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Best Software to Test SSD Drive Speed


Many users are migrating to SSDs. One of the key differences from traditional hard drives is that they are much faster. High speed means programs can be loaded, /files opened and the operating system started up more quickly. But solid state drives are also different in speed, so there is no substitute for a speed test for SSDs.

Testing applications for SSD speed are abundant, but we will examine the most popular and well-proven ones as they surely do the trick.

    Best Software to Test SSD Speed

    For a basic SSD speed check any of the applications listed here can do the job, so just choose the one you find most suitable. But if you have additional needs, you may want to make a more detailed comparison of the functionalities and choose the one that will help you to overcome your task.

    Samsung Magician

    Samsung's proprietary utility. While it is primarily intended to test and obtain information about Samsung brand drives, it is capable of testing other devices.

    How to test the speed of an SSD :

    1. Go to Performance Benchmark.
    2. Select the disk to be tested from the drop-down list.
    3. Click on the Start button and wait.

    The results will be available on 4 scales: Read and Write in sequential and random order respectively.

    Key Features of the Samsung Magician software:

    • Checking the general health of the SSD
    • Checking the authenticity of the Samsung equipment
    • Reading S.M.A.R.T.-Attributes
    • Disk diagnostic scanning and repairing of detected errors
    • Optimize performance by enabling RAPID mode (if available)

    Download Samsung Magician


    The utility CrystalDiskInfo allows you to test any type of drive, both HDD and SSD. The free version is functional and suitable for full-fledged testing. The paid version includes enhanced technical support and extended number of test options.

    There is a Russian language version, the interface is simple and easy to understand for beginners.

    In CrystalDiskInfo provides different functions and settings, for example you can:

    • select if you want to test one or several disks at once;
    • set the number of test cycles (to increase the accuracy it is recommended to choose about 5);
    • specify the file size to be tested (recommended about 1 GB to reduce the influence of cache /files).

    Key Features CrystalDiskInfo:

    • Checking for fresh SSD firmware availability;
    • Predicting HDD crash;
    • Secure and irrecoverable (no recovery possible) cleaning of the disk from sensitive /files;
    • Monitoring the SSD state;
    • Getting S.M.A.R.T. information;
    • Adjust the performance for different PC configurations.

    Be aware that the latest version is not available for Windows XP.

    Download CrystalDiskInfo

    PassMark Performancetest

    PassMark is a program for exhaustive PC and notebook performance testing, especially the SSD speed test. It works for free in Trial version but if you purchase the commercial version ($29 at the moment of this writing), you will be able to:

    • find extended technical support,
    • export test results in rich text format,
    • use various scripts,
    • launch advanced tests (available in full version only during the 30 days evaluation period.)

    The Disk Mark module tests the rigid SSD disks using several approaches. The test results can be compared to the worldwide benchmark of similar SSD models and to more and less fast read and write speeds.

    In addition, Performancetest has the following key features :

    • test separately read and write to SSD;
    • test synchronous and asynchronous accesses;
    • test sequential and random accesses;
    • change data block size for read or write to improve performance;
    • change test file size.

    We advise you to download Performancetest if you specifically need a comprehensive test of the hardware (CPU, RAM, video adapter...) and a comparison with actual hardware.

    Download Performancetest

    AS SSD Benchmark

    With the AS SSD Benchmark functionality, you can test the speed of your SSD through a series of specific tests. The SSD benchmark is done as a sequential and random read/write test. The benchmarking test is performed without using the operating system cache.

    The operating principle of AS SSD Benchmark is the same as for all the other applications - it writes and reads a gigabyte file 3 times to the disk and provides average read and write times.

    In contrast to the above listed applications, AS SSD Benchmark is completely free.

    Download AS SSD Benchmark

    ATTO Disk Benchmark

    An application with maximum ease of use. Perfect for those who do not wish to tinker with advanced settings, but are simply interested in testing their disk quickly and reliably.

    Disk speed test can be carried out as follows:

    1. Select the disk to test,
    2. Choose the duration and size of the transfer, the access type to the disk,
    3. Optionally you do not choose anything and leave the default settings
    4. Click Start
    5. The test starts, the results are indicated in a clear and graphical way right in the home page.

    Download ATTO Disk Benchmark for free

    HD Tune Pro

    HD Tune Pro software is chargeable (35$ for lifetime license), but if you would like to test your media once, there is a 15 day unlimited trial available.

    There is also a totally free version of HD Tune Pro but it tests your SSD-Drive for read only. The key functionality of the application is quite extensive:

    • test read and write to SSD separately;
    • test by copying /files;
    • delete any data safely and without traces;
    • monitor hard disk and SSD performance;
    • check technical condition of drives including external ones;
    • perform cache test;
    • display maximum disk information via SMART attributes;
    • log scan errors.

    As you can see, the functionality of this application is very broad, therefore its price, if you intend to test the disks continuously, is more than justified.

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    What features are important to check the speed

    On average the SSD test focuses on the access speed (both reading and writing). But the applications may also check for:

    • file transfer rate (read/write);
    • data compression rate;
    • the presence or absence of bad sectors on the disc;
    • the technical condition of the SSD.

    There are more comprehensive applications that may evaluate not only the speed the disc functions but also its "health".

    Why use the SSD Checker?

    The SSD Checker is intended to check if the

    • speed of the medium is ok,
    • it is performing according to the characteristics declared by the seller,
    • no errors have occurred on the disc,
    • you have been sold a quality product not counterfeit.

    In addition if you have a slow booting computer or slow running programs, you might exclude the possibility of an SSD problem and start investigating other factors why this hypothetically might be the case.

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