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Connecting a VPN in Google Chrome on your computer


VPN or Virtual Private Network is a technology for establishing a connection to the Internet through a third-party provider or public Wi-Fi hotspot. Information is transmitted in encrypted form, bypassing the main network, which allows bypassing various blockages or accessing encrypted sites. During the establishment of the connection, the user chooses the server located in another country. But sometimes the connection to the VPN can be established via the provider of the country where the user is located.

The VPN creates a tunnel between the provider and the recipient of the information. An encrypted transmission of data hides a person's actions from the network, which protects the data from hackers.

Popular VPN Services

Let's look at the most common extensions and VPN apps for Google Chrome.


A popular VPN extension on Chrome, favored by over 40 million users. It only takes a few clicks to connect by selecting one of thirty locations across twenty countries. The high quality connectivity and variety of servers accounts for the cost of the app. ZenMate offers a free 7-day trial and a subscription starting at $2 per month.

Hotspot Shield

This extension for Google Chrome lets you connect to VPN servers located in more than 70 countries. The approximate number of servers is 3 thousand, which ensures that there is no delay in transferring information and that the connection is fast. Hotspot Shield has a powerful encryption scheme to ensure data security.

As with ZenMate, it offers a free trial with no time limit. Users can only access part of the countries at low speed, so a subscription should be purchased for extended use. For $7 per month, the service provides unlimited access to its servers as well as ad blocking.


A popular service that offers extensions for various browsers. It provides access to the internet through a server chosen by the user. It offers a choice of sixty countries if the user has paid a subscription of 3 dollars per month. It is distinguished by two features:

  1. Disabling the Web RTC protocol, which inadvertently reveals the user's IP address during data transmission.
  2. Cyber Sec is a device protection function against hacking and cyber attacks.

Nord VPN blocks advertising and prevents the user from tracking actions on the site. These features and the low price have made the service one of the most popular.

Touch VPN

A completely free extension offering to enable VPN and connect through one of the seven represented countries. It has a small amount of functionality, but it is popular because there is no subscription. The user is not limited by the speed or the amount of traffic transmitted, but the overall server capacity is inferior to similar ones from other companies.


This service provides Internet access at high speed. Choose from 34 countries and more than 700 servers to connect to. You can choose to connect yourself or enable automatic selection. In this case, the system selects the server with the highest speed - usually the one closest to the user. Safer VPN is free, but with a traffic limit. No more than 500 megabytes are available per month. This is enough to try it out, but you will have to pay a $2.5 per month subscription to continue using it.

TunnelBear VPN

VPN for Chrome with a traffic limit like SaferVPN. The user has 500 MB available for 30 days, but this amount can be increased by following the app's instructions. The company offers simple tasks to increase traffic, such as sharing a link to it on Twitter.

Tunnel Bear has a high data transfer rate. It does not save logs, which greatly increases security. There are 22 states available to choose from. Full functionality is available when you pay for a monthly subscription. The price of the service is $5.

Windscribe VPN

A popular service that requires a program to be installed on your computer. In addition to Internet access, provides protection from advertising, allows you to create secure links, periodically changes the information transmitted, hiding the user from surveillance. Offers access to the servers of 60 countries. Free of charge, the user has access to 10GB of traffic and a smaller number of countries (only 10).

Pure VPN

Popular service available to Google Chrome users. It's free, but a subscription is also available to increase functionality.

Let's look at the Pure VPN service installation to understand how to enable VPN in Chrome:

  1. Turn on Google Chrome on your computer.
  2. Find the extension in your browser by going to the extension store.
  3. Install it by clicking the appropriate button.
  4. Select the free registration option.
  5. To complete registration, enter the email address.
  6. Check your email. Look for the code in the email you receive from Pure VPN. Remember or copy the code.
  7. Return to the registration page and enter the code from the e-mail.
  8. Click Connect to connect to the VPN provider's server.
  9. Restarting the browser is not necessary to access VPN mode.

All VPN services in Google Chrome function the same way. To switch to the full version of the service, if available, just click the Go Premium button and follow the instructions of the program.

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