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How to export bookmarks from Google Chrome


Every Internet user has a set of bookmarks - frequently visited sites. Although modern browsers, like Chrome, offer synchronization, sometimes it fails. As a result, all the bookmarks are lost. How do I make sure this does not happen? Export your bookmarks as a file and save them in a safe place.

Also, exporting your bookmarks from Chrome is an easy and affordable way to save all your important information if you reinstall Windows or migrate your settings to a different account.

Let's take a closer look at this issue using the Google Chrome browser as an example. The step by step instructions and the provided useful information would allow even an inexperienced PC user to perform these operations independently.

Possible export options:

    The description of these options with screenshots below.

    Export file with Favorites Manager

    In the Chrome setting, you can easily export your bookmarks to a local HTML file. This format is quite universal: you can import it into almost any browser or open it "as is", as a web page.

    So to export bookmarks to HTML:

    1. Launch Chrome.
    2. Click Customize and Control (three vertical dots in the top right corner of the window).
    3. In the drop down menu go to Bookmarks > Bookmark Manager .

    4. Use the menu Organize (three vertical dots) > ( Export bookmarks ) to save the file.

    5. In the system dialog box you specify the format of the saving of the bookmarks - Text HTML .

    6. The file will be named Bookmarks with the current date, but you can change this name if necessary.
    7. Select the folder where you wish to save the browser bookmarks and click Save .

    Tip To those planning a reinstall of the operating system, you should save the bookmarks file to the cloud (Dropbox/Google Drive), to a USB key or to NOT the system disk.

    Restoring (this means importing) your bookmarks is quite easy:

    1. Open Bookmark Manager ( Shift + Esc ).
    2. Select Import bookmarks in the Bookmark Manager window.
    3. Specify the path to the HTML document and click on Open .

    Attached article : Recover bookmarks: Step by step instructions

    Synchronize your bookmarks with your Google Account

    Another benefit of Google Chrome is the online synchronization of your bookmarks. Using a Google account, you can easily open your bookmarks on any computer or mobile device. All information will be stored in the cloud.

    If you already have an active Google account, follow these steps:

    1. Run the Chrome browser. Go to settings.
    2. Go to settings People ( Users ) > Sync and Google Services .
    3. Enter your Google account username and password, if you are doing this for the first time, save it for later sign in.

    1. When the Turn on sync window appears, confirm your intention by clicking OK .

    2. Choose your sync data. Please make sure that the option Holders is activated.

    After you have established the synchronization, all marked data will be accessible on all devices provided that they are connected to the same profile. You will be able to open on any device everything you have bookmarked as of this moment.

    With Google Chrome, you can use more than one profile if you wish. The only thing required is the account details.

    Exporting bookmarks in the mobile version of Chrome

    Analogous questions arise for users using the mobile version of Chrome. Can I save and import bookmarks? Yes, you can, since the browser has moved to mobile platforms a long time ago. Not only does it allow you to display different types of websites on smartphones, but it also allows you to sync your bookmarks between your PC and Google Chrome Android.

    Additional Copying of Bookmarks

    You may dispense with the browser settings and manually copy the bookmark file. This can be used for further import and as backup file.

    The default location for Chrome bookmarks is in the hidden system folder (Windows 10, 8, 7 & Vista):

    C:\Имя пользователя\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default 


    C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\

    for Mac OS:

    Users//Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default

    Please note two /files:

    • The bookmarks file is named Bookmarks .
    • The backup copy is named Bookmarks.bak .

    Hint . If your bookmarks are "broken" you can simply rename the file Bookmarks.bak to Bookmarks , replacing the previous copy.

    To manually export the bookmarks file:

    1. Close the Chrome browser.

    2. Enable View hidden /files in Explorer ( Folder Options > View ).

    3. Navigate to the bookmarks folder (see path above) via Explorer or any file manager.

    4. Copy the specified Bookmarks file to a safe place.

    Some details about Google Chrome

    Google Chrome is one of the most successful search engines of the same name. It is notable for its ease of use, free of charge, and wide functionality. It is very convenient to form a search query and to go to the entered address in one line.

    It also allows you to form shortcuts to applications on the web, making it possible to download them without launching the browser itself. The dynamism of the tabs is another great "+" of this web browser. You can drag and drop them outside of it and create new windows. You can also add 'instant bookmarks' to your browser. They, along with passwords, can be imported from different browsers.

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