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How to bypass Google account verification after a reset


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    What is FRP

    In order to improve security, an Android phone is tied to a Google account, which gives extra security to the device in case of theft. This system is called Factory Reset Protection (FRP).

    With FRP the owner can protect his device in advance; for a later activation he will have to enter the registration data of the Google Account linked to the mobile device.

    FRP protection: benefits and damages

    The FRP protection is automatically activated after a hard reset. On the one hand, this is good: An intruder will not gain access to the data. He receives essentially a "brick", useless without access to the Android OS and phone contents.

    On the other hand, an access error can occur when restoring the settings by yourself. What if you cannot remember the data or the device does not want to accept it?

    Thereafter we will explain how to bypass the confirmation of your Google Account.

    Note . There may be differences on different device models (Samsung, Pixel, HTR, Lenovo, etc.) and Android versions when bypassing FRP, but in general these instructions will be helpful if followed step by step.

    How to prevent FRP problems

    The error described above can be prevented by deleting your Google account before resetting.

    This mini-guide is useful if you are selling the device and you would like to perform a hard reset, removing the traces of usage. The buyer will be able to use the phone by connecting his google account during the first Android boot phase.

    Hello ! By disconnecting your google account from your phone, you remove your access to your Gmail, Google Play service, Google Assistant and other applications that are linked to your account.

    In order to perform a Google account reset, you must follow the following sequence:

    1. Go to Settings Android.

    2. Go to Accounts (or Accounts and Archive ).

    3. Choose an account to delete from the list by clicking on it.

    4. Click Delete account (or Delete account on Samsung).

    5. Account will be deleted ONLY from the current device when you press the double button Delete account (but still available on-line).

    6. Set the phone to developer mode. To do this select "OEM unlock"

    After this you will not have any more Google Account errors during the reset procedure.

    Best ways to bypass the Google Account Check

    Way 1: use APK Tool

    One of the out of the box ways to bypass the check is to use a small APK (Android Package Kit) utility.

    Utilizing the APK may cause some difficulties - installing applications on your phone is not so easy. The reason is that the installation on different devices can have its own nuances. Nevertheless, in general the process looks like this:

    1. Select the APK version to use. Available versions are:

    1. FRPHijacker Tool (for Samsung),
    2. FRP Bypass APK,
    3. D-G Unlocker Tool,
    4. GSM Flasher ADB Tool.

    2. Download one of the applications to the USB-Stick: this way it will be easier to run the FRP bypass utility.

    3. Connect the USB flash drive to the phone using the OTG-cable. Here are the instructions how to do it.

    4. Install APK from USB-Stick.

    5. After that you can access the Android settings and disable Google account verification.

    Method 2: using SIM card

    1. Eject the SIM card from the mobile and start it.
    2. Skip the notification about the missing SIM and select the interface language.
    3. In the form where the phone number or email address is entered and hold @ for a few seconds.
    4. In the settings menu that appears select OKOK Android settings .
    5. Pressing the keys Back and Home activates the Google search engine (it shall appear on the Home screen of the device).
    6. In the search line enter Settings and locate the relative section.
    7. Disable the items AutoRestore and Save Backup .
    8. Reset the settings (perform hard reset ).

    Solution 3: bypassing FRP without logging

    1. Install the sim card in the locked smartphone and call it from another phone.
    2. Hook up the call and press the button Add New Call .
    3. In the form that opens, enter any number set.
    4. Click the button Save , choose Google and create a new account.
    5. Reboot the device.

    Method 4: code to bypass the account verification

    1. In the locked smartphone put the sim card
    2. Call the phone from another number.
    3. Add a new call by pressing the "+" button.
    4. Enter the code * #4636 #* #* in the window that appears.
    5. All the steps carried out correctly should bring up the settings menu.
    6. Press Restore and Reset and disable Data Copy and AutoRestore.
    7. Recover to Factory Defaults and reboot the phone.

    Solution 5: by email and SMS

    1. We connect to the Internet.
    2. Try to enter the e-mail and press the button to send it by SMS.
    3. In the opened window send any message to the number 112 .
    4. You will receive a message to send mistake and near the button appears a Call button.
    5. Press it and enter the code * #* #4636 #* #* .
    6. The Android will redirect you to settings
    7. Through settings perform hard reset .


    There are many options to reset the Google Account on Android.

    If you understand everything, it will be very easy to do. The main problem in bypassing the Google Account is the problem with accessing the Settings menu, which is why there is so much work to be done.

    If one of the methods described above did not help then try to wait a few days before trying again.

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