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Google Play services app stopped: how to fix it on Samsung in Android


This guide will help you get rid of the bug that occurs with Google Play services. The bug is characteristic for both early and recent versions of Android OS. What to do if the error message pops up and the Google application constantly closes.

How to fix it:

    Why the "Google Play services" error occurs

    One of the top level errors reported by the Android phones is the following: "The google play services application has stopped. In the original it says google play store has stopped.

    It is impossible to uniquely identify the cause of the error as Android OS developers offer no fixes. That's why users search for solutions by discussing the possible options on the forums.

    One of the main reasons for the error is considered to be the improper synchronization of the smartphone and update servers. The symptoms are as follows:

    • When updating applications the phone first downloads the necessary /files to the local storage, then unzips and installs the new version.
    • The problem occurs at the stage of information synchronization - the servers already have new data available for download, but the phone is still trying to find the updates in the internal memory.

    Another reason is the network malfunction and the software installed on the phone is conflicting.

    Methods to resolve the bug

    Returning to an older version of the Google Play Store

    Returning to a previous, correctly working Google Play Store version would resolve the system conflict. Your tablet, smartphone will then work stably, at least without updating to the problematic version of the Marketplace.

    Let us introduce the fallback method:

    1. Open Settings > Applications

    2. Display the entire list of installed Android applications, find the Google Play Store

    3. Disable the application by choosing the Turn Off button.

    4. In doing so, the Play Store utility will not be removed completely but replaced with the original version that worked without problems.
    5. Restart the phone using the Power button.

    After you manually uninstall the Play Store, your Android device will be updated to the latest version of the Google Play Store again.

    Turn on the "Download Manager"

    Firstly check if you are connected to the Internet. Open the browser and try to access any page. If everything is fine and the sites open, move on to other solutions to the problem.

    Ordinary reboot of the smartphone in some cases also helps to fix the problem.

    The next step is the activation of the system application "Download Manager" in the settings:

    1. Go to "Settings" of Android.

    2. Go to the "Applications" section.

    3. Find the "Download Manager" line there and open it (if you cannot find the application, use the settings search).

    4. Make sure the application is running - the "Stop" button must be active. If the "Enable" option is available, select it and activate the application.

    Clearing the local data and cache

    Removing the update /files stored on the phone helps to correct the "Google Play Services app is stopped" error, without affecting the personal data.

    1. Go to "Settings - Apps"
    2. Look for the default "Google Play Services" application

    3. Next open the "Memory"
    4. Select "Memory Management" and press "Delete All Data"

    5. Go back in the menu that appears, to the "Memory" section and press the bottom button, "Clear cache"

    Remove cache with CCleaner

    Reactivate Google Account

    In some cases the reconnection of your Google Account on Android might help. Please note that deleting the account means that all unsynced personal data (contacts, /files, etc) will also be deleted. Therefore it is recommended to make a backup of all relevant information and only after this proceed to resolving the issue.

    How to reconnect a Google Account is as follows:

    1. Open the "Settings" on the device.
    2. Find the menu item "Accounts", "Accounts & Archiving" or simply "Accounts" (the name depends on the Android version).

    3. In the list opened, select the Google Account associated to the phone.
    4. Before deleting the account, you can synchronize the data to be kept on the device (menu item "Synchronization of account").
    5. When you have synchronized all the required information, in the same menu, select "Delete account" and confirm.
    6. Return to the list of accounts and select "Add account" - Google.

    7. The Google Account login form will open, enter your username and password.

    8. You should accept the terms of the user agreement and follow the instructions below.

    Done, your account has been reactivated. You can now check if the "google play store stopped working" error appears again. If this method has not worked, please move on.

    Replacing for Android updates

    Another way to overcome the bug related to Google Play is to update the current version of the Google Play application or to revert to the default one and then update to the actual one.

    1. Open the general settings of the device and look for the "Applications" section. Important: Do not confuse the Market with the "Google Play services" application, they have similar icons and names.

    2. Open the menu (the three vertical dots in the top right corner) and tap on the only option available: "Delete Updates".

    3. Confirm the action and go back to the Smartphone home screen.
    4. Launch the "Play Store" and accept the Google User Agreement.
    5. Open the menu (the three horizontal bars in the top left corner of the screen) and select "Settings". The application update process will start.

    6. Wait until the download and the update of the application are completed.

    Update Google Play Services

    If none of the presented solutions do not work you may try to reinstall the problem application using the APKMirror file archive.

    With you can download the signed installation file of the Google Play application if for some reason your phone blocks the download of updates using the standard methods:

    1. Go to the Google Play Services page at
    2. Find the page with the latest version of the application - usually the top item in the "All versions" list.
    3. Find your Android version (check Settings > Phone info > Software info > Android version) and download the Google Play app that corresponds to your phone parameters.

    4. If you are unsure, try different installers until you find the one you need. Or use the Droid Hardware Info App to find out all the necessary information.
    5. Go to the page of the selected file and press "Download APK" (button will become active in a few seconds after you have selected it).
    6. Run the downloaded file and follow the instructions from Android.

    Factory Reset (hard reset)

    You may perform a phone reset to the factory settings to fix the error. In this case - attention! - you will lose all the information stored in the memory of your mobile device.

    It is important ! Save everything you need in advance in the cloud storage or on a memory card. How to do so please read here: //

    Factory reset procedure is the following:

    1. Open "Settings" - "General settings".
    2. Find the option "Restore and Reset" (or "Reset"). If your phone is running on Android 8 or later go to "System" > "Reset".
    3. Select "Reset Settings" and confirm your intention. If your phone has a PIN or PatternKey, you will need to enter it to apply the changes.

    Further information on resetting can be found here:

    Settings Reset on Samsung Mobile

    Reflash Phone

    A rather dangerous but effective way to resolve errors is to reflash your device. This process is time consuming and requires thorough preparation and understanding of everything that goes on during flashing. Therefore it is recommended to use this option only when none of the previously suggested methods has worked and "google play store has stopped" error is preventing you from normal phone usage.

    For quality flashing it is better to apply to a reliable service center and ask for the issue to be handled by the experienced specialists. Doing it yourself without sufficient expertise may lead to the phone not turning on at all and you'll have to let it be repaired. Also remember that reflashing is not a warranty case and is performed at your own risk.

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