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How to change the text size on Android (increase or decrease through settings)


Basic (and fastest) ways to make text on the screen more visible

In this tutorial we will show you simple ways to make the font on your mobile device bigger or smaller. This way you will improve the readability of the screen, in other words you will make the text more comfortable for your eyes.

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    If you have problems with your eyesight and the font on the screen seems small, you can always use the Android setting to change to a larger size. Correspondingly and vice versa, if the font is too big, you can make the screen content more compact by reducing its size.

    How to do this? There are built-in system settings, whatever the Android model is.

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Open the Display
    3. Go to Font size and style .

    The font size is set by the slider. To the right it is larger, to the left it is smaller. All measurements are applied in real time, an example text is displayed at the top.

    Go to Special Features - Visibility Tools - Font size and style .

    In the Visibility Enhancements section, also pay attention to the Size and Scaling section. Particularly there you can control the magnifier screen by activating it (by tapping the slider), to enlarge the text on the fly or to scale the screen.

    Fast change of the text size

    Presumably the largest reading experience is related to the communication in messenger and social networks. Therefore it is possible to increase the font size for these applications. This is done in a similar way to all the other methods, we will consider as in the step by step instructions.

    1. Go to Settings Android
    2. Open the Display
    3. In Font size and style change the text size using the slider.
    4. Go back to the Home screen checking that all fonts are legible and display correctly.

    In some Android versions the section name may vary, for example Pin Size or similar. In any case you will be provided with a slider which you can move to choose the size and proportion you want in relation to other elements on the screen.

    By the way Visibility tools collected similar settings.

    Enlarge text with the magnifier

    In addition to the normal display size, you have the possibility to enlarge the text with the magnifier.

    This can be accessed as follows:

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Click Visibility tools
    3. Activate the Loupe window by clicking on the slider.

    The navigation bar displays a special shortcut allowing you to access the Magnifier Glass. Use it when you wish to enlarge the text on the screen.

    All other interesting ways to improve the readability of text on Android

    Besides using the onscreen magnifier or actually increasing the font size you may resort to other ways to improve the readability of the font. Let us consider some of them.

    Go to Settings - Display and pay attention to the parameters such as Screen Zoom . Here, by moving the slider to the left or right, you will be able to achieve the desired font size. You will see all the changes as you can see in the example messages.

    In Visibility tools you may choose a theme with High Contrast to make elements visually stand out.

    The dark design theme may be confusing at first but over time many users find it better than the light theme, especially when it is dark.

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