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How to check microphone operation: the best online services


When buying a new device or setting up an old one, checking the microphone online becomes an important feature. You don't need to clog your computer with unnecessary programs, register or pull out your bank card to pay. A few clicks are enough to find out if your microphone is working properly. Here are the most useful applications created for this useful purpose.

Services :

    Webcammictest helps you to quickly test the microphone and webcams too.

    The instructions to test your microphone are simple:

    Step 1 . Go to //

    Step 2 . Click on the green button in the middle of the screen "CHECK MY MICROPHONE".

    Step 3 . Allow access to the MICROPHONE in your browser: A prompt will appear on the top left.

    Step 4 . The Sound Monitor opens where you can listen to the sound. If you say something, sound waves occur. The two buttons on the right of this display allow you to change the direction of the waves and to activate your voice.

    Step 5 . The page below indicates the reasons why the microphone may not work. Make sure to refer to this list if you do not hear your voice well or if sound waves do not even appear.

    Online-voice-recorder has more features than the above mentioned program. It will be useful not only for checking your peripherals, but also for taking voice notes. To use it do the following:

    1. Step 1. Navigate to the service and press the red button with the microphone.
    2. Step 2. Allow access to the device using the "Apply" item in the popup on the left.
    3. Step 3. Record audio. You can pause with the two line button and then continue recording.
    4. Step 4. Press the circle with the red square to finish the online microphone test.
    5. Step 5. On the screen that appears there are several buttons. The left one plays and stops the sound. The right one saves the recording on your computer.

    You may listen to the result at any time, moving the playback line with the mouse.


    Vocalremover is a special dictaphone created to manage the audio. To test your microphone is very easy:

    Step 1 . Go to the website and click on the red circle in the center of the screen.

    Step 2 . If necessary, select the device to be recorded.

    Step 3 . You can "Hear yourself" during the recording. To do this use the item of the same name on the left.

    Step 4 . To finish the recording press the red square.

    Step 5 . The programme offers you the possibility to listen to the result as well as to add some effects such as changing the timbre of the voice. You can also modify the audio format.

    Step 6 . If you wish to save the sound to your computer, click on the "Save" button circled in blue.

    The website is very multifunctional and, besides the sound recorder, allows you to record online your song to music, convert audio to different formats, edit the melody and cut vocals. It comes in handy for those who deal with music or voice recordings. is the easiest microphone sound check. Two clicks are enough to use it:

    1. Step 1: Navigate to the website. It will automatically request access to your computer device. You only need to click "Allow".
    2. Step 2. Say something and get a sound score. The program will instantly write its verdict on the quality and volume of the sound.

    If there are any problems, the service will notify you. And at the bottom of the page there are recommendations about what to do in each case. Please read these and follow the instructions to ensure that the sound is set correctly.


    Online-microphone is a useful online microphone checker. The program functions in a few steps:

    1. Step 1. Follow the link and click "Allow" and then confirm the action in the popup on the left.
    2. Step 2. Say something. When the microphone is working properly, this is reflected in the sound indicator - sound waves appear on it. The volume is adjusted with the slider on the right.
    3. Step 3. If this is not enough and you want to record your voice, use the red circle or press the "space" key. Repeat this action to stop the voice recorder.
    4. Step 4 The service offers you to preview the result, download it or start again by clicking on the microphone.

    The service is as concise as possible and does not contain redundant features. It is particularly suitable for the voice memos, reminders, dictation of texts.


    Sound-recorder is a site that allows you to test your microphone quickly and easily. To do so follow several steps:

    1. Step 1. Click on the link and press the red circle in the middle of the screen.
    2. Step 2. Confirm your action by allowing access to the microphone.
    3. Step 3. Say something and then press the red square. The last one completes the recording.
    4. Step 4. The obtained result can be played back using the menu item with the same name, you can reset the sound or you can continue with the recording.
    5. Step 5. After you press "Next" the resource proposes to edit what you have recorded. For example, cut a fragment by putting two lines on the desired parts.
    6. Step 6. Another "Next" button allows you to name the recording and save its final version to your computer.

    In conclusion

    This is not all the programs that make it easy to check how the microphone works. We have not mentioned paid ones, with a complicated interface, requiring compulsory registration. Also, we did not talk about online voice notepads, special voice recorders and messengers with the ability to call, where you also get to adjust the sound. Therefore, there are plenty of sites that will help figure out the microphone.

    Welcome success!


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