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Download Phone Watch (in Russian) for Android - Best rated - 2022


Standard clocks on Android are boring you and you want to install a beautiful dial with analog hands on the screen? In this review, we collected the best widgets to tell you the exact time and beautify your phone screen.

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    To download alarm clocks and watches on your phone, the easiest way is to use our app catalog. We suggest you to have a look at a selection of the best clocks here:

    Download clocks and alarms

    Talking Clock by DVBeep

    Talking Clock by DVBeep is an application with time dubbing function. Thanks to this feature you do not need to stare at your phone screen being constantly distracted. The pleasant assistant voice will inform you about the current time at pre-set intervals.

    The program runs initially on the phone without any presetting. Notably, DVBeep contains Russian language pack - it means the clock - together with voice-over - is available in Russian language. Other language packs can be downloaded for free on Google Play. After set time interval DVBeep will sound the current time + in addition you can add vibration and sound before the voice assistant. The voice announcement uses the system speech synthesis which is part of the Android OS (the voice can be modified in the settings of the application).

      Download Talking Clock for Android

      My Clock: Alarm clock and Timer

      The authors position the "My Clock" as an advanced multifunctional application with the possibility to set alarms and to work as an organizer. In addition to this, the application implements the idea of a "Nap Timer", to set the duration of a "short nap" of 15-20 minutes during the day.

      In order to use this clock, the following is required:

      • Install the clock on the phone by downloading it from Play Market.
      • In the "Alarm Clock" section, select the desired waking mode (early, late, etc.), set the dates of meetings, cases and the reminder time.
      • In the application settings, you have the possibility to change the theme, clock format and to leave the screen on.

      The obvious pluses of the service include the following:

      • Ability to set multiple personal alarms on specific dates.
      • Slow wake-up feature with alarm build-up and possibility to set the "slow snooze" mode.
      • Style widgets that can be placed on the phone screen.

      Most of the disadvantages of this watch are:

      • Some of the personalization features are only available in the paid version. The free version offers only 7 alarms and a limited number of ringtones.
      • In case the user does not select battery optimization, the widgets on the main screen of some smartphones may "freeze".

      Fliqlo - translator clock

      The application has the form of a translator clock on the phone screen and allows to use it as desktop chronometer. It is implemented in the classic style with a hinged clock face.

      The main function which is integrated to the product is the clock with the possibility to display the time in 12 or 24 hours format and with the choice of the screen orientation.

      In order to start using the clock you should follow the following steps:

      • Download the clock on the phone.
      • Select the 12 or 24 hours format.
      • Set the screen orientation and start using it.

      The main advantages of the service are:

      • The clarity of the design, the bright and clear figures that are visible from afar.
      • The application does not consume a large quantity of the smartphone or tablet battery power.

      The drawbacks are:

      • Offensive advertising content that appears in almost every action in the application.
      • Limited number of widgets, impossibility to change the screen colour, clock background and clock font in the free version of the product.

      Analog Clock Live Wallpaper-7

      The popular digital clock for Android used not only as a standalone application but also as a widget wallpaper on the phone.

      The clock functions include displaying the time, date and battery charge level.

      The benefits of this electronic clock can be considered:

      • Ability to adjust the size of the widget on the screen as desired by the user.
      • With the clock it is possible to install a "live wallpaper" on the phone.
      • Audio is available: the clock informs the user of the time either after a fixed time interval or by double tapping the screen.

      Most of the disadvantages may be mentioned:

      • The live wallpaper cannot be installed on all devices. The wallpaper is often locked by security systems.
      • Some widgets may not be installed on some flagship smartphones.
      • In phones with low RAM the screen clocks may freeze or "freeze" for a while. A general reboot of the device is required to bring it back into working order.

      Transparent clock and weather

      The transparent clock on the screensaver displays not only the time but also the current weather in the region and the forecast for the coming days.

      The main functions of the service include the possibility to view the wind speed and direction, the sunrise time, as well as the total duration of the daylight hours. A separate widget displays the daily lunar phases.

      The main advantages of the service are:

      • Correct time and a large number of additional analyses such as: UV radiation level, precipitation probability, air humidity, wind strength, etc.
      • Up-to-date information. Most of the displayed data is updated every hour.
      • It is possible to view the weather conditions in different parts of the world in real time.

      The following aspects may be considered as disadvantages of the application:

      • The widget installed on the smartphone or tablet home screen is sometimes "delayed" and does not always display the data correctly.
      • The service uses different providers of weather information which rarely but can still affect the accuracy and timeliness of the information provided.

      Night Clock

      The standard night clock with widgets which can operate as a normal alarm clock and also as a live wallpaper.

      The main functions of the service are generally similar to similar applications and contain a clock, alarm clock, calendar. The main advantages of the listed application are the following:

      • The dials have a stylish and minimalistic design and the possibility to choose different clock styles.
      • The possibility to customize the live wallpaper and personalized widgets.

      The main drawbacks are:

      • The complete absence of russian interface in the application. Out of all European languages only English is available.
      • A large amount of advertising material and banners that appear during every navigation to the menu or to individual sections of the application.
      • High consumption of the smartphone battery.

      Google Clock for Android

      Some of you may wonder why to install Google Clock on your phone when you already have it on your phone, on any Android version.

      In brief, this application has some differences with the standard clock, although these are more cosmetic in nature.

      The application is divided into Alarm, Clock, Timer and Stopwatch. Some components have been redesigned (say, the timer). The alarm has slightly more settings (see below). Yes and the clock interface itself is made in dark colors.

      In addition to the functionality, the Clock application contains general settings. In particular, through it you can:

      • change the dial to digital or select the "Analog clock" widget
      • set the clock on the phone's home screen
      • show seconds when the time is displayed
      • display the time on two dials - home and roaming or in a given time zone
      • for the alarm clock, there are the following options: auto off, repeat interval, volume,
      • for the timer you can set the alarm and increase the volume + vibration

      A clock widget is available for the app, which looks good on the home screen of both smartphone and tablet. You can display the time on your phone screen: dial with hands (analog widget) or digital version.

      Download Google Clock on Android

      Pixel Clock for Android - Pixel Art Clock

      Pixel Art Clock

      An unusual, beautiful mobile clock, Pixel Art Clock is made in vintage style and allows the user to put pixel clock on Android desktop. In addition to adjusting the color, you can choose different decorations that are placed near the numbers of the dial. You will also be able to adjust various additional effects of the numbers, for example, set snow on their tops, or make them glossy - the fragments of the numbers will shine.

      Besides the dial, Pixel Art Clock customizes the background of the widget, it can also be done in different styles with different colors. The Pixel Art Clock app can be downloaded for free from Google Play. The full-featured version of the clock costs about a dollar.

      Minimal Clock - minimalist wallpaper

      A minimalist digital clock widget for Android. Despite the absence of Russian language, all the settings presented in Minimal Clock are typical for this kind of application. Namely: enabling/disabling the 24-hour format and battery charge icon, date display format, style of displayed text, presence of a frame and so on. Unfortunately, the Minimal Clock widget for Android has one drawback - there is no clock face image when setting up the appearance, and therefore the final version can only be seen after the settings are completed.

      Despite the mentioned drawback, the Minimal Clock widget not only has a great and neat appearance, but is also distributed for free.

      Download clock on your phone

      The Minimal Clock app

      Digital Clock Widget Xperia - clock widget for Android

      A quality mobile time tracking app that has a wide range of settings and a fully Russian interface. All these advantages are emphasized by a large number of downloads from users - more than 5 million. The main menu of mobile Digital Clock Xperia includes several items: the main, font settings, weather and click actions. It should be noted that for the weather indicators to work, you'll have to use GPS to track your location, and therefore the weather there. "Tap actions" allow you to select the apps that will open when you tap on a particular piece of the dial.

      The Xperia Digital Watch on Android can be downloaded for free. Premium version gives you 12 additional fonts for the clock, as well as the ability to set your own font on the time clock face, display the battery level on the screen saver, use multiple time zones, set the transparency of the background clock widget on the desktop. The premium version is priced at just under a dollar.

      Download Android Clock Widget

      Zodiac sign Clock Widget - cartoon screensaver

      Originative and beautiful clock for cartoon lovers. The Zodiac sign Clock Widget mobile clock features a cute cartoon style face. In each of the possible design themes there are just a few settings. The first and most interesting is the choice of a drawn character to be placed next to the clock face. Among them are many cute real and fictional animals of the Chinese zodiac. You will also be able to customize the colors of the numbers, day of the week and date.

      In addition to the Zodiac android watch, the developer studio lolDT also provides users with other applications with animated time style, namely wallpapers in the dial. The clock widgets can be downloaded to the screen for free via Google Play. In the settings menu, however, there are banner ads. Which does not spoil the overall impression of the product.

      Zodiac sign Clock Widget

      Resume. What is the best clock for Android?

      The main two purposes of the external clock applications for Android are the original appearance and the presence of functions that are absent in the standard widget. Among the listed clocks for phones and tablets, the cartoon Zodiac sign Clock Widget and the vintage Pixel Art Clock stand out by their unconventional design. The Minimal Clock app on the other hand stands out for its minimalism and the ClockQ - Digital Clock Widget allows you to personalize the built-in clock gadget. The Digital Clock Widget Xperia with its impressive array of features should be included in the multifunctional clocks. If you intend to avoid various slowdowns and freezes, you should download Google Inc.

      You may also be interested in the high-quality and practical alarm clocks for Android that we reviewed earlier.

      Read an overview of Android alarm clocks


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