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HDD Regenerator 2015 - hard disk testing software


What is HDD regeneration

Almost 60% of all damaged hard disk drives contain bad sectors. The developers of recovery software have created an algorithm for regenerating the HDD surface.

HDD regeneration is an algorithm for data recovery, i.e. fixing bad sectors by moving them to another area on the hard disk.

This technology is hardware-independent and can be applied to any HDD. As a result, information that was previously unreadable will be recovered. Regenerator, in about 60% of the cases, regenerates unreadable and problematic HDDs.

HD Regenerator: Uses

The HDD Regenerator software will be useful for:

  1. Diagnostics of software defects, repair of bad blocks.
  2. Hard drive usage statistics (including S.M.A.R.T.) and real-time condition monitoring.
  3. If the OS cannot boot (and it is caused by HDD errors). It is possible to quickly write the boot stick and make the HDD operational.
  4. As Reanimator. If you have lost data due to read errors - you will be able to access and recover it (by moving bad blocks and copying data to another location).

Important note . If the damage is of mechanical nature HDD Regenerator cannot repair the hard disk. HDD Regenerator does not guarantee that unreadable HDD will work. More often the bad blocks are simply transferred to another part of the disk.

On the net you can find quite a few critical responses regarding the effectiveness of HDD Regenerator. We do not claim that it is a "silver bullet" for all cases. Try the program in the demo-version (you can download it by following the link at the bottom of the review). If HDD Regenerator fixes the problem with bad blocks, that is fine, otherwise just delete the program and then explore the alternative regenerator programs.

Features and Features of HDD Regenerator

Before downloading HDD Regenerator, take note of its main features.

  1. The utility detects the cause of failures for non-working hard disks. That is, it assumes the function of a diagnostic testing software.
  2. HD Regenerator scans the surface of the hard disk, looking for bad sectors on it. Actually the program does not repair them but moves to another area so the /files are not copied to the problematic HDD areas.
  3. In some cases the program is capable to repair bad sectors on the physical HDD structure using a special generator called Hysteresis loops.
  4. The program is safe: it works in read only mode and does not modify the file system structure of the working / non-working HDD.

See Note . Because HDD Regenerator 2011 does not change the logical structure of the hard disk, the file system may still mark some sectors as bad. Therefore other utilities such as chkdsk will find bad sectors even after regenerating completely.

Check HDD for read errors

5. Real time notifications. This useful function helps to notice the problems on your HDD as they appear - so you do not have to give HDD to repair later.

How to write HDD Regenerator

Where to download HDD Regenerator

Download the program distributive from the link below. Install the program to a drive different from the one you are going to regenerate.

The program is distributed in Russian and English languages. The size of the distribution package is about 8 MB.

The product is developed by the company Abstradrome, namely by Dmitry Primochenko.

The Regenerator works on Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10.

Download HDD Regenerator 2011 (latest version)

HDD Regenerator: FAQ

What devices can be regenerated?

HD Regenerator scans the HDD ignoring the file system. The scanning is done on a physical level. Therefore HDD Regenerator works:

  • With any file systems (FAT, NTFS etc.)
  • with HDD without formatting (raw).

Automatic regeneration is not applicable for the removable media. That means you cannot recover CD/DVD media with HDD Regenerator.

Can you regenerate HDD if Windows cannot boot?

Yes, if there is a working computer and the hard disc is detected by the system. You may do so by writing a bootable USB stick or CD/DVD to another computer.

After booting the USB stick should be set in the BIOS as bootable device. The functionality of the software is similar to the HDD Regenerator application in Windows.

How to answer the readers questions

We have dropped a working laptop, they say the hard disk is damaged. We were able to download info from it, although it was slow, but we did not remove it correctly usb the machine it was in. Hard disk ceased to be opened on the computer.gave programmers to us ejected but not all. What to do? What software can I download?

Answer . Of course you can install a program to recover your hard drive, but it will be of little use. The fact is that in some situations you may not be able to recover the disk, especially if it is due to physical damage.

In some cases HDD Regenerator will help you restore the functionality of your hard drive if it is connected with broken sectors, bad blocks, file table corruption. In any case, it is recommended to download and install TestDisk, it is able to find deleted file partitions. And after that you can use standard data recovery software.

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