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How to find by picture from your phone: apps for Yandex and Google


Searching by phone picture is useful when you can't describe your query in words. For example, you saw a cute piece of clothing, but don't know the brand. Or you liked a plant, but don't know its name. Or you found a photo of an actor you know on a webpage and can't remember his name.

In all of these cases (and millions of others), using your phone's photo search will be very useful. We will use the tools of the Google and Yandex search engines, we will also install on your phone (tablet) the image search application.

Content :

  1. Picture Search via Browser
  2. Using Yandex Alice
  3. The CamFind application for Android
  4. The Google Lens photo search application
  5. Reversee (search engine for iOS)
  6. Frequently asked questions

Picture Search via Google Chrome

The Chrome browser is usually pre-installed on most Android phones, but we recommend to use the most recent version as it may be more convenient and functional.

Download the latest version of Chrome

To search by image in Chrome mobile browser do the following:

  1. Go to the Google homepage ( or;
  2. Go to the browser menu and select "PC version" to open the original site;

  3. Go to the "Pictures" link;

  4. In the search box you will see a picture of a camera, click on it;
  5. Select the photo (you will search by) on your smartphone (option "Download file") or take it from the built-in camera;

  6. A page opens on which you will find images similar to the one you have downloaded to the search interface.

There is a second way on how to search in Google for a picture which is useful if you did not take the picture you are looking for on your own but found it on the Internet:

  1. Press the image you wish to find and hold it for a moment;
  2. a menu appears with a search button where you should choose "Find this image in Google".

Find this image through "Yandex Alice"

There are two basic ways to find the picture you want if you have Alice or the standard application from Yandex installed. The first one is as follows:

  1. download Alice for Android
  2. Click the camera icon in the search box;

  3. After that either take a picture with your mobile's built-in camera or tap the corresponding icon on the bottom of the screen and select the picture in your phone's memory.

Also in the mobile version of the Yandex website there is an option "Ask by picture" under the search bar which operates in a similar way to the usual picture search.

The second way to search by picture is even simpler. Activate Alice and say "Alice, take a picture". After that, the camera interface will open so that you can take a picture. The voice assistant will then try to recognize what is in the picture, show you similar pictures and allow you to continue your Yandex search.

CamFind - photo search application

Popular application to search by picture on your phone. Also one of the first of its kind. Using CamFind is very easy:

  1. After launching the application, it automatically opens capture mode. If it does not, click on "Capture" at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click on the Capture button. The image you have captured will be sent to the server of this application, and then it will be processed and recognized. The search may take some time.

  3. After this you will see the search results for the image you have taken as well as for similar images.

Google Lens, another image search engine

A progressive application by Google to search for pictures on your phone. Google Lens is not yet installed on all Android phones, but only on a number of "flagships". However, this may change in the future.

You can launch the application in several ways.

First, you can open Google Assistant. Then if your phone and its Android version support Google Lens an icon of this service will appear at the bottom of the screen to the left of the microphone icon.

Secondly, in some models the Google Lens search is accessible via the camera application - there an icon will appear. Press this icon and your phone will be ready to search by image.

Now, in order to search by image from the phone, it is necessary to move the camera to the corresponding object. You will see a small circle appear on it. Click on it and you will see the information about what is currently on the screen.

Google Lens can not only search through the images but also do other things with the information found in the photos. For example, if it's text, you can copy it immediately, if it's an email address, you can write to it immediately - and so on.

Download Google Lens

Image Search: mobile search engine for Android

Image Search is basically just a more convenient interface to search an Android picture in existing services. Under each picture you find in this app, there will be a special section with similar images. You have to use it to find what you are looking for.

iOS application Reversee

The Reversee iOS application exists for the iPhone, it represents a bridge between the user and the search engine and is able to search for photos according to different criteria. There are 3 main functions of this application:

  • find a photo or a picture from a webpage,
  • find a profile on a social page,
  • find an enhanced copy of an image.

But in fact, the possibilities of the application are somewhat wider.

  • The photo editor allows to crop or rotate images clockwise or anticlockwise
  • The standard search engine is Google but it is possible to configure another search engine (Bing, Yandex)
  • Customize the format and size of the image,
  • Display results in a given browser (Chrome or Safari)
  • Save image to social networks or send by email
  • Save results to iPhone

Besides the application itself, Reversee has an extension available, which can be used in other iOS applications (Photos, Web browsers, etc.), in order to use it quickly.etc.), this allows a quick search over the photos without leaving the scope of the other applications.

Download Reversee for iOS

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a specific person from a photo?

You can use hashtag search through Instagram, through social networks (VK, OK). There is also Twitnow mobile app, you can download it on your Android or iOS. Read more here.

How can I find more information on a photo?

Yandex and Google both show information that is indirectly or directly related to the image sought. First of all, the search engine tries to determine what is in the picture. Search Assistant Yandex Alice may say additional information aloud, such as facts about the life of the person found, etc.

How do I search a picture on Google from my phone?

The same service is used on the phone and the browser (see instructions).

  1. Go to the Pictures section.
  2. Click the camera icon.
  3. Load your pictures and review the results.

How do I search a picture on my iPhone?

The same methods and services work as for Android. Use the Google Chrome or Safari browsers for your searches. Access the Yandex or Google search engine website, all further steps are described in the article.

How to remove your photo from the search (if it violates your privacy)?

  1. Please ask the owner of the site to remove the material.

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