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Download radio without internet on android


Client players for listening to fm stations on android. An exhaustive review of the best applications for offline and online streaming on your phone (Download radio applications can be found at the links).

The main distributor of music content is radio broadcasting. Therefore, we will install and explore the best audio streaming software. These are available for download on Google Play, links attached.

Now let's move on to a review of internet radio listening apps that you can download and install on your phone yourself. You don't need a headset or any other headset to make them work, as the broadcasting is done online.


  1. Built-in (standard)
  2. PCRadio
  3. Audials Radio
  4. Radio Record
  5. Jandex.Radio
  6. Tuneln Radio
  7. Google Play Music
  8. Simple Radio
  9. Zaycev.FM

[ Table 1. Feature Comparison ]

Producer Offline Cost Advertising Rating <2 fm Podcasts Favourites Recorded airtime
Included (default) Google + Free - + + + +
PCRadio PCRADIO + Бесплатно - 4.7 + + + +
Радио FM RadioFM - Бесплатно + 4,6 + + + -
Audials Radio Audials Radio Software + Бесплатно + 4,4 + + + +
Радио Рекорд Record - Бесплатно + 3,7 + + + -
Яндекс.Радио Яндекс - Бесплатно + 2,7 + + + -
Tuneln Radio TuneIn Inc - Бесплатно + 4,5 + + + -
Google Play Музыка Google Inc. - Бесплатно - 4,1 + + + -
Simple Radio Streema, Inc. - Бесплатно + 4,5 + + + -
Zaycev.FM Zaycev + Бесплатно + 4,8 + + + +

PCRadio - economical application with broadcasting quality settings




  • Low traffic consumption
  • Low cost proversion
  • some popular stations


PCRadio is a very practical listening client for Android devices. It consumes minimum traffic and in order to play fm-wave music you only need to have an internet speed of at least 24kbps. At least, that's what the developers claim. Obviously such requirements directly influence the quality of broadcasting and streaming music playback.

Settings PCRadio

In the PCRadio application you can change the quality of the audio stream via settings - respectively increase or decrease the mobile bandwidth consumption.

Video overview PCRadio:

The client supports several hundreds of world radio stations, they are available immediately after installation. You can narrow the broadcast to a single country for convenience. PCRadio also sorts the airwaves by genre and other groups ranging from rock and pop music to cultural, sports, children's or news broadcasting. In terms of station diversity, it may well be the best radio for Android.

The only annoying thing is that without internet many of the features do not work. However, the ability to save the stream is present. Among the useful "features" we would like to mention the possibility to record audio directly during the broadcasting and the setting of an auto off timer. However, the mentioned features are available only in the full version of PCRadio. For a full flavour you need a monthly or a yearly subscription.

The positive side of the PCRadio software:

  • large multinational set of genres
  • low network speed requirements
  • economical consumption of mobile traffic
  • composition by band and genre, Convenient filtering
  • Equalizer

  • ability to record radio broadcasts for offline listening (feature available only in full version)
  • convenient notification system (song title display on top of the home screen).

Download PCRadio free

Radio FM for Android - An application for listening to the airwaves




  • Diversity
  • good quality sound
  • much banners


An uncomplicated application for listening to internet radio on Android devices. The program contains a huge number of stations from all over the world, in Russia alone there are more than five hundred stations.

Online player Radio FM

The program has basic client features such as:

  • search for a station by name
  • adjust the sound through equalizer

  • can listen to the broadcast online on your phone without connecting headphones
  • sorting by alphabet/popularity/ranks/genre
  • listening to favorite internetRadio stations
  • The possibility to stream on social networks
  • In among the non-standard features of the program is the possibility to create and broadcast your own station

Radio FM for Android is recommended to be installed on your phone for all those who are not interested in the noise on the air and their only interest is to listen to their favorite music via streaming.

Load FM Radio

Audials Radio: the free Android radio with "smart" settings



  • no ads
  • broad selection of genres and music. audio streams
  • audio recording is intermittent
  • audio is not always scrolled through


The Audials Radio application is not so well known among the Russian speaking audience. The reason is banal: the client interface is completely in English, there is no Russian localization. However, the client is as convenient and functional as any other player. The main feature is the wide coverage of the airwaves: there are about 90,000 radio stations to choose from, among them 1,700 in Russia.

Interface of Audials Radio

Among the curious features of Audials Radio:

  • self adding internet channels
  • selecting country, genre, music artist, list of favorite radio stations closest to your location
  • saving the playing song (streaming audio) for offline listening in mp3 format on your phone

  • equalizer - will balance the drawbacks of broadcast or headphones, make the sound of the airtime comfortable specifically for your ears.
  • Set a telephone alarm: the music you have specified will sound at a specific time
  • Auto off timer

Another distinctive feature of Audials Radio is its cross-platform capability. So, it makes sense to install the program additionally to your iOS devices and personal computers: this way, you can stream your computer audio library directly from your phone/tablet.

The section "Options" is used to adjust the minimum and maximum bitrate of fm-radio, that allows you to adjust it to the current internet speed. Additionally, the "Longer Prebuffering" function will prevent you from experiencing various hang-ups during audio channel playback.

Resume. Audials Radio stands out from other applications with its extremely wide coverage of radio stations (both Western and Russian) and its cross-platform nature. If this is exactly what you have been missing in other clients, download Audials Radio free of charge here:

Download for Android

Radials Radio for Android - the software for electronic music lovers



  • Easy sorting, playlists
  • laconic design
  • hards to unlock


A highly directional application, covers 18 audio streams from a famous Russian station, Radio Record, which is aimed primarily at dance electronic music. However, 20 years later the list includes the likes of "Medlyak FM", "Yo!", "Rock FM" and even "Super Disco 90s".

Radio Record App for Android

So you can find music that suits your musical predilections. Radio Record offers several fm channels for electronic music lovers - "Trap", "Chill-Out", "Dubstep" and more.

Besides online stations you can also listen to playlists of different shows and individual music collections: "Record Megamix", "Tiesto" playlist or "Kremov and Khrustalev" show.

Additional features to be added:

  • Read the latest news from the electronic music world on the Internet
  • recording of mp3

  • online purchase of tickets to the next Radio Record festivals organized by Radio Record.

Download Radio Record on Android

Yandex.Radio is a music station without talk on the air




  • Integration with Yandex services
  • Few advertisements
  • unstable operation


If you listen to your radio only as a substitute of your music player, install this application. This is a handy shell for streaming music from the Yandex.Music internet service. This service from Yandex offers free listening to an inexhaustible music library, similar to the western streaming service Spotify.

Yandex.Radio - online fm-tuner

You choose a genre - rock, Russian rock, timeless hits, etc. The choice of genres is large, for a complete list refer to the settings (by default many are hidden). While listening to the radio, you can rate your stations and they will affect your selections. You can create a personal station with your favorite music and share it with friends. However, access is limited to CIS countries, so you can only broadcast from those latitudes.

There are traffic-saving options, an equalizer and a timer. Special music can easily be set to the alarm clock.

Download Yandex.Radio

Tuneln Radio - radio for Android with a wide range of channels




  • Stable operation in background
  • <5broadcasting on tv via Chromecast
  • linking to the account


Tuneln Radio is the last app in the list but is as good as the rest of the competitors. The client covers over 100 thousand fm stations and 4 million podcasts from all over the world.

Tuneln Radio Player

In the "Directory" section of the main menu you select the desired audio channel according to your preferences. In addition to searching for music stations by genre (under "Music") you can listen to popular ("Trending"), recently played or local radio stations in your area.

In addition to music podcasts, Tuneln Radio also offers audio channels on other topics. For example, in the Sports section you can select the sport ("NFL", "Premier League" etc.) and listen to the commentators of the current match or the opinion of experts. Most of these broadcasts are in English, but there are also popular Russian channels. Among them are Sport FM and Zenit.

In the Tuneln Radio settings you can specify the buffering time and buffer size, as well as the preferred broadcast stream. This allows you to adapt to your current internet speed.

To obtain the full version of Tuneln Radio you will need to pay 10 dollars. But it is well worth it.

Download FM Radio

Google Play Music music player and radio client




  • huge audio library
  • can not download music


The Google Play Music application is a music player and "receiver" in one package: You can listen to music in selected genres, buy and download to your phone and listen to fm radio online on Android.

Broadcast fm stream via Google Play Music

The main music feature of the Google Play Music app is that the player is linked to your Google account. By creating a playlist or selecting your favorite radio stations, you will be able to conveniently use the application on any android device.

Melomaniacs Google Play Music offers the storage of songs on a server - up to 50 thousand tracks. Each file can be downloaded locally on the phone.

Google Play Music is ad-free, the application is free to listen online to all songs without exception.

Download radio free on your phone

Simple Radio by Streema - the best foreign internet radio




  • Convenience
  • Integration with Android Auto
  • no bookmark sorting
  • small station variety


Simple Radio by Streema is a convenient way to listen to foreign FM radio stations, AM Radio as well as free. If you are looking for international airtime for your phone, this is your choice.

Simple Radio is not exactly a simple radio

The app gives you access to 40000 stations. You can listen to the ones you have added to your favorites. Furthermore, you can constantly discover new stations from any region around the world. Simple Radio combines many of the benefits of online radio with the simplicity of past tuners.

The interface is simple. Simple Radio is searchable by genre: pop radio stations, rock, news, sports, etc. You can filter by country (e.g. Russia), by genre, by format, by state or city (e.g. New York or Los Angeles).

Simple Radio makes it easy to listen to music on mobile devices.

Features of Simple Radio:

  • Simple Radio makes finding radio stations, tuning on air as easy as possible. At the same time, other radio applications are difficult to manage, especially as far as filtering by different criteria is concerned.
  • Access to your favorites in one click. Simple Radio is easy to switch in any environment - car ride, bike ride, etc.
  • No buffering or interruptions in the sound. Streema serves more than 5 million listeners per month, and the internet radio for Android, Simple Radio, has an unsurpassed stability and reliability.

Download phone app

App on Zaycev.FM




  • Friendly design
  • Free access to the music library
  • little choice of genres
  • old versions are detected as virus


"Zaitsev FM" combines a streaming platform with the capabilities of an offline player. The application contains 15 stations with different genres. There is music in Russian, relaxation, chanson, rap, rock, metal, jazz and other areas. For the little listeners there is a children's radio wave.

Any broadcast can be recorded to mp3-file to listen without the Internet - on the road, at work, while studying. In fact the capacity is limited only by the capacity of your sd card and 90 hours of broadcasting.

The application is quite handy, there are playlists and favorites list - just set a heart and you get quick access. The design is pleasing to the eye, the station search works without faltering. Users complain that Zaycev.FM is detected by some anti-viruses as a Trojan, but in fact, this is not the case. The latest client update has fixed this bug.

Download Zaycev.FM

How to enable standard fm radio for Android (without internet)

Many android smartphones and tablets have a transmitter (transmitter) installed. This allows you to listen to the radio autonomously, without installing additional components. The antenna used is a conventional headphone, the connection quality is quite good and allows you to listen to popular radio stations in your country.

First thing to do is to check if your phone has such a transmitter. Google whether your mobile device supports this function (ask for "fm tuner", "fm transmitter" + the name of your phone).

The Android operating system has a standard FM radio application. It uses the built-in tuner allowing you to listen to the airwaves without the internet.

The standard software is very simple and basically simulates an analogue fm radio receiver. On the main FM Radio screen there is a power button and a frequency bar. By pressing the arrows you move from one frequency to another. You can add your favorite stations to the quick access bar. Also, a broadcast recording is available in the app - so you can listen to the broadcast recordings in offline mode - that is, without being connected to the network.

In the settings you can activate the radio text, set an alternative frequency.

In general, a standard radio working without internet is the best choice for Android, provided the phone has an fm tuner.

Totals. What is the best client for listening to the radio?

There really is no perfect player. It's up to you to decide which stations to listen to. However, let us summarize our review with a few recommendations.

  1. If you want to save traffic or if your wifi connection is weak, install the clients PCRadio and Audials Radio on your phone. Both apps can play radio without headphones, have useful functions, streaming quality settings and a large stock of fm stations.
  2. If you like electronic music, check out Radio Record - it's perfect for streaming this genre non-stop.
  3. Yandex.Radio is the best Android client if you are only interested in music and not in the actual streaming. The service from Yandex offers a huge library of artists and genres.
  4. Tuneln Radio will interest you if you require a client without internet and download tips. This client also offers a huge selection of sports radio stations.
  5. Simple Radio is the best internet radio for Android users learning English. With this player, you will find an online station in the language you are learning and with the right pronunciation difficulty.

All in all, discover new horizons in fm music industry, listen to your favorite music in comfort and read reviews of useful mobile applications at

Frequently Asked Questions

How to know if my phone supports radio via headphones? Maybe some kind of test. In the specs of my phone I have not found the FM transmitter item.

In the article we advised a trivial way - google check the specs of the phone. This is by and large an out of the box option, newer devices do not have transmitters as they are not needed.

You write that the radio would work without internet. Which app supports this option? So far I only understood that it requires a special transmitter. Can it be connected via phone USB?

No, no such device, you can find it as a car device. Without internet, only the Radio app, included in phones with fm-transmitter, works. The other applications are internet dependent.

Are there any applications to broadcast music on the internet? Additional features - streaming music online on your Android. You can customize your preferences by selecting a track, artist, album, or genre. This client is able to adjust to your tastes and give you recommendations.

Why is an fm-transmitter not available in all smartphones?

A similar tuner is not installed in every mobile device. Recently manufacturers refuse to install the transmitter because of certain broadcasting laws in many countries.

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