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How to cut a fragment from video: an overview of online tools and editors


There are a lot of editing tools for video and movies. It is more difficult to know which one of these packages is the right one for your needs: for example if you want to trim a video fragment and save it as a separate file.

We look at and compare the best video editors for novice users allowing to trim video and save it in the desired format.

    Adobe Premiere Rush


    Windows, macOS, iOS, Android


    from 772,80

    RUB. /month

    Video editing package (cut segments, add audio, effects) and then upload the results to Youtube. Premiere Rush is perfectly adapted for the service and is not as feature loaded as Adobe Premiere. It has templates available as well as integrated fics of After Effects package, so you do not need to install the latter.

    The Adobe Premiere timeline provides everything you need for video trimming.


    1. Open Premiere Rush (or Adobe Premiere)
    2. Add your video /files to the project for editing.

    3. Handle the video on the timeline.

    4. Delete unwanted slices from the video for this purpose:
      1. Go to the beginning of the video and press I (Mark In),
      2. Go to the end of the video and press O (Mark Out).

    5. To save the remaining video use File > Export > Media.

    If you prefer to pay a license for Adobe products, a subscription to Premiere Rush will cost $9.99, which is about half of what Premiere Pro costs ($20.99).

    For beginners, there is a free starter plan with restrictions: it has 3 exports, 2 GB in cloud storage and connected Adobe Fonts service.

    The editor is available for Windows, macOS, Android as well as iOS.

    Download Adobe Premiere Rush





    Ezgif is quite well-known in the online editing software market. The product is well promoted, we have written about it several times.

    In order to cut part of a video follow the steps:

    1. Go to
    2. Open the Cut video

    3. Select the file by clicking on the button with the same name or insert the video link in the field below.
    4. Click the Upload video! button and wait for the Upload.
    5. The editor that appears indicates the start and the end time of the video you want to cut.

    6. Click the Cut Video! button and save the file.

    There are some drawbacks in the Ezgif editor, like the limited choice of codec and compression formats. Although it is not a problem to choose the quality of audio and video you want to put mp4 on Youtube.

    TechSmith Camtasia 2020


    Windows, macOS



    First of all the Camtasia 2020 editor is intended to record what happens on the screen (screencasts). In this respect this program does not have any competitors on the Windows platform.

    In addition to the Screen Recorder tool, the distribution includes the editor. It is through this editor you can cut a video fragment.

    How to do it:

    1. Open the application TechSmith Camtasia for Windows.
    2. Drag the video from the Media bin or click Import media.

    3. Drag this video from the Media bin to the timeline.

    4. Use the Split tool to remove the unwanted parts from the video.

    5. Save the desired video fragment using the Share > Local file command.

    In this way you securely trim your video in the Camtasia editor.

    Even though the editor cannot compete with the toolset of the Adobe product, it is quite an advanced editor. It contains a timeline, track managing and track editing tools.

    Similar to other professional tools, it has video and audio effects. Those recording screencasts with tutorials will find many ways to annotate, caption, cursor control and highlight the keys you press.

    When working with screencasts over half an hour, optimization problems occur. This causes lags and freezes. So, rather this package is reserved for editing and processing small videos in the range of 5-20 minutes.

    Download Camtasia 2020 Editor

    Online Video Cutter





    One Video Cutter is very useful because of its simplicity. You can cut and merge video and audio clips. You can use multiple slots (if your PC resources and internet speed allow).

    How to use Online Video Cutter to cut video snippets:

    1. Go to //
    2. Load the video by dragging it to the service window.
    3. If you want to cut an online video you can add the video available online, click on "Choose File" and choose the service - Dropbox, Google Drive or via URL.

    4. Select the beginning and the end of your video to trim it.

    5. Select the quality and click on Save.

    Movavi Video Editor


    Windows, macOS



    Let us go through the basic functions of Movavi Video Editor.

    Advanced video editor: similarly to the other mentioned products, Movavi allows you to edit audio and video. Annotations, adding filters and effects, working with tracks (adding, deleting unwanted fragments, gluing and trimming). The new version 2020 offers the ability to work in multi-track format. You can cut video in any part of the file, add fragments from other multimedia /files.

    Screencasting with Screen Recorder tool allows you to create video clips capturing what is happening on the PC screen. Besides video, audio is also captured (system or from a selected source).

    Effects store: A set of embedded and downloadable templates through which you can diversify your video content. These are stickers, screensavers, transitions, sorted by themes and genres. True, most add-ons are chargeable (costs from $3 and up).

    Support for most popular video formats: you may easily transfer videos taken from mobile phones, directly from Screen Recorder to the timeline, then process and export all this to Youtube.

    Cost of a lifetime license is approximately $ 25 for Movavi Video Editor Plus, there is a subscription, its price is slightly lower (about $ 20).

    See overview of Movavi Video Editor

    Download Video Editor for Windows as well as Mac OS.

    Download Movavi

    FlashBack Pro + Screen Recorder





    FlashBack Pro is somewhat inferior to Camtasia, but is easier to learn and more economical to run. The license costs 49$, the price is fixed and payable as a one time payment.

    This product allows you to create tutorial videos first. It includes a Screen Recorder which records what happens on the screen and allows you to transfer slices of video and audio to a special editor.

    Even though the editor is light weight, about 30 MB, it contains all the basic functions. You can edit tracks (audio and video), apply labels, apply effects including smooth transitions between splices. Unnecessary or confidential areas can be blurred or pixelated.

    For tutorials there are tools for emphasis - highlighting cursor, keys pressed and adding all kinds of annotations.

    Extract videos available in different formats including those adapted to Youtube.

    Download FlashBack Pro



    Windows, macOS, Linux


    Free, Blender is not a 100% optimal application for video editing, it is for 3d graphics processing. At the same time Blender contains a very convenient video editor, and is absolutely free of charge.

    Let us mention the essential features of the Blender editor:

    • Preview of edited and finished video fragments,
    • Color vectoroscope and histogram,
    • Audio manipulation (mixing, audio effects),
    • Synchronizing audio and video tracks,
    • Cleaning and visualizing the waveform,
    • Controlling playback speed,
    • Tools for additional processing, including transition effects, filters and masks.

    The editor is available for free download and works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.

    Download Blender

    What is most important in a video editor (selection criteria)

    Every editor review has one thing wrong. They omit the point that before you edit your video you need to shoot it. But it is one thing when you have the footage to edit, and another thing when you still have to shoot it. Many people make video reels for training purposes, so they need to fix the process somehow on the PC screen. You can do this only through programs that can record screencasts. So this feature is important and we have chosen among others such editors.

    Other important features of this editor when working with Youtube:

    • Easy tools to work on the timeline.
    • Export video and audio (supports Youtube formats). Not so many high quality video editors adapted for Youtube (the common problem is very few exportable video formats).
    • Additional visual effects, transitions available.
    • Annotations, captions, junk removal on video.
    • Cost of subscription or lifetime license. There will also be free editors in the review.

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