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Geometry Dash Android game review


The genre "arcade" implies uncomplicated, primitive gameplay. But don't confuse "simple" and "easy", as in this review we will consider the super arcade game that not everyone can play. If you are an ardent fan of "impenetrable" games like Flappy Bird or Swing Copters, you should definitely download Geometry Dash for Android .

Gaming process in Geometry Dash

Mobile game Geometry Dash is a 2D pixel arcade in which the player will control a certain passive character, who can only jump on command. On the way of the protagonist there are different obstacles - platforms or sharp shapes that must be jumped over. Thus, the passage is that your character, sliding across the floor, must pass and jump through the entire level while remaining in one piece.

The game offers two passing modes: practice mode and normal mode. If the second one does not succeed to pass the level, try first the practice mode, where the player has the possibility to save in the checkpoints, where he can continue in case of the death of the main character. To enter the practice mode, start Geometry Dash level by clicking on the pause button in the top left corner and then select the button with the green vertical diamond.

Geometry Dash

A total of 20 levels, not an end in sight. The player will need serious stamina, good reaction and lots of tries to learn the track. Despite the complexity of the gameplay, control is done with only one button. It should be noted that for the first time at the sight of short platforms, located at a distance from each other, and lined up in the form of stairs, the player will be confused. But for a successful passage of the game Geometry Dash need to set aside the fact that the distance between the platforms is calculated in advance, and you just need to figure out - to jump or not to jump in this section of the level. Usually on such "stairs" you simply have to repeatedly press the screen, and your character will make exact jumps from platform to platform.

Besides 20 official company levels, you can also play maps created by other players.


It seems that such a game is quite difficult to diversify. But the developers from the RobTop Games studio have succeeded quite well. In addition to the above gameplay, the character will also move not only on their own, but also with the help of various vehicles, such as planes, spheres, flying saucers and more. It is notable that you can not only paint the protagonist and any transport, but also change the game model completely, for example you can install a dragon instead of the plane.

But a great option is the map creation, which is implemented in the Map Editor section. Here you can dream and play with your imagination and then test the map yourself. You can post your levels in the community and even compete for the top positions amongst the other levels.

Visualization and Sound

Peculiarity of the game Geometry Dash is the original selection of soundtracks, which are relevant only for certain maps. The thing is that the tempo and the beat of the track are directly combined with what is happening on the screen. For example, having jumped on a platform, you will hear some percussion instrument, and so on. And the developers are aware of the quality of these tracks and therefore provide links to online resources with these songs. The links are located in the level selection menu, at the bottom, as the inscription Download Soundtracks.

The visual style of the game appears pixelated and futuristic, as well as rather colorful and dynamic, which perfectly matches the vintage beats.


The mobile game Geometry Dash for Android is not simply a complex arcade. It is quite varied, has customization settings and even a map editor. The gameplay and design are brought to mind, as evidenced by the high-quality graphics and controls, as well as stunning music tracks. More than 4 million players have already downloaded Geometry Dash for Android, a figure that speaks for itself. The price of the full game is a little less than a dollar, and you can download the trial version for free.

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