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How to build a car route in Yandex.Navigator without Internet


In this instruction you will learn how to build a route on the car using Yandex Navigator. If you wish, you can set up the navigator so that it works without the Internet.


  1. Download Yandex offline maps on phone
  2. Build route from given point
  3. Perform route between points
  4. Add intermediate points

"Yandex.Navigator" is a map application for Android operating system that helps navigate the area, build walking and driving routes between points using GPRS technology, scanning cell towers and available Wi-Fi access points.

In Russia, "Navigator" is used by more than half of car owners, largely due to the free application and up-to-date information on traffic jams, repairs and other force majeure on the roads.

How to build a route on the map in "Yandex.Navigator"

With the integrated navigation capabilities of the application, you can build a route between cities as well as between your current location and the selected point on the map. In both variants it is possible to include an arbitrary number of intermediate points in the route.

In order to create a route by car we need the Yandex.Navigator application. You can download it here:

Yandex Navigator for Android

Loading offline maps on the phone

Yandex Navigator can work without internet, for this it is enough to download maps of necessary regions. You have to do it beforehand, entering the settings of the mobile application.

Using the offline maps, you can also construct a route by indicating your destination point. If the signal from the tower is very weak or you have no internet traffic, the offline mode will help you. The only disadvantage - you will not be able to get information about traffic jams on the roads, for this you will need Yandex Maps with traffic jams - and they do not work without Internet.

So you need to download Yandex Maps to your phone.

  1. Go to Settings - Download Maps.
  2. In the "Search" by cities field, enter the city or region.
  3. In the default, Yandex Navigator will display the current city. Press "Download" to download the offline map. (For the reference, the map of the city of Minsk takes 30 MB, the map of Moscow and the whole region takes about 625 MB.)
  4. At the moment the status changes to "Downloaded", you may safely disconnect from the Internet: the maps will operate offline.

The route from the current location

The route from your current location to an arbitrary point on the map is constructed in four steps:

  1. You select the point you wish to reach, for example a town, a street, a house.
  2. Press the desired point on the map and keep your finger on it until the context menu pops up.
  3. In the context menu, select the option "Waypoint" with a checkered flag on its icon.
  4. Choose the type of the route to build: on foot, driving.

In a few seconds the navigator draws all available route options and suggests you the optimal route. The current traffic congestion on the route is taken into account, areas with traffic jams are indicated in red, areas with road closures are marked accordingly.

Building a route between two arbitrary points

The construction of a route not from the current position on the map requires the selection of two points: the starting point and the target destination. The process is carried out step by step as follows:

  1. Select the destination point of the route, hold it and choose the item "From here" in the context menu.
  2. Go to the starting point from which you wish to proceed in the desired direction, press and select the item "From here" in the popup menu unfolded.
  3. Go to one of the routes indicated by the Navigator according to whether you will travel on foot or by transport.

According to the previous option, the system proposes several available ways to construct the route between points.

Add via points

The application interface provides three ways to add via points to the route: via the context menu, the "+" sign on the map and the integrated search engine.

Add via points via context menu:

  • Press and hold your finger on the desired point;
  • Choose the item "Via" in the context menu, indicated by a symbol with a white circle on a green-grey background.

Add additional destination directly on the map:

  • Hand the "+" label (blue plus in blue circle)%
  • drag it to the desired position on the map and release it.

Add an intermediate destination via search:

  • Click the search symbol (white magnifying glass on black background);
  • Enter a name or coordinates;
  • In the opened Actions menu choose the item "Drive through".

All of the above methods work equally well for building routes for travel by car, as well as for hiking and travel.

The current versions of "Yandex.Navigator" support voice control with the built-in engine "Alice", which perfectly understands the randomly composed phrases, like: how to get to Moscow from Kiev. Thus there are three ways of data input: manually using touch screen keyboard, by voice and through the context menu on the map.

"Yandex.Navigator" works in real time. For this purpose it needs a constant stable access to the Internet. With its help it is possible not only to construct the most convenient route on foot or by car, but also to start voice guidance of the trip, add intermediate destinations, learn about the current situation on the roads, look through the fuel stations, cafes, and shops located within the radius of several kilometres. If the Internet is unavailable, Yandex Navigator automatically switches to the offline mode and continues to work as if nothing had happened.

We remind you that you can download the latest version of the "Yandex.Navigator" application from Play Market or its adapted version "Yandex.Market".

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