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Learning a foreign language is easier if you watch movies with the original voiceover. You can improve your vocabulary and get used to the pronunciation and comprehension of new words and phrases. And will help to do this.

What are the main sections available

There are 4 sections:

  • Films.

  • Multimes.

  • Serials.

  • Educational Videos.

Each of these can be included in different languages:

  • English.

  • Spanish.

  • German.

  • Italian.

  • French.

We can provide titles while watching. Teaching videos are available in the languages listed above.

What genres of movies are represented on the website

There are no genre specific sections. It is recommended that you type the title of the desired film into the search box. Basically, the most popular movies are presented. For example, in the series section there is "Game of Thrones" in the original voice.

How to use the site

The interface of the resource is intuitively understandable. The learning platform does not have numerous sections. The most important things can be seen on the main page. The menu for language switching is located to the left of the site's header.

When you turn on the video, we recommend that you adjust the settings to your liking. This allows you to change the language and adjust the image quality.

If you have any questions while using the website, feel free to contact our support. They will answer quickly. However, you will need to have a VKontakte profile. If you are a member of a thematic group in this social network, you can leave your comments or suggestions for adding any movies. And either get a link to download or get a disc in the mail. It is possible to order even those pictures which are not in the library of community.

Who will use site in general

Will find very interesting things on a resource those who likes to watch foreign films. Or for those who study foreign languages. Watching TV series or instructional videos will help you enrich your vocabulary. Live foreign speech will help to understand the language more by ear. This is a great challenge to learn.

What similar sites do you have on the web

  • Hamatata. The advantage of this resource is that every word in the titles can be translated with a mouse click.

  • Englishclub. This is a foreign site. In addition to videos, you can find other tutorials.

  • There are movies available with original voiceover and subtitles.

  • Learnathome. The best thing is that the videos have the tasks.

  • Ororo. You can download content.

Learning foreign languages is best done while watching your favourite film or series. It is easier and clearer this way.

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