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Flash Drive Information Extractor - program for usb flash drive information and diagnostics


Information about the flash drive (model, manufacturer, firmware version) helps to better understand the device, its features. This, in turn, makes it possible to diagnose, restore /files or repair the device.

The small Flash Drive Information Extractor utility does a great job with this task. It reads all the data from the flash drive and provides the user with a detailed report about the flash drive: controller model, chip type, RAM type.

The program's special feature is to work directly with the flash drive and provide all the necessary information. There is no need to find out VID/PID and then search for model information by yourself. All the service information is available immediately when the device is connected via usb port.

Flash Drive Information Extractor utility is often used when repairing flash drives and this is why:

  • It works even in such difficult situations when the stick is not identified as a separate drive on the PC.
  • It ignores errors: the stick may contain bad sectors, broken blocks that make it difficult to access.

What information can be retrieved about the flash drive

Flash Drive Information Extractor retrieves service information that will be useful when repairing the flash drive and/or recovering data later:

  • controller type,
  • memory (RAM) circuitry,
  • ROM name, typology,
  • volume of flash memory,
  • version of usb port,
  • number of available memory,
  • actual amount of free space,
  • VID and PID information,
  • controller revision,
  • FlashID (not available for all configurations),
  • other service information.

How to use the Flash Drive Information Extractor

It is very easy to use. To obtain the information about the Flash Drive:

  1. Connect the USB memory device to the PC using any available USB connector.
  2. Open the Flash Drive Information Extractor Application (path: \usbflashinfo\GetFlashInfo.exe).
  3. Use the command "Get information about the USB memory device".
  4. After you have read the medium, the program window will show you the information about the flash drive.

Application details

  1. The Flash Drive Information Extractor utility works with the flash memory only. Therefore an audio player or phone connected via USB cannot be detected by the program. If you connect an incompatible device, the software simply does not detect its model or chip.
  2. For proper recognition of the flash drive you should wait for about half a minute (or more if the medium contains read errors or is damaged) until the drive is fully detected by the operating system. Otherwise, Flash Drive Information Extractor will not detect the flash drive in the device list and may not show any information about the drive.
  3. Please disable all unused applications and programs that enable low-level access to the flash drive or other devices before running the utility. Otherwise the FD Information Extractor may conflict with other low-level utilities.
  4. If the Flash Drive Information Extractor hangs while detecting settings, you should unplug the USB Flash Drive without closing the program. There is a chance that the flash drive service data will be displayed correctly in the program window.

Download Flash Drive Information Extractor


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