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How to get a key for Navitel Navigator for Android


How to get license key to activate full version of Navitel Navigator.


  • Getting free license key for Navitel
  • How to get activation key after purchase
  • Limitations of navitel incomplete version
  • How to buy activation key for Android
  • Components of Navitel free license version

We advise to buy the license key officially and with clear conscience use both Navitel and maps. Frankly speaking, it makes little sense to download the "cracked Navitel" from torrents or somewhere else. Why? Here are the main advantages of buying Navitel Navigator legally:

  • Legality . It is always more pleasant to use the legal product version purchased with your money. This means you respect the work of the developers
  • Quality . You are insured against various mistakes when using the gps-navigator. It is very important for the driver that glitches, bugs do not distract from the ride
  • Safety . There is no risk to catch a virus, downloading a licensed Navitel from the official site. No need to be afraid for your confidential data to fall into the wrong hands
  • Technical support . Only by purchasing the full, legal version of Navitel Navigator you are guaranteed to get answers to your questions. To do this you can contact support.

How to get a free license key for Navitel

The Navitel activation key can be obtained free for 7 days . This will allow you to get acquainted with the full version of Navitel, learn the functions thoroughly and even download the official maps to your mobile device.

The trial version of the navigator will allow you to make a choice to buy a license or another product.

Download Navitel for Android

How to activate Navitel after key purchase

Free activation of Navitel on Android and iOS is done as follows:

  1. Launch Navitel Navigator on your phone
  2. Click the "Start trial period"

As already mentioned, once activated, the full version of Navitel works without restrictions for 7 days. Please note that after the trial period expires, you will not be able to re-activate the application for free - you will need to buy a key to activate Navitel Navigator.

After you familiarize with the features of the full version, you can purchase the application through the official website.

Limits of the incomplete Navitel version

After the 7-day period expires, Navitel Navigator goes into limited working mode. Which functions are not available when the application is not activated?

  • Creation of navigation routes on the map
  • Voice Assistant and navigation guidance
  • Maps in 3D format (3d-viewing)
  • Data about traffic jams
  • Different signs

To remove these restrictions, the Navitel Navigator license key is required. Read below how to purchase it.

How to buy Navitel Navigator for Android and other devices

1. Go to //

2. Go to Buy - Apps

3. Select the desired card pack and click on "Add"

4. Fill in all the fields and click the "Checkout"

5. When you purchase a key for Navitel Navigator, you can choose any payment method convenient for you: credit card, Yandex Money, Webmoney, bank transfer and other methods.

What is included in the Navitel licensed version

After entering the key, the activated navigator will of course work in full functionality. However, this version only includes the maps purchased as part of Navitel. You can view the available maps through the user area on the website.

Additional maps are purchased directly through the Navitel Navigator application:

Menu > My Navitel > Buy maps.

You do not need to enter key to activate Navitel map sets - it will be downloaded from Navitel server and activated automatically.

Install Navitel maps. Differences between map sets, peculiarities of updating:

How to download maps for Navitel Navigator

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