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How to bring back the old VK: familiar functionality, unrestricted music


Let's look at the best ways to bring back the old usable version of the VKontakte mobile app:

  1. Why you need the old version
  2. Disabling auto-updates
  3. Downloading the old version of VKontakte
  4. VKontakte version with music
  5. The "Chinese" version of VK
  6. Download VK without registration
  7. How to return the old design

Who needs the old VKontakte version and why

It is thought that everything new is better than old. Only the users of VKontakte don't agree with this statement. And it doesn't mean that everyone who disagrees is a stale retrograde. It's just that the familiar version of the mobile application has unlimited access to music, it is more convenient to look at photographs and the interface is more intuitive.

The developers of the updated mobile application in spite of all their efforts did not take into account the main thing: people's needs. All the same, huge base of music was a hobbyhorse of VKontakte. People accumulated their playlists for years. Sharing them. Creating moods. Playing sports. Doing homework. Riding in transit. That's why we loved social networking.

And then, just like that, it all disappeared. By losing this meaningful part of the VK app for Android, every user who listened to music felt left out. Therefore, many regulars of the social network began to literally scream about the fact that they need an old version of vk on the phone, where you can manage the saved music. It is possible to solve this issue - you just have to do some magic on your phone and the old Contact will be restored.

Disabling auto updates on Android

To get the old one back, you have to deal with what we have. And every one of us has automatic updates of all the apps installed on the phone by default. So the first step in restoring the old version of VK should be to disable the automatic update of the mobile app. And here Google Play with its settings is to the rescue.

The technology is simple.

  1. Go to the application store (Play Market).
  2. In the "Settings" you must uncheck the "auto update applications" checkbox.

  3. In some variants the answer "Never" must be selected in this menu.

No update will be installed on your phone without your permission. This means that you can select the version of the VKontakte application to use.

Inevitable disadvantage of this approach: by rolling back the update you forcibly refuse to install important updates or add new functions, not only for the "VKontakte" application but for all other applications. In other words, you have to update the applications manually every time. And this is not very convenient.

How to roll back the VK

As an option, you can roll back to the old version of the VKontakte app. It will work until the developers forcibly disconnect it from the API.

  1. The first step is to remove the new version of VK from your phone. In "Settings" you should open the section "Applications" and delete VK (how to do it). By the way, the fastest way to uninstall the application is through the Android home screen.

  2. After that, the "old" VK for Android should be downloaded and installed. The easiest way to find the old versions is through Trashbox or 4PDA, these are thematic sites where you can download different versions of VK.

  3. You should choose the version of "VKontakte" that is the most convenient to use. It should be downloaded to the phone memory either to the sd card or to the phone memory.
  4. Then install an old version of VK on your smartphone (by running the installation apk file) and use it with pleasure.

VKontakte version with convenient music listening

The main reason why users want to download the old version of VK is the possibility to listen to music when the phone screen is locked and the application runs in the background mode. This is possible in the app version 2.15.3. This is the latest version of VK with music in a familiar format.

And here it is important not to make a mistake. If you download version 2.15.2 and below, an error will occur when accessing the Music tab. The user will see the message "Request limit exceeded" and will not hear any music. That's how the developers of the mobile version of VK for android operating system "closed the gate" for fans of free music. But do not despair. You should simply focus on version 2.15.3, look for it.

"Chinese" version of VK

In order to install a suitable version of VK, you can use another resource - 25pp. It is the Chinese equivalent of the App Store. For Windows operating system, you can find it at // Do not be surprised by hieroglyphs - safely click on the big green button. But installing it on your computer is not enough. It needs to be on your phone, too. The address to install it on your mobile device is // There's the same green button to install it. Once the program is installed on the phone, you need to go to settings, confirm the profile.

The preparatory phase is over, now it's time to install it. To do this, you should launch the application. In the search, type "VK". There will be a section called "Versions". Open it and select the desired one. For unrestricted music - 2.15.3. In the window will appear a blue button - press bravely, despite the hieroglyphs. In the next window, click on the red inscription. That is all, the installation has started. Once the app is installed, you can go to settings and check its version. Better yet, turn on the music right away and enjoy your favorite playlist.

Returning a previous version - without registration

Returning a previous version of VK will help a special store for downloading applications for Android. So, Aptoide. Its main advantage is that you can use it without registration.

  1. It's enough to go to the website, type "VK" in the search bar.
  2. Select the application. Open it.
  3. Swipe down to "More".
  4. There opens a bunch of different versions of VK. You have to choose a certain version, 3.15.4. Open it.
  5. There is an icon on the right side called "Downgrade". Select it.
  6. After this program will offer you to deinstall VK. There is no need to worry - feel free to uninstall. Just remember that all the cache is also deleted with the application.
  7. After deletion, the program will start the download of a new application. It will be installed in the way you want it to be. And the auto-update lock will not allow the selected version of VK to change anymore.

How to revert the old version of VK on your computer

Not all users of the social network like the innovations in the interface. First of all, it's a matter of taste. And for every taste and color, as we know, there are no comrades. The second aspect is that sometimes the redesign can cause confusion with the menu: it is not clear where the old menu items, sections, etc. have gone.

Users of the browser version of VKontakte can return the good old design of the social network.

How to do this:

  1. Install the special extension OLD VK design.

  2. It is available for Firefox, Opera and Chrome and other browsers.

  3. The plugin allows you to apply custom design themes to selected sites.
  4. Restart your browser.


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