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How do I know what graphics card is installed on my PC or laptop?


We are going to detail on how to know the make and model of the video card installed in Windows and if for some reason the OS cannot boot.

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    Why should you know the model of the video card

    Users often have the question:

    • If you wish to know the exact graphic card (GPU) installed inside the computer, to reinstall the video card drivers on your PC or laptop;
    • If you wish to know the characteristics of the video card. It is useful to know the model of the video card for gamers to check if the graphic processor meets the requirements of a particular game.

    If you do not install the proper drivers for a particular video card model on your PC, you may end up with the "Standard VGA-compatible video controller" message. This may lead to issues when using games and programs that actively consume graphics card resources.

    How to know the characteristics of your graphics card through the Task Manager

    In Windows 10 you can obtain the basic information about the GPU directly from the Task Manager.

    1. Right click the taskbar and select "Task Manager" or use the Windows keyboard shortcut + Esc to open it.

    2. Click on the "Performance" tab at the top of the window. If the tab is not available, click "Details".

    3. Select "GPU 0" in the sidebar. The graphics processor manufacturer and model name appears in the upper right corner of the window.

    In this window you will find other useful information such as the amount of allocated memory for the graphics processor.

    If several GPUs are installed in the system (e.g. an embedded CPU) you should also find in the Task Manager window "GPU 1" etc. Each of these represent a separate physical graphics processor.

    How to find out the model of the video card through the hardware id

    If you cannot find out the brand and model of the video card installed in the laptop you may encounter difficulties when there are no drivers available and you have to use other methods to find out the information you are looking for.

    A relatively complex method without any software. You can find out the manufacturer of your video card by looking at the hardware id in the properties. To do this:

    1 Open the Device Manager (Win + R > Run > devmgmt.msc > Enter).

    2. Select "Video Adapters", expand the branch.

    3 Click with the right mouse button on the adapter name. In the context menu that opens select "Properties".

    4. A window with the basic information on the hardware is opened. In the upper part of the window select the tab "Information", in the properties field select "Hardware ID" from the drop-down list.

    5. One or more values will be displayed, copy any of the entries (just right click and select the appropriate item from the menu that appears).

    Video card model identification via Device Manager

    The easiest way to identify which graphics card is integrated in your notebook is to consult the Device Manager to obtain information about the corresponding module. To access the Device Manager you need:

    1. Run the command line on your notebook using the Win + R key combination and enter the devmgmt.msc.
    2. Find the "My Computer" shortcut on the desktop, right click it to open the context menu. Select the Properties item, then open the Hardware tab and go to the Manager.
    3. In the "Start" menu select "Control Panel". Then click on "Hardware and Sound", under the section "Devices and Printers" click on the link "Device Manager".

    How do I know the name of my video card through the Device Manager? If the device has all the necessary drivers installed, the information will be directly displayed under "Video Adapters". If your notebook does not have the required drivers for the adapter, the above item will display the "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter", regardless of the model of the Graphics Card installed on your PC.

    Services for obtaining information on the graphics card

    There are services that allow you to use the information obtained from the "Hardware ID" to determine the make and model of the Graphic Card installed in your notebook.

    One popular and well-known service is // This site allows you not only to determine the information you need about the video card you have installed but also to download the latest drivers in order to install or update the hardware configuration.

    Hint : better download drivers from the official site of the video card manufacturer to reduce the chance of your PC or laptop to zero.

    How to know the model of video card when the PC is turned off

    Oftentimes you may need to know what video card is installed when the device does not turn on and shows no sign of life. There are two possible solutions - you may remove the card from the non-working PC and install it on another device, or you may study the hardware marking.

    The marking is mostly located on the flat side of the video adapter itself. Basically, the brand and model of the video card is already present on the sticker. If you don't see any information just start typing the ID on the sticker into any search engine. The very first results you will see during your search will have the desired graphics card brand and model information.

    The process of searching for a graphics card brand is easier for laptops than for PCs. Basically, certain models of laptops come with standard video adapters. So all you need to do is to type in the exact laptop model name into the search box and you will see the supplied hardware information.

    AIDA64: PC software

    To determine what kind of video card is installed on your PC or notebook, you may use a third party software. The most popular and simple application is AIDA64. From the official website of the developer you can download the program for free (30 days of free trial usage).

    In order to determine the model of your video card you should:

    1. Download and install the AIDA64 program on your PC, launch it.
    2. Open "Computer" section and go to the "Summary" tab.
    3. Data about your video card you find in the "Displaying" section.

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