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How to download TV series to your phone quickly and easily


Serials are released every day, and the number of new releases in the film industry is astounding. Despite the availability of content on the Web, unfortunately, there is often no way to download a series to your mobile device. No matter how you got this series - through an online cinema or downloaded from torrents, it is difficult, if not impossible, to watch it without an internet connection.

In this guide, we will share the ways how to copy the series to your phone quickly and conveniently, to spend your time comfortably in travel, on the plane, on the train.

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    Method 1. Copy /files to your mobile

    Download all episodes and seasons of your favorite TV series via torrent or direct download. In this article, we won't show you how to do it, let's just list the sites where there is a large selection of movies.

    Let's note that you can download shows to your computer and then transfer them to your phone.

    The most common way to download shows from a torrent is a folder with video /files. We will proceed from this. Next:

    1. Hook up your usb cable and connect your phone to your pc.

    2. Copy the downloaded folder to your device memory or to the sd-card you insert in the phone.

    3. Use your file manager and navigate to the show folder.
    4. Find the desired show episode in the built-in video player.

    This method is good because

    • you do not need a paid content subscription,
    • you are not highly restricted, the choice of series on torrent trackers is huge,
    • you control the content quality - its resolution and bitrate,
    • the series is easy to delete from your device.

    Note<3 Note that downloading such series from file sharing sites can be illegal. For legal ways to do this, please refer to the following instructions.

    Solution 2: With Netflix

    Let us assume you have an active subscription to an online cinema.

    An answer is yes, it is possible, although not all services currently provide such an option. Relatively recently the developers of the Netflix mobile app have added a video saving feature to the phone for subscribers.

    How to download a series with the Netflix app

    1. Download the Netflix mobile app on your phone (depending on platform - Android or iOS). If you already have the app installed, make sure you are using the latest version.

    2. Log in to your Netflix account with an active subscription.

    3. Find the show you would like to save to your phone.

    4. Next to the name of the video, find the download button in the form of an arrow. Click on it.

    5. Choose between Standard and High Quality. This has an impact on how much storage space the series will take on your phone and how detailed the picture and sound will be.

    6. This method is legal and easy to use but has certain restrictions:

    • Not all TV series available for download - only the exclusive services,
    • watching episodes is only possible via the Netflix app shell,
    • without subscription, you cannot download videos.

    Download the Netflix App

    Method 3. OKKO, IVI etc.: download via app

    It is clear, that besides Netflix, there are many other platforms with TV series. Take the same Russian-language video platform OKKO. Saving series to your phone is similar to the previous method. The main thing is that you have downloaded a proprietary application. It is available for download for both iOS and Android.

    Besides playback on mobile platforms you can also stream the series on your TV screen via Samsung Cast or AirPlay.

    The online cinema IVI, similarly, also has the option to download the series in HD quality. This option is only available for individual broadcasts - otherwise restrictions by the copyright holders apply.

    How to download TV series via the IVI App

    1. Download the IVI App from the Market.

    2. Go to the film directory.

    3. Save the film on your device by pressing the arrow button in the description.

    4. Unfortunately it is not possible to transfer the film or series to another device.

    Download TV series on IVI

    In addition to TV series, IVI provides the possibility to download films and cartoons.

    Solution 4: TV series on YouTube

    If you watch TV series and feature films via the YouTube platform, try the following alternative. However, it only works if you have a Premium subscription. If you have a Premium Subscription you will be able to save the file on your mobile device.

    How to download shows from Youtube:

    1. Download the Youtube App.
    2. Log in to your Google Account.
    3. Find the series via search in the application.
    4. Choose the option Download video and select the quality you prefer for the episode of the series.

    5. Go to Downloaded and open the episode of the series.

    This way you can save several episodes.

    Disadvantages of the method:

    • You cannot download seasons of TV series
    • you will not find many interesting TV series in Youtube - at least in the quality you want.

    Method 5. Why download when you can watch online? At the same time, watching videos online, without downloading to your device, may be a better option. Prerequisites for online viewing:
    1. The wifi internet speed must meet the requirements of the video platform. For example, you need a speed of 5 Mbps to comfortably watch a series in 720p quality. Multiply the numbers if watching a video in 1080p or 4k quality.
    2. Stable internet. In its absence, playback will stop or will be jerky. Not all users can use unlimited mobile Internet - it is expensive and slow.

    Do you know any other ways to download? It will be interesting to learn about them. Share your opinion in comments, which way you use to watch TV series. Enjoy the show!

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