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How to fix the time on your Android phone


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    How to manually set the time on your phone through settings

    How to manually set the time on your phone requires the following steps:

    1. Find the "Clock" application on your smartphone. Most often it is located on the desktop, but may also be in the "Tools" folder. Another way to access the settings is to click on the time vader on the desktop.

    2. Go to the settings by clicking on the three dots icon and select the appropriate section.
    3. In advance you should deactivate the automatic time zone and mobile network date/time selection by first deactivating the switch next to the selected functions.

    4. Then the "Time" and "Date" are adjusted in manual mode.

    How often the time should be checked

    It is recommended to check the time against the current local time at the end of each day. Especially it is worth doing this for users who have set the time automatically. A lot depends on the correct date and time - the life of a modern person is closely linked to the clock. Some smartphone owners manually adjust the time a few minutes ahead on their own to never be late.

    How to disable or enable automatic time detection on your phone

    Automatic time detection on your phone is a function that is activated back by the manufacturer. In some cases, the function does not work correctly, it leads to settings failure, incorrect operation of some applications on the device that depend on this data. To correct the problem of incorrect time and date synchronization you should:

    1. Go to the "Clock" application.
    2. Call the "Settings" item using the right side menu.

    3. Change the settings opposite "Use network time" and "Use network time zone".

    After these manipulations the settings are set in manual mode. In some cases the problem with the incorrect time on the phone can only be solved by a complete factory reset.

    How to change the time zone on the phone

    To set a new time zone in the "Clock" widget of an Android smartphone, you should:

    1. Go to the application settings as described above.
    2. Deselect the "Use Network Time Zone" function.
    3. Click the "Time Zone" button. You may also select the zone under "UTC difference" if you know the exact local time.

    The "Settings" menu also allows the user to select whether the time on the phone should be displayed in 12-hour or 24-hour format.

    Use a separate clock program for Android

    An alternative solution may be to install a third party application. The official app store has enough paid and free widgets with advanced functionality. One of the options is the DVBeep program. The peculiarity of the software is to support the function of voicing the current time on the phone. The program will be useful to owners of smartphones on Android who do not want to be constantly distracted by the smartphone screen. With the help of settings you can set the time intervals for the voice assistant to announce the current date and time.

    The application can be used on your smartphone without any preconfiguration. Feature of the software is support of several language packages, including Russian language. It means that the time will be announced in Russian. The only drawback of the program - the language packs will have to be downloaded independently from the application store Google Play.

    In the settings you may select the following:

    • Intervals for the voiceover of the current time;
    • Activate the vibration and sound signal that will be played before the assistant voice;
    • Select the assistant voice.

    The application uses the language synthesis directly in the android operating system.

    How to display more than one clock in different time zones

    There are several options to display the clock in different time zones on the smartphone.

    The first option:

    1. Open the clock application through the icon or display widget.
    2. Select the second tab.
    3. Initially only the current time in the format "Hours-Minutes-Seconds" will be displayed. To add more hours, please click on the "+" button. Select the required city from the list. The service information will display the current local time difference from GMT.

    Second way:

    1. Go to the widget settings using the three point button at the top of the application.
    2. Select the option "Dual time and date adjustment".

    3. In the section "Dual watch" you activate the function by toggling the switch.
    4. Select the second time zone from the list provided.

    The screenshot indicates the format in which the dual time is displayed on the Smartphone.

    Answer to the questions

    What are the negative consequences of the wrong time setting

    The wrong time setting of the Smartphone may lead to several problems. The very first one is being late for an important meeting, oversleeping for school, etc. Also without correct time on the phone some applications do not work. Last reason is that in some games administration may think that user changes time on purpose to get daily bonuses fast, it may lead to account banning.

    What is time zone?

    Time zone is a conventional zone that the Earth is divided into. Each time zone has its own local time. If the time zone setting on your smartphone is set to Automatic, the time will change automatically when you cross the time zone boundaries. The time zone also determines whether or not daylight saving time is available.

    Why is the clock on my phone off?

    The problem is most often experienced with smartphones that have the time zone and time zone presets automatically set. If the Smartphone is out of network for some time, not being able to synchronize with the local data, lags may occur. As soon as the network returns, the settings will return to normal.

    Where to adjust the time if there is no internet connection?

    If you are not connected to the internet and the time on the display is not reliable, you may verify the data with the help of your mobile carrier. The owner of a smartphone simply dials a certain combination on the screen (it can be viewed on the website of the specific operator). In a few seconds the time will be shown on the display. The service is free and may be used as many times as you wish.

    Why does the phone change time zone automatically?

    The telephone automatically detects the current time zone and changes the time. If you are located near the border of another country with a different time zone, the time may change several times a day. It is advisable to deactivate the automatic time zone function in the settings.

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