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Choosing the best pdf reader for Android


We will consider the best PDF-readers for Android, choosing among them the best one for reading and viewing this format. If you have downloaded books in PDF format, you must know: there is no handy program for reading documents and ebooks on Android phones and tablets; reading pdf is difficult without special software.

Top readers - 2019 :

  1. PocketBook Reader
  2. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  3. Radaee PDF Reader
  4. Google PDF Viewer
  5. Universal Book Reader
  6. EbookDroid
  7. Librera Reader
  8. Google Play Books
  9. Other PDF reader apps

PocketBook Reader - Universal pdfReader for Android

PocketBook Reader is a mobile app for reading books on Android. With it, it is convenient to PDF, to highlight text in documents, on pages.

The pdf format allows you to create textual notes "in the margin", and PocketBook successfully copes with this task. Creating notes (marking text, adding comments, creating screenshots of books) and exporting from PDF to a text file is possible.

In addition to PDF reading, PocketBook Reader is a universal viewer, recognizes most book formats EPUB (Adobe DRM), DjVu, TXT, CHM, basic html, CBZ, CBR, CBT and others (see table at the bottom of the article).

PocketBook Reader displays the content after the file system or specified folder on the smartphone.

The display mode of the library changes:

  • In thumbnails mode only the covers are displayed,
  • The list provides more information about each book including title, author, document format.

PocketBook Reader is also a convenient digital library on your mobile. Navigation is available not only through books already in the library, but also through sd-card and phone memory.

In addition to local content on your Android device, you can navigate to the online library and download from there any book for free. PocketBook Reader supports direct file download to the library.

Navigating through text is convenient: it is comfortable to flip pages by touching the screen borders, by slide or by using the volume buttons. To navigate to another section, the navigation menu is handy. There is also a quick search function for PDF /files, including multi-page documents and books.

The book display is perfectly customizable. The main advantages are:

  • 3 reading modes: page mode, double page mode, scroll mode and other display options,
  • 4 design themes (night, day, sepia, and newspaper),
  • Manually and automatically adjust page margins, for maximum comfort when reading PDF on small screens on smartphones and tablets,
  • Addition and zoom out. Double-tap to zoom in part of a page or a column,
  • Change text color and background color.

The last thing I would like to mention is working in conjunction with an interpreter (reading foreign books and documents with dictionary). PocketBook Reader supports ABBYY Lingvo dictionaries. You can learn translation by highlighting word on page.

Download PocketBook Reader

Adobe Acrobat Reader - PDF Editor

Adobe Acrobat Reader is a well-known, free PDF Reader for Android. The main functions are reading, annotating, signing pdf /files. Everything that the desktop version of Adobe Acrobat Reader has, the mobile version has - in full.

About PDF editing, Adobe Reader on Android has virtually no equal. The mobile version of the application allows:

  • create annotations: comment documents, create sticky notes, draw, mark text;
  • create pdf documents right on your phone or tablet.
  • export documents to Word and Excel (see also free conversion services).

Additional features of Adobe Acrobat Reader:

  • Easy viewing of pdf /files on your phone;
  • Fast opening of documents via email, via any Share application;
  • Searching, scrolling, zooming pdf document pages;
  • Storing pdf documents in the cloud;
  • Fast printing of pdf documents on a printer;
  • View settings: switching reading modes.

We should separately mention the cloud library. Adobe Acrobat Reader offers online access to pdf /files via the cloud (Dropbox or Adobe Document Cloud). This way it is convenient to synchronize documents, books on different devices: PC, tablet, laptop, etc. The library will be accessible everywhere, through an Adobe account.

Radaee PDF Reader - Fast PDF documents viewer

If you need a very fast viewer, check out Radaee PDF Reader.

The main feature of this application is the fast rendering without cache loading. This means large PDF documents can be downloaded instantly.

As far as editing functions are concerned, Radaee PDF Reader has some useful tools, but their composition can't be described as anything but basic - as compared to Adobe Reader.

Zooming is possible via multitouch, there is an advanced search (highlighting) through the document. Easily highlight text, add annotations and draw right in the document. Add annotations to pdf-document is possible with a single click on the desired text or page fragment. In general, the navigation of Radaee PDF Reader is especially handy when working on a tablet.

Download Radaee PDF Reader

Google PDF Viewer: a pdf reader for Android

Google PDF Viewer is a viewer for Android. Its main features include:

  1. High-speed page rendering for pdf documents while reading;
  2. A very simple interface and easy navigation;
  3. Many viewing options and book design.

The Reader's interface is similar to the Adobe Acrobat Reader - it is easy to mix them up. Unlike Adobe Acrobat Reader, there is no graphical shell as such (the developers decided that a mobile pdf-reader does not need one).

Settings for displaying books and pdf-documents in Google PDF Viewer: full screen mode, portrait or landscape display, night and day reading modes, page spreads and cropping. In general settings you can find more advanced settings for book appearance.

Google PDF Viewer does not contain any annotation tools, so you can't make marks in the PDF file. Neither cloud storage of documents and books nor local library management is provided here.

In general, if you don't edit /files, are willing to put up with this kind of interface and you only need viewing - Google PDF Viewer has the right to install.

Universal Book Reader - A handy PDF and EPUB reader for mobile

Universal Book Reader is a free app for reading pdf documents and ebooks on Android. It has a stylish and friendly interface, provides all kinds of document reading modes on smartphones and tablets.

Built-in file browser allows to open, read and save any kind of e-books directly on your phone. Furthermore, the UBR helps to open protected EPUB and PDF /files on Android.

In a word, if you need to open PDF on Android, the Universal Book Reader is quite a worthy Android reader. Despite its Universal prefix, however, it is useful only for opening EPUB and PDF /files, since other documents are not supported.

As usual, you may download this reader for Android from Google Play in Russian, apk-file is about 20 MB.

EbookDroid - A book reader for Android

The EbookDroid program is not only a pdf reader for Android. It reads EPUB, FB2 (without conversion) and other ebooks with no problems.

The EbookDroid interface is not very friendly, and the download speed is not optimal (compared to other programs). However the viewer is a good choice to read a pdf on Android. To read a pdf you need to install a separate plugin, which can be downloaded automatically from the Internet.

In the display configuration of the book you can change the reading mode (single / double page), split spreads, crop pages by margins or manually, change the screen orientation, hide unnecessary panels.

For organizing pdf /files and other documents in the library on your phone, EbookDroid uses local directories and network libraries. Synchronization with the cloud is not provided by EbookDroid.

All in all, despite the rather gray interface, the EbookDroid reader is suitable for viewing pdf. You should not forget that the application displays books in djvu and fb2 without any problems.

Download pdf reader

Librera Reader - a free reader for Android

Librera Reader - a program for reading books, documents, musical text (for musicians). It is characterized by multifunctionality, ease of use. It is designed for comfortable reading with maximum adjustment to user's vision.

The formats of the documents and books to be read:


  • Document /files that include pictures.

  • Archive reading Zip, GZ (no need to unload documents).

Customize individual user settings:

  1. Changing text format, style and size (adjust indentation and spacing).
  2. Changeable colour settings adaptable to different vision times.
  3. Setting "for readers", "for musicians" modes (provides for vertical movement of the music text at a given speed).
  4. Converts information to another format.

In Librera Reader you may add books from the device memory, from external network sources. Provides access to OPDS directories.

Download the reader for free on Android

Google Play Books - Reader for ePub and pdf

Google Play Books - A reader for Android that opens books from the Google Play library. It is designed for comfortable reading for your Android smartphone users. The advantage of the program is the carefully tuned comfort mode for your vision.

Formats supported by the program:

  • EPUB,
  • PDF

Customizable parameters:

  1. Creates an individual text mode (adjust text, picture settings).
  2. Color adjustments (day and night mode).

The application has access only to the Google Play library which is extensive. It is possible to add books from the memory of the device. They are stored in a single Google Account, taking into account the progress of your reading.

Download Google Play Books

Other PDF Reader App for Android

  1. FBReader A universal reading program designed for reading MOBI, EPUB, TXT and other formats on your Android tablet or phone./files, easy to page, it has night and day reading modes, possibility to organize digital library. For reading PDF you need a separate plugin called FBReader PDF plugin.
  2. The eReader Prestigio mobile reader has many settings such as font size, scale, color of text and background, margin settings and other parameters that affect comfortable reading. Easy-to-use navigation, wide support for book formats. Excellent universal program for reading books on the tablet. In general, PocketBook is a good reader for your phone.
  3. Foxit MobilePDF - android-version of the famous Adobe Reader for Android. It supports annotations, bookmarks, and works with cloud hosting. It's great for smartphones and tablets as a pdf reader.
  4. As for ezPDF Reader, this pdf reader for the phone is beyond competition, because it has a great interface and functionality. It is able to adapt to the desired screen, add annotations, supports both /files with graphic layer and text layer.
  5. SmartQ Reader is a great reader for tablet, works also on most android phones. Allows you to create a library, has a file manager. You can sync /files on the internet through the program.
  6. OfficeSuite Pro 6 is an office suite that has a program for working and reading PDF format, including editing and annotating. In addition documents can be printed directly from the phone, password protected documents can also be opened.
OfficeSuite Pro 6is an office suite which provides the ability to print directly from the phone, and to open password-protected documents.

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