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How to download videos from VKontakte to your phone from a link


The purpose of social networks is not only to communicate, many people use them to watch videos and listen to their favorite music. To save tracks on your phone, computer, you need to know how to download videos from VKK on Android, Windows, macOS.

An overview of the most popular programs will help. So, here are the top 4 ways to download videos from Kontakte.

Contacts :

  1. Videoder program
  2. Service downloadvideosfrom
  3. VKMusic
  4. Service Skyload
  5. Savefrom
  6. VK Saver
  7. VKD
  8. MusicSIG

Solution 1

The first option and the answer to "how to download videos from VK on Android" is Videoder app. All you have to do is to download it to your gadget and start using it without any additional manipulations. Subsequently, if you have already found a video to download and opened it, you will just need to click on the red button that appears in the lower left corner. After choosing the resolution and download location, the actual saving of the video will start.

Download tutorial:

See the advantages of downloading videos with Videoder:

  • free content from VK in HD quality, MP4, 3GP, FLV formats;
  • converts video to MP3;
  • material quality can be from 144p to 4K;
  • downloads in multiple streams to increase download speed;
  • not only works with Kontakte, it also works with other social networks and resources: YouTube, SoundCloud, Instagram.

The tool is available for Windows, Android, macOS.

Download Videoder

Method 2

Download videos from VKontakte from a link through the online service The method is quite simple - you do not need to install the application on your phone. All you need to do is to open the video in the social network, copy and paste the link on the page of the downloadvideosfrom site. Conveniently, you can use it not only from your phone, but also from your laptop, desktop computer, regardless of what software is installed on your device.

VKMusic video download software allows you to download the file in three qualities: MP4 HD, MP4, and with conversion to MP3.

Go to downloadvideosfrom

Solution 3

VKMusic is a tool that allows you to download video from contact on phone or computer. Features and benefits of the application:

  1. Download video in any quality: from 144 p to 1080 p (HD) - gives you the possibility to control the file size, because the lower the quality, the less "weight" the file will be and the less space it will take on your device.

  2. Downloads video from VK, RuTube, YouTube, Mail.Ru, Vimeo.

  3. Saves VK content even if it is embedded in other sites. You just need to install it and start it. Then, copy the video link from your contact and paste it into VKMusic search box. The prompt "Download" will appear. By clicking on it, you will need to select the quality and download location. Download video from VK to your phone with the program will take a few minutes.

    Download VKMusic

    Solution 4

    The video download manager from almost all Internet resources - Skyload. This VK Video downloader has the following features:

    1. Multi-download - download all /files in the page (this can be video as well as audio content).

    2. Tags, artwork - if you convert video to MP3 format, the track will be downloaded with tags and artwork if available.

    3. Download Manager - control your /files.

    4. Simple interface - harmony of all elements.

    5. Compatibility - if Skyload is disabled on the site, you will still have access to the /files thanks to your download manager.

    6. Size and quality - you can view the information about the video at any time (quality, size, bitrate).

    Download videos from VKK in a couple of clicks, but you must be ready that after downloading the program, you have:

    • Yand if you are an Opera user;

    • Yand non aggressive advertising material will open.

    The Google Chrome or Opera browser is required for the extension to work.

    Knowing these four ways how to download videos from Kontakte to your phone, you can choose the most convenient one. And it's not always necessary to download an application, extension or program to your device. You can work with some of them online.

    Download Skyload extension

    Substitution 5. Download video from Vkontakte via Savefrom

    To download multimedia content from Vkontakte, you will need an application for downloading videos from VKontakte. To download it, you can go to

    More precisely, we need an assistant which you can download for free on this web-site by following this link.

    Download the Savefrom

    Install this extension, carefully check what components will be installed on your computer besides the main downloader tool. The thing is that by default the Savefrom helper installs totally useless stuff which you won't need, like Yandex.Bar and the browser from the same company. The things to highlight are the items "Settings > Install in all browsers" and choose the browser you actively use to install the appropriate extension.

    This extension allows you to download videos from Kontakte without any extraneous "dancing with bells and whistles". All other Savefrom installer items should be disabled and then go on with the installation. At this step you should close all opened browsers on your computer.

    The Video Download Utility is useful to download videos from VKontakte

    The extension Tampermonkey is responsible for the video download in the browser. You can activate it by clicking on the "Enable Extension" on the right side of the browser.

    Installing the VKontakte Video and Audio Download Extension

    After activating the extension, to download videos, restart the browser (Google Chrome in my case). That's the end of all preparations to download videos from VK.

    Download mp3 audio tracks from VKontakte and several options available to the application user:

    • download one single VKontakte track
    • download all tracks in the list
    • download music from defined VK playlist.

    The button to download music /files appears next to the user list of audio tracks in VK. To download the desired audio track from the site, press the download button - the file will be available for local listening or copying to another device (say, if you want to download video from VK to your phone).

    Download audio from VKontakte directly from the site

    If you do not know how to download videos from Contact, this extension will also make your life easier. All you need to do is to go to the page with the video and click the download button, similarly to VK Music download in Android.

    Help download videos from VK with Chrome extension

    See also: How to download music from youtube through ssyoutube

    Way 6. VK Saver extension

    Install VK Saver extension, you also can download any video from VK. To do that, click on the arrow icon (see screenshot). You can select the quality of the video by switching the player to the desired playback format (e.g. 1080p).

    In the settings of VK Saver you will specify the folder to save videos and music (this can be any public folder). VK Saver has no other options, but you do not need to.

    Download free Vksaver

    Method 7: VKD

    VKD is another very useful extension for Chrome web browser that allows you to download videos from VK. The main thing that distinguishes VKD from other extensions is the choice of the quality of the downloaded videos through a special VKontakte menu. This means you do not need to play the video and switch the quality of the video.

    The VKD extension is initially inactive in the browser but the icon becomes active when you navigate to VKontakte Videos.

    Download VKD

    Method 8. The MusicSig extension

    MusicSig adds links to your video pages. With these links you can directly download VK videos. This extension is an add-on for VKontakte, bringing changes to the interface of the social network. In addition, you can disable VK ads and add a calendar to the sidebar.

    Download Musicsig

    How to quickly download music from VK to your phone (Android)

    Besides the download methods described above, I can advise you three useful services if you need to download music from VK to Android or phone (smartphone) with another operating system.

    1. Audilka ( is a web service for downloading audio from VKontakte for free. In order for the service to work, you need to provide access to your audio recordings on the page of the social service.
    2. is a similar web service for downloading VKontakte music on Android. We cannot say that it is a very convenient way to download, but the method works. In order to search for music, you can use the search bar.
    3. All in all, the third way to download music from VKontakte on Android is to install the file manager ES Explorer and the VKontakte mobile application itself. The music /files that you are listening to are stored in the cache of the VKontakte client and can be extracted from there. How to do it - described in detail here. However, please be warned that this method of downloading music from VK is the slowest and the most inconvenient one.

    Resume . We have reviewed several methods that allow you to download music from VK. We will add more to this guide as we find new methods. If you have your own tactics for downloading audio and video from VKontakte, share them in the comments!

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