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Google Maps - mobile navigator for Android


Google Maps is a widely known navigator. The mobile application is designed to work with maps, construction of road and pedestrian routes. The latest versions of the navigator (free download) support off-line maps: you do not need the Internet to follow routes and search for local information.

Contents :

    5 most important features of Google Maps

    1. Convenient route construction

    Specify your destination point in Google Navigator and safely follow the laid out route. You can choose how you want to travel - on foot, by car, or by public transportation.

    2. offline navigation

    Download offline city maps on your phone and create routes without tethering to the Internet. The maps take up little space, yet are perfectly detailed, containing all major landmarks, house numbers and street names.

    Tutorial: How to use Google Maps offline

    3. Traffic and Accident Notification

    Google Maps takes traffic and accidents into account, suggesting alternate routes on your android device. The color on the map shows the degree of traffic congestion. Save your time and nerves, optimize your routes taking into account traffic jams.

    4. Voice navigation

    The friendly android assistant will inform you about the most important events while navigating: turns, exits, alternative routes. You can also search for points on the map using the Google OK voice assistant.

    Good info: Change the voice assistant in Google Maps

    5. Alternative Routes

    In addition to the suggested routes, you can use alternative routes or build your own routes to your destination. In this way you can avoid toll roads, specify multiple stops, drag the point to another location to bypass the suggested option. Accordingly, Google Maps realigns the route according to your suggestions.

    Who may benefit from Google Maps navigation

    The Google Maps navigation features will be useful for

    • driving,
    • cyclists,
    • pedestrians,
    • tourists,
    • mushroom hunters, general, for all users of android mobile devices who require gps navigation.



    • Detailed itineraries and maps for more than 200 countries
    • Detailed maps and directories for 20 thousand.
    • Locations, traffic and accident maps, updated in real-time, gps-map based route optimization
    • Photographs of the locations, detailed route descriptions on the maps.
    • Hard to close the application completely
    • Unstable on old devices

    Google Maps is free to download, the link leads to Google Play.

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