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Doctor Web Online - virus scan without installation


The main convenience of any online antivirus is that it does not need to be installed on a device, be it a computer or a phone.

Doctor Web's online scanner is designed to check for suspicious links on the Internet. By entering the address of a website into the text field you can find out if the URL in question contains a threat.

By the way, mobile device users (Android, etc.) can install the Dr Web anti-virus application with a special URL-filter extension on their phones. It performs the same virus scanning functions as Dr.Web Online.

A similar extension, Dr.Web Link Checker, is also available for Internet browsers.

Beneficial features of Dr.Web

Link Scanner

If you are unsure about a website, simply specify its link through the website form. After the automatic scan, all possible threats and vulnerabilities will be indicated.

Online virus protection

Some sites are easy to pick up malicious software, especially on your smartphone. The program installs inconspicuously and then does a mailing or steals the user's personal data. The tool will alert you to the likelihood of infection.

Smartphone Filter

A free utility for the PC will reduce the probability of entering a malicious site by automatically analyzing the links opened on your smartphone.

Browser Extension

An extension for Opera and Microsoft Edge checks sites and downloads automatically.

Add link check form to your site

A free form to check for malicious links can be embedded on your site for your visitors convenience.

For the users who have encountered a suspicious site and do not have an antivirus installed on their device.

Benefits Defects
  • Works online;
  • Distributes for free;
  • Browser extension and smartphone utility available.
  • Frequently blocks safe sites;
  • Does not alert to phishing;
  • Does not remember sites scanned with malware.
It does not remember malware.

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