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How to enable or fix Android System Webview on Android


Every smartphone has the Android System Webview component installed. Users who do not know how important it is, turn it off and try to remove it to free up more memory. But it is better not to do so, to avoid bugs during the operation of the Android OS.

How to free up internal memory on your phone

If you have disabled the Android System Webview app, enable it as soon as possible. This publication describes how to do this

How to enable Android System Webview

  1. How to enable Android System Webview
    1. on Android 5 and above
    2. on Android 4.3 and above
  2. How to enable the Android System Webview

Why is the Android System Webview component needed

The Android System Webview application allows to open links directly from an application installed on the phone without the need to go to the web browser. If this service has been disabled the opening of links is not possible; the Internet-dependent applications fail to operate correctly.

The Android system webview component is always in a working state, so that a link may be opened in a special window at any time. In this state a certain amount of power and phone memory is consumed.

This is what users do not like; unaware of the importance of the program, some disable it. If this happens, the smartphone trying to open a link from the app will not be able to do so, and you will see an error message, such as: "Android System WebView failed".

How to enable Android System Webview on Android 5 and higher

  1. Go to the Smartphone Settings;

  2. Go to "Applications".

  3. In the menu (3 vertical dots) activate the option "Show System Applications";

  4. In the list of applications find Android System Webview and tap the name;

  5. In case the ON button is active, tap this button to activate the application.

How to enable Android System Webview on Android 4.3 and previous

In the early Android versions (4.3 and previous), Google does not support the operation of this component and this may cause the application to start "glitching". In that case please try the following:

  1. Find Android System Webview in "Applications", tap on its properties (dots in the upper right corner) and remove the updates;
  2. Go to the "Memory" (or "Storage", depending on the Android version, name might be different), erase the data and clear the cache by tapping on the same name button;

  3. Afterwards you should manually update the Android System Webview by downloading the application to the Smartphone again from Google Play.

Note : You will possibly need root rights, you will have to obtain these through the corresponding applications. Please be aware that it is risky to install root applications without a good knowledge of the OS device, it is better to consult a professional for this.


The described methods should restore your Android Webview app. If you fail, please contact us via feedback form. Maybe you have some individual case that can be solved by other methods.

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