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How to download music from Odnoklassniki for free


Many people use Odnoklassniki social network to communicate with friends, family, read news. But users also listen to music at Odnoklassniki, and it often happens that they want to download the song directly from the social network. But it is simply impossible to do it, because the functionality of the site doesn't allow it. Is there a way out of this situation?

We suggest you 6 main ways to download music from Odnoklassniki. You can do it without registering and it's absolutely free.

So you can download your favorite songs from odnoklassniki to your computer/mobile using the following methods:

  2. OkTools
  3. OK Music
  4. Video Download Helper
  5. Login OK Saving audio
  6. Download without software
  7. Save music to USB Stick

Savefrom.Net is a universal way to download music from OK

This method is the most popular among users who want to get their favorite track to their computer or mobile phone. To use this method, you have to install the extension available from the official web site of

In this case it is absolutely not important what browser you use as fits to all browsers.

In the Chrome browser the following steps are required:

  1. Install the MeddleMonkey extension from the Google WebStore.
  2. Then add the Helper (by clicking the button "Confirm installation").

  1. This is it, the music download extension is activated.

After the installation and the start of the extension, you will see some changes in the Odnoklassniki music page, namely the additional buttons appear in which the song starts the download.

The main thing is to choose the folder where you want the file to be saved and to click the corresponding "Save" button. However if you press the orange download button, the track will be automatically downloaded to the folder Downloads, indicated by default in your browser.

This detailed instruction how to use

Download the Savefrom

OK Saving audio [this method is temporarily unavailable]

Also you can download music from odnoklassniki using this extension. Unlike the previous one, it is only for Google Chrome browser. To install this extension go to During the installation process you need to click on the "Free" button and restart your browser after the installation is complete. When the add-on is activated on the music page, each track will get its own button responsible for downloading. In order for the song to be saved to your computer, just click on this pointer and choose where the track will be saved. As you can see, there is nothing complicated.

OkTools - quick and easy browser plugin

Favourite songs from Odnoklassniki allows you to download the OkTools plugin, which is available in three internet browsers: Opera, Google Chrome, Firefox.

In addition to being able to download music from Ok, this extension provides a host of other features that make using the site easier.

How to download music from Odnoklassniki

  1. Install it either from the Google Chrome store or through the official developer website

  1. After the installation of the extension, the Odnoklassniki website will be transformed and new buttons will be added to the playlist (see the left side on the screenshot).

  1. To download several music songs simultaneously, check the box of the songs you wish to download from Odnoklassniki.

OK Music

This option is one of the fastest way to download music from Odnoklassniki. By means of this extension your music gets downloaded with the correct name, what will be not less comfortable during the future listening to the songs already from your computer or other gadget.

OK Music has several advantages:

  • Speed - OK Music downloads songs up to 10 times faster than similar applications;
  • Security - the extension works without viruses, advertising, spyware and other unwanted content;
  • Download settings - user may instantly adjust the settings to suit his preferences;
  • Lazy download feature allows you to download audio tracks from OK.

Video Download Helper - not the most convenient, but stable way

Another program for downloading music from Odnoklassniki that is suitable for Mozilla Firefox users. You don't need to pay attention to the name of the extension that contains the word "video" as it works very well for saving music on your PC.

How to download music in "odnoklassniki"

  1. In order to install this addon you should enter into your Mozilla Firefox browser and in the main menu choose "Addons".
  2. After that enter the name of this extension in your search box and then install it following the instructions.
  3. When everything is done, go back to the page with the music in Odnoklassniki and refresh it.

  1. To download a song you should launch it; when it is playing you should click on the application icon and the track will be downloaded to your PC.

This method of download from OC has one drawback, namely the tracks are downloaded with a digital file name. Therefore if you want to have the right song title it is recommended to copy the title of a track first and after downloading change the digital title to the new one.

Saving songs through the browser (without extensions)

This method is more suitable for those not looking for an easy way. The following steps will be created based on the use of Google Chrome.

The advantage of this method of "fetching" /files from cache is that you do not need to install any add-ons, applications, etc.. Furthermore, this method may be useful in other cases.

How to successfully perform the following actions:

  1. Open the page of the Odnoklassniki social network containing the music.
  2. Right-click the mouse anywhere on the page and from the list of functions appear choose "view code...". (keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + I).
  3. Open the "Network" tab and in parallel play any track. Please note that when you start playing a song, incomprehensible /files will appear and their number will increase rapidly. At this moment you should not panic, everything goes according to the plan.

  1. Find a file of type "audio\mpeg" and right click on it.
  2. From the context menu appears you should choose Copy -> Copy link address.

  1. Paste the copied link to the address bar in a new window and press Enter.
  2. The download will take place immediately if you have selected the target folder for the download. If not, you would be asked to select it first and then it will download the music from the OK.

There is also a minus in this way, related to the name of the track being downloaded this way. But this can be easily fixed by renaming the file manually.

Save music from OC to USB key (or sd-card)

Many people have the need to download music from odnoklassniki to sd-card of their phone and it is fairly easy to do this:

  1. First you must install some extension that we have described earlier and download the song to your computer.
  2. Follow this you must find the song in the folder where you have saved it.
  3. Simultaneously, connect your USB stick to your PC (e.g. via a card reader or a USB cable).
  4. After that it is only necessary to transfer the music to the sd-card and unplug the device.

We already explained here how to download music to your phone.


As you may have realized you can download any song quickly and without hassle from odnoklassniki. Which method to use depends only on your own preferences but you can rest assured that all previously mentioned methods of saving songs to your computer or phone are safe.

If any method doesn't work, please contact us and we'll update the article.

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