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Download the best Chrome browser extensions for Android - 2020


We have a selection of the best Google Chrome extensions for Android.

Note that extensions are installed differently than the desktop version of the browser. To use the extensions, you'll need a Chrome browser clone. Then follow the instructions and select the desired plug-ins from the list.

Download them for free, they are easy to install and greatly expand the capabilities of mobile Chrome. You may also download all the plug-ins to make your Google Chrome a very powerful combo :)

Installing extensions for mobile Chrome

  1. Install Kiwi browser on the Android;
  2. Start the browser;
  3. Toggle to the full version of the browser;
  4. Go to the Chrome add-on directory: //;
  5. Find the necessary extension and install it by clicking on the "Install" button of the same name;
  6. After installation of the extension, switch to the normal browser display.

The extensions for Chrome are in crx format. If you download a file of this type from the browser, a window will appear asking whether you would like to install the extension or not. You can access the available extensions by typing chrome://extensions/ in the address bar or using the "Extensions" menu item. You can customize extensions by clicking on "Settings".

Setting up in developer mode (the relevant button on the Extensions page) allows you to install the extension from a file. Normally after the installation you will see the extension icons in the browser panel.

Evernote Web Clipper

This extension allows you to save web contents directly to your account.


  • does away with the need to create bookmarks;
  • makes it possible to copy and save any articles or web pages as a whole or in parts;
  • provides the possibility to edit the downloaded material, add captions, drawings and share it with friends;
  • works on any device.

Save to Pocket

Another plugin for quickly saving articles, videos and other content.


  • Allows you to download interesting information to all devices with a single click;
  • Anywhere and anytime access to stored material;
  • Listening to articles;
  • Adds various tags for organizing and sorting information;
  • A convenient reading format with possibility to add markup.

Speedtest by Ookla

A plugin allowing to quickly and easily test the internet connection performance.


  • It provides the possibility to detect the load speed of web pages;
  • test directly from the browser toolbar;
  • no ads;
  • support for HTML5.

Google Translator

Integration with the famous and probably the best translation service provided by Google. Even if the quality of machine translation is not trustworthy and sometimes the translator produces all sorts of pearls, Google Translate is undeniable. In order for the Google Translate extension to work properly, you must first select a translation direction. Subsequently, any page can be translated with just one click. Note that in the latest dev version of Chrome, the Google Translate translation panel is initially available. It is unknown whether it will be released from the experimental version.


  • Automatic language detection;
  • Fast and high-quality translation of any text.

After installing the extension, a corresponding button appears on the browser toolbar. All you need to do to translate your site is to click on it.

You may also find useful: Download best mobile translators for Android

Save to Google Drive

The extension allows you to save web information and screenshots from the Google Drive application.


  • The possibility to save documents, pictures as well as HTML5 audio and video with the "Save to Google Drive" action of the browser;
  • Control the directory location and formats of the saved HTML pages;
  • Automatically converts Microsoft Office /files to the Google Docs format;
  • Preferences and shares the downloaded file.


The plugin performs the saving of user passwords for secure access from any device. You only need to remember one password which is LastPass and the rest will be synchronized.


  • Free;
  • Easy access from any device;
  • Smartphone and tablet apps;
  • Create strong passwords, check for security;
  • Can save data snippets, add bank cards and purchase pro/files;
  • Manage passwords from the storage: add, change, remove, etc.

Everything the user saves on one device becomes available on all the others. The master password is known only to the user and is never passed to LastPass. This makes this extension one of the most effective information security features.

Todoist for Chrome

The plugin helps you to create a to-do list to organize your daily life and work activities better.


Allows you to:

  • Add tasks (articles to reading list, products to shopping cart, etc.).);
  • structure daily tasks;
  • complete tasks and check them off directly in browser;
  • work with Todoist on computer and smartphone;
  • receive reminders;
  • work in group on project and add tasks to colleagues;
  • set priorities of certain tasks;
  • connect more than 60 integrations (Google Drive, Dropbox, Zapier, Evernote, Slack and others.);
  • create productivity charts to track your progress.

Tab Wrangler

This extension is designed to automatically close all inactive tabs. The plugin also makes it easy to return to them.


  • Closes inactive tabs automatically after the time set by the user;
  • Saves the tabs to open again;
  • Synchronizes the settings between the computers;
  • Prevent closures of desired tabs, including the fixed ones;

All closed tabs are not disappeared but are saved. You can find them in the Tab List. The Tab Wrangler extension will reduce the load on your computer. And a large number of customization options provide a comfortable experience.

Google Mail Checker Plus

A very simple but useful Chrome extension designed to monitor your inbox at Judging by the name of the extension, other mail services are not supported. The number of emails is displayed at the bottom of the icon. What's interesting, in Google Mail Checker Plus you can manage your correspondence without going to Let's list these actions: mark emails as spam, move to archive, delete emails, and mark as read. In addition to this plugin, there are several other similar but less powerful extensions for Chrome, such as Send from Gmail or Google Mail Checker (without the Plus extension).


This extension adds features to Chrome similar to the AdBlock extension in Firefox. It allows you to cut ads. It is possible to install global and custom filters, and to subscribe to ad blacklist updates.

In addition to AdBlock, the AdThwart and Flashblock extensions may be used.


A session manager which allows you to quickly save lists of open tabs, creating specific sets of tabs to open later. Working with the FreshStart extension is easy and very visual. Just open those pages that you need to save to the session, then click on the extension icon. A list of open tabs will appear and a Save session inscription will appear. All you have to do is come up with a name for the session and click Save. Any tab can be renamed or deleted from the session. After you save the session, you can easily close the browser and restore the session later. An alternative for FreshStart is Bookmark All Tabs. The principle of operation of this extension is somewhat simpler: creating a single bookmark for multiple tabs.

RSS Feed Reader

Chrome users are still waiting for the inclusion of the RSS-client. Whereas Firefox, Opera and other browsers already have the RSS reader. RSS Feed Reader corrects the omission. With this extension, you can redirect your subscriptions to RSS aggregators such as Google Reader, My Yahoo!, Bloglines. RSS Subscription Extension finds RSS, Atom feeds and usual sign-up icon in the address bar. The extension is also remarkable because you can define the name of the feed yourself and locate it in the desired aggregator directory.


It is inconvenient to store your bookmarks on several computers, in different operating systems. Although Chrome has built-in, basic bookmark synchronization, it can be improved. The EverSync add-on helps us do this. It allows you to synchronize saved bookmarks between computers and popular browsers. Thus, it is possible to install EverSync for Firefox, Safari and IE browsers, for which there are add-ons of the same name. Subsequently, you can not only synchronize them, but also make a backup copy of all bookmarks. Be warned that the plugin does not always work consistently, sync errors are possible.

Read how to open a closed tab in the Chrome browser.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

The owner of any website should be aware of how popular his site is: what are its positions in search engines, authority, indexed and other.

If you are engaged in SEO optimization, and even if you do not promote your sites, Ahrefs SEO Toolbar will prove to be a useful tool. The plugin adds a dashboard to your browser with the characteristics of the site. These PR, Alexa, etc. search engine rankings, the number of indexed pages, presence in directories, the number of external and internal links. There are many such counters in Ahrefs SEO Toolbar settings, and they can be easily disabled and enabled. You can install one of the special add-ons for Yandex's IKS characteristics. The location of the toolbar can also be adjusted so that it does not interfere with page navigation.

Free Download Manager

One of the weak links of the Chrome browser is the download manager. No, it is not that bad but sometimes it may behave unpredictably: e.g. it may stop downloading unexpectedly somewhere in the middle and never progress further. Free Download Manager is a plugin for integration with download managers. When you click on the download link is sent to the program, not the built-in downloader.

It works with Download Master, FlashGet, FreshDownload and a few dozen other applications. The downloaders of several operating systems are supported. To integrate with the context menu of your browser, go to the extension settings, specify the name of the download manager and check the option "Show in context menu".

As compared to the regular integration from the download manager side, the extension allows you to customize the context menu items. Another useful feature of Free Download Manager is the conversion of text starting with // and other protocols into links.

Quick Javascript Switcher

The Quick Javascript Switcher module blocks the download of scripts from other domains not belonging to the site. This includes banner networks, potentially dangerous scripts and data which is 99% irrelevant to the content you want to see on the page. The Quick Javascript Switcher settings window looks impressive. But, as the extension is localized and all the options speak for themselves, it's not difficult to set script loading limitations. We strongly recommend you install Quick Javascript Switcher, either standalone or in conjunction with AdBlock.


The website // provides a lot of scripts to change the appearance of websites, from to Installation of the scripts is very different in different browsers. In the case of Chrome, simply install the Stylish extension. Now, to modify the design of a particular site, you should go to the style page and click on Install with Stylish.

Then a dialog window will appear with options to view and edit the style.

The beauty of Stylish is that you can create your own styles.

So you can easily "add" functionality to almost any web browser that supports this feature. There is no need to download MB distributions in order to obtain functionality that is not needed (this is the weakness of many applications).

Member that installing a low-quality plugin can cause not only malfunction, but also data loss. For this reason, we recommend that you only use extensions from the official software developer. Some extensions ("raw", unoptimized, of poor quality) may significantly reduce your browser performance. This is why you should always and immediately disable the unused extensions and uninstall them.

Why do we need extensions?

The functionality of the installed browser is very limited. It can be extended with special plugins. They differ from developer to developer and can be found in the official online shop.

What are they for? Someone wants to get the latest weather forecast, someone wants to know about changes in exchange rates. Of course, you can search for this information on the Internet every time or you can install an extension. In this case, the information you need will always be right in front of your browser bar.

The same demand is for a variety of translators. You can quickly and easily translate any foreign text. These examples are just a small sampling of what plugins can do. Their possibilities are limited only by the urgent need and imagination of developers.

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