see the results right in the window of the program.

On the other hand, newbies will love this program because its interface is similar to Explorer. RS File Repair is easy to manage /files and to view the original /files / results.

Download RS File Repair


JPEGfix is a small (less than 1 MB!), free, yet very efficient program to repair and analyze damaged jpeg /files.

As the description of the program explains, the main types of errors you can fix in a jpg-file are: color distortion due to a mistake or a failure, decoding shift ("gray bottom").

After a quick analysis, JPEGfix finds technical information in the damaged / distorted file which helps you to recover the destroyed, part of the file. However it should be understood that this is not some magic tool: JPEGfix cannot bring back what is physically missing.

By its functionality JPEGfix bypasses all tools listed in this review. At the same time only experienced users can work with the program. Especially for them there is a detailed manual available at // (you can translate it into English via google translate).

JPEGfix is specialized for damaged jpg /files only, it cannot analyze other graphic formats. Besides jpg, results can also be saved in bmp.

Download JPEGfix on Google Drive

JPEG Recovery Pro

JPEG Recovery Pro is one of the simplest programs to recover jpg /files. There aren't any settings within the program, the entire process consists of selecting folders and /files and clicking the Scan/Recover button.

JPEG Recovery Pro locates thumbnail /files embedded in the file. Although their resolution is lower than the original, they often remain intact.

The saved jpg file is unusable: it contains a watermark and has lower quality than the original. You can purchase the full version and remove these limitations. JPEG Recovery Pro for personal home use costs 49.95.

Other features of JPEG Recovery:

  • If the program detects illegal JPEG encoding or file corruption, it automatically corrects errors
  • All important information, including Exif, remains intact
  • Damaged and incorrect information from JPEG is not written to the final file
  • File, containing parts of another image can be split into several /files

Download JPEG Recovery Pro trial

Picture Doctor

Picture Doctor is a program to recover corrupted /files, mostly in JPEG and PSD format. The results are saved in bmp format; it is easy to open in any graphic viewer.

Similar to the above mentioned jpeg recovery software, it restores original color and photo resolution. You can select multiple /files and folders at once and run automatic recovery.

As for PSDs (the standard file format in Adobe Photoshop), Picture Doctor recognizes layers and restores them. In fact, this is the only thing that sets this program apart from others like it.

The cost of Picture Doctor is relatively low - $24.99 for a license. The Demo version allows you to test-drive and recover image /files in psd / jpg format with watermarks.

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The internal memory of my phone was full. I transferred some of the photos to the memory card, after that, most of the photos open as green spots! Went to take the phone to repair, they told me that I have not correctly moved the photos to the card - as a result, deleted /files. Is it possible how to fix it?!

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