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How to change your Gmail password on your phone (Android)


There are several reasons why mobile device users want to change their Gmail password. Most often it is done when there is a suspicion of hacking or credential theft.

The reason may be less common, such as a desire to create a new password that is more secure than it was before. If the decision is made, owners of Android devices should take the following steps.

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    How to change your Gmail password on Android

    Method 1

    To change your password in Google Mail, the account owner should do the following:

    1. Open the Gmail mail client (installed on Android by default). If you have to, log in to your account.

    2. Click the Menu button, it is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen, as an icon with three horizontal lines.

    3. Scroll down the menu and then click on Settings .

    4. The list of accounts appears. The smartphone owner must click on his address indicated above the button labeled "Add account".

    5. Click on Google Account Management . As a consequence of this action you will see the interface of the account.

    6. Go to the tab Personal Data .

    7. You should indicate your current password and then click Further .

    8. You should indicate a new password and provide it as confirmation a second time.
    9. To complete the process, click Change password .

    If everything is done correctly, the smartphone owner will log in to the Gmail account with the new password without any problems.

    Very important! If you do not know your current Gmail password, you cannot change it or make changes to your current email account. The first thing you need to do is to recover your Gmail password.

    Method 2

    Users who want to change their Gmail account password can use another method:

    1. The gadget owner opens the mobile browser. In the search bar enters

    2. The user specifies the login, types the password. The username may already be displayed, in this case a single password is entered.

    When logging into the account, the steps are the same as for changing the password through the settings of the gadget. To do this go to the tab called "Personal data" and then press "Password".

    The current one is entered to confirm the login and after that the new one is entered twice. After this the "Change Password" button is clicked on. It is best to choose a secure one and not to use it again with other services.

    When the password has been changed the owner of the gadget should log out of his account. This should be done on all devices. Then log in again, but enter a new password.

    How to ensure that the new password is not forgotten or "noticed"

    Many users have wondered if the new password can be saved without revealing it. Yes, it is possible. Passwords are stored on a piece of paper, saved as a text file, or transferred to an external storage device. A good storage option is a file in the cloud. You can also set your browser to remember passwords automatically.

    If you suspect that someone wants to intercept data, you may use special password managers. These are services that allow you to encrypt information. This way of storing information makes it harder for cybercriminals to operate. Password managers are put on a personal computer or a smartphone.

    Secure passwords are those that contain at least eight characters. It is strictly prohibited to use those that were previously created for other sites, or variants of them. It's better to use a completely new word, supplemented with numbers and other symbols.

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