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Download free flashlights on Android: best apps - 2020


Brief description: Overview of free flashlights for mobile platform. How to download and install the free flashlight for Android (smartphone, tablet), what settings to look for.

Here are our recommendations:

  1. If you need Flashlight for Android, LED Torch Light or It is compatible with Android version 2 and higher.
  2. In the FAQ you find answers to questions about Flashlight use on your mobile device as well as other recommendations.

List of all applications:

Application developer evaluation advertisement ArtLine 4,7 no Depends on device
Flashlight 2 4.4 available Depends on the device
Flashlight Pony Mobile Pony Mobile 4.7 not available 4.3 and above
Bright Flashlight Abc Apps 4.4 available 4.0 and above 4.6 no 4.0.3 and later
Sane Flashlight LexaUA 4.8 is 4.1 and above
Flashlight - LED Torch GOMO Limited 4.4 everything 2.2 and above
Just Flashlight Svitlana Dev 4.8 is 4.0 and above
Flashlight Splend Apps 4.7 is 4.1 and above

Flashlight #2 - android flashlight without ads

The Flashlight program of the same name is a very simple, even primitive flashlight for Android phone with only one button - to turn the camera flash on and off.

Alas, the brightness setting is not available in Flashlight, which may not suit the user who downloaded the application. Setting the flashlight to ring and other features are also not expected. However, Flashlight has a "fat" plus: there are no ads and marketing gimmicks.

In other words, both the advantage and disadvantage of Flashlight are the lack of adjustments, complete minimalism. The widget does not "eat up" the memory of the mobile device, performing the entrusted functions. It is enough to press one button to turn off the Flashlight and the same action to turn it on.

Download Flashlight for free on your smartphone or tablet in apk-format, either via Google Play or with us.

Another free android flashlight called Flashlight

Download flashlight free

Flashlight app from maximum flexibility of settings, customizable brightness and locking

Free must have app for Android. Allows you to adjust not only the brightness of the flashlight, but also adjust other parameters directly related to the function of lighting - for the phone screen and flashlight. The developers have added features to the widget that are absent in other mobile flashlights.

Downloaded from Google Play and installed in Android, we access the settings and we see the following options:

  • Light on startup: it is possible to enable or disable the option to turn on the light at startup (we advise to disable to avoid the accidental activation)
  • Auto off: respectively the interval of light turning off on the phone/tablet (we advise to enable the option)
  • Sound: Beep when the flashlight is activated
  • Use Rooted Mode and Ringer-Flashlight
  • Manage the flashlight via widget, from Android home screen
  • Flexible brightness adjustment
  • Change screen orientation when flashlight is active/working
  • Rooted Mode: if Android OS blocks developer options, enable advanced Android rights.
  • Apply Button Lock: Prevent accidental button presses while the Flashlight is working (the Flashlight will not turn off at an important moment).

Although the Flashlight works fine, a false impression is created when a white screen appears: it is not clear if the problem is with the device or the application. However this is only the screen background in torch mode, adjustable in "Flashlight" according to taste and color.

In "Flashlight" the ads are traditionally displayed, as an option there is an ad-free version of the same application for Android on Google Play. However, the app is worthy of installation on your smartphone and a token payment. We recommend you to download this particular flashlight for Android from the Market (apk size 1 MB).

Download Flashlight HD LED

Bright Flashlight Pony Mobile for Smartphone

This is probably one of the brightest and most versatile flashlight for Android supporting strobe mode and SOS distress alert. It is useful for fishermen, hunters and sportsmen.

This program may be useful also for ordinary users, if the flashlight cannot be activated on a Samsung, Lenovo or other Android phone due to software limitations or on an old device. When it is activated, the light comes on and the user does not understand where the light on/off button is, where the brightness setting is and so on. Fortunately, there is a menu with settings and here you can adjust the sound, timer.

Benefits of the application:

  • no advertising
  • fast start-up and no lags
  • operates when screen is switched off
  • SOS LEDs
  • working in strobe mode (10 flashing modes)
  • low battery consumption


  • Not found

Download the app

Super Bright: a bright flashlight for every day

Super Bright is indispensable when you need to light something while walking down the street or at home, in household needs. The software has all the basic features that are present in other lighting applications on your phone. The main feature is the screen in the form of an analogue lantern with a handy switch button.

How to enable the lantern:

  1. Download the Super Bright on Android through Play Market,
  2. Install the apk file,
  3. You agree on the access rights (these are minimal),
  4. Use the lantern by tapping the switch.

How the settings are:

  • Enable to disable;
  • Sound when enabled;
  • Work when screen is disabled.

The application performs its functions in good faith but the developers overloaded it with advertisements: this appears when you click the AD link, a banner is also displayed at the bottom of the window. The settings mention other products by the same developer which may also be considered as advertising.

Download flashlight Flashlight (free, no popup)

This free flashlight uses not only the camera flash but also the phone screen for lighting and sos signalling. Comes in handy in "military field", difficult climatic conditions when you want to attract attention from a long distance.

There are not many options available to control the flashlight. The flashlight can be turned on and off (on Nokia, HTC, Samsung Galaxy, etc.), the flashlight can be quickly turned off with the touch of a button. The basis of Color Flashlight are presets (quick settings). These allow you to easily and rapidly signal the phone screen.

In addition to this you may use Color Flashlight to:

  • display useful text, any text information on the phone
  • enable the bright flicker of the screen saver
  • change the background color (it is, judging from the name, the basic "trick" of Color Flashlight)
  • activate the sound, synchronize the sound with the flash of the camera.

The Flashlight by FreeApps can be downloaded to your phone for free: the apk file Color Flashlight is available on Google Play and at the link below. Available only in English. But it does not contain any advertisement (you can disable it through the settings).

Download the application

LED flashlight - Universe: color change screen, SOS mode

LED flashlight - Universe for Android is relatively new in the Google Play market. In contrast to other flashlight applications, it provides several unique options:

  • Supports automatic switching off of lights on the tablet between 15 seconds and 30 minutes.
  • The LED Torch Light can be controlled through a special widget: switch on, adjust the intensity (power) and glow mode
  • Has an SOS mode.
  • Timer operation.
  • Activates the mobile device screen in torch mode.

Tip. Generally speaking, the phone flashlight should not operate for half an hour, even if the power source is a car battery. Leaving the flashlight on for a long time will "kill" the camera.

Download flashlight on phone

Just Flashlight: super bright flashlight for Android

With hundreds of mobile flashlights, it's rare to find an app with an original name. So Just Flashlight doesn't differ much from the other candidates on Google Play. But let's see if this free flashlight has any features.

In Just Flashlight, the mobile screen brightness settings and the options responsible for flash operation are conveniently separated. In addition to the frequently encountered SOS mode, there is also a Strobe. The Strobe is a bright flickering illumination via the screen or the flash of the tablet.

Just Flashlight is an ordinary flashlight with convenient settings

It is unclear why Just Flashlight is slow to start (in comparison with other applications), and this is clearly not the best aspect of the flashlight. No matter how simple or complex it is, I would like to turn on the app without a three-second delay.

Download Just Flashlight super bright flashlight on Android for free (1.3 MB, apk downloads - 523137) from Google Play and put it on your phone ringtone.

Download Flashlight free

Svitlana Dev Flashlight: off by default

The Flashlight mobile app from Svitlana Dev has 3 key positions:

  • activating Flashlight via on button./off;
  • enabling the strobe;
  • setting the flashing frequency.

The advantage is that the app is disabled by default and does not consume the battery without your knowledge (whereas other android flashlights have to be disabled at startup). You won't accidentally turn on the light by hitting a button on your phone, it won't drain your smartphone, it won't overheat the back camera if even the app runs in your pocket when you accidentally hit the Power button.

The only disadvantage of this small applet is the advertising block at the bottom of the window (although one would never want to see banners for using its simple functionality).

Download Flashlight

Color Flashlight by Splend Apps

Lately another Flashlight app is available on the PlayMarket, Flashlight, developed by the Polish team Splend Apps. It may stay with your smartphone for a long time, since it differs from the other flashlights by its nice and smart user interface.

Flashlight can be activated via a button in the notification area or a widget. All operations are smooth and the animation of the application is not annoying.

The two main lighting modes are supported: The LED flashlight of the phone and the screen flashlight (floor lamp mode, white light).

This software would be useful for:

  • reading books in the dark,
  • illuminating the road in out-of-town travel,
  • signalling for help in unknown terrain or difficult weather conditions.
  • Morse code signal transmission (in SOS mode)
  • GPS compass - for orientation in unknown terrain if you get lost.

Download the application

Frequently asked questions

Is there a flashlight you can use as a floor lamp?

Try Flashlight from studio It's quite versatile, can be used for soft lighting, like a floor lamp. Allows you to set the color and intensity of the screen light.

The flashlight integrated in the Samsung Galaxy quickly drains the battery. Is there any way to reduce the consumption?

We suggest the Flashlight - LED Torch Light. First of all, it monitors the battery consumption. When the battery level reaches at least 5%, the smart flashlight warns you by a series of flashes, suggesting you to deactivate the application or turn down the brightness in case of emergency.

Why should a flashlight be on your mobile device?

Pocket flashlight is not only necessary for users of Android smartphones and tablets. Example: You are coming home late at night, the streets are not lighted, the terrain is not very familiar. If you do not have a flashlight, there are great chances to fall, run into an obstacle and get injured. And in general, it is not safe.

It is a different matter if you have an Android device and it has an app with illumination functions. You can easily illuminate the road and reach your nearest destination.

I'm looking for an app where you can adjust the brightness of the light, is there such a flashlight?

Flashlight software for example has a rather nice interface, essentially emulating the functions of a pocket flashlight. There is a power button, a brightness indicator and a ring-shaped menu - using it to adjust the brightness of your phone's flashlight.

Where to download the best android flashlights for your phone?

Download the best applications in apk format for free at the link: Download Flashlights

All flashlights, with the exceptions mentioned, are ad-free. They are compatible with the following phone models: Fly; Samsung (Samsung GT s5610, galaxy s3-s8, Duos); HTC; Lenovo; Nokia (Nokia 515, 5800). The installation of the apk-file is usually automatic.

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