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How to install the Emoji keyboard for Samsung Galaxy phones


Some users of Samsung Galaxy smartphones may have noticed that the keyboard with emoji has disappeared. This could happen after an update and it can be solved by simple manipulations with the keyboard settings. Also it happens that the user cannot find the emoji key on his new phone, as its location may vary depending on the phone model.

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    How to enable the emoji keyboard on your Samsung

    The Samsung emoji keyboard has an emoji function as standard. Emoji are fully contained in it, they can be easily found and easily inserted in the text. Therefore most often there is no need to install a third party keyboard on the smartphone unless for some reason an application from other developers is more convenient for the user.

    The emoji keyboard for Galaxy is located next to the text field on the left (emoji key). When you click on it, a panel appears divided into blocks. Each category of pictures is collected on its own page. By swiping the screen you can navigate between the blocks to select the appropriate emoji.

    The program remembers the emoji that a person uses most often, and offers them first in a separate category - in the tab with the clock. This is convenient when the user often selects only a few of his favorite emoji and does not have to search every time in a long list of emoji.

    Keyboard Settings

    For a quick access to the emoji database, there is an additional function. If you press the settings key (on the left of the comma), the emoji keyboard is launched. This is another quick and easy access to the Samsung emoji

    To go from the emoticon selection panel back to the writing panel, press the ABC key. Then the emoji will close and the keyboard will be ready for entering letters again. This way for those who can't find the missing emoji on the keyboard - the key is not always visible, in some Samsung models the developers decided to hide it.

    Board Features

    The virtual keyboard from Google has a number of features that make your life easier and speed up your text input. Among them are built-in translator, quick sentence erasing, case applied to the already written text, fraction input, all emoji

    and many other useful features.

    Download GBoard

    Details the GBoard features:

    • Inbuilt translator. Allows to instantly translate text and send message in desired language. You enter the text to be translated in Russian and the system gives you the answer how it will look like, e.g. in English. The translation can be immediately sent.
    • Cursor. An interesting feature added to the keyboard is the ability to control the cursor by swiping on the space bar. In this way the developers decided to ease the typing as you can not always quickly place the cursor to the right place with a standard screen tap.
    • Easy search and insert emoji on the keyboard. If while typing a hint appears that does not fit or you never use it, you can delete it. To do this press it with a finger and move it along the screen and place it in the urn that appears on the screen.
    • Punctuation marks and special characters. The basic layout has a period and a comma. For the cases when you need to select a different character there is a shortcut to the expanded pane. To access it, press and hold a dot, avoiding the need to switch to another layout every time.

    How to use the emoji function, we understand it in details.

    Use GBoard for inserting emoji

    With the GBoard keyboard it is easy to find the Samsung Galaxy emoticons and to immediately insert them in the text. Simply type a word and the system will suggest the right emoji in a pop-up panel. To do this, the application has added the Search all media function. By means of this function it is possible to search for free smileys, gifs and stickers on the internet directly from the keyboard.

    To use this function, you have to:

    1. Install the keyboard on your smartphone through Google Play using the link
    2. Open the form to enter a message
    3. Click the "Google" button on the top of the keyboard
    4. Enter the keyword to search for the most suitable emoji
    5. Select from the given choices the desired one. The base of emoticons and stickers will be regularly updated, the choice gets bigger and more complicated.

      The most often used emoticons are stored in the shortcut bar, that makes it easy and fast to use this function. Gifs and stickers have to be found every time through the search bar, they are not remembered by the system.

      Microsoft SwiftKey for emoji

      The Microsoft keyboard plugin can be installed through Play Market.

      After download and installation the emoji plugin for the keyboard is ready for use. Open the messenger and use the emoticons in the text. You can find them on the keyboard in two ways:

      1. Holding the "enter" key (located at the bottom right corner of the keyboard, it looks like a bent arrow)
      2. Tapping the button with the smiley on the bottom left side of the keyboard

      There is no default button to quickly select the emoji function. To enable it, you must first change the following settings:

      1. Go to the Microsoft SwiftKey
      2. Open the menu
      3. Select the Emoji
      4. Enable the Dedicated emoji key with the blue button

      So the emoji key appears on the keyboard as a big smiley emoji.

      With one tap you can easily bring up the emoji panel which is made in full size on this keyboard in order to see the whole block of emoji at once. When you have selected and pasted an emoji, press the "abv" button to go back to writing.

      To quickly add an emoji to your message, there is a tooltip panel.

      It offers a line of matching emoji after you write the word. This panel is able to remember and adapt to the user. If you often use the same emoji after a certain word, it will be offered automatically in the tooltip bar. To use this feature, enable it in the Emoji settings (point Emoji predictions).

      Question - Answer

      Where has the button for the standard keyboard disappeared?

      If you still have the question where the emoji disappeared and you are still unable to find it on the Samsung standard keyboard, please do the following:

      1. Open the keyboard in any messenger or in the notes
      2. Press the gear button (settings)
      3. The menu list appears and you should find and select the "Reset to default"
      4. Confirm the "Reset keyboard settings" button.

      All done, now the Emoji button should return to its place near the text entry bar.

      What are the Emoji

      Text messages in informal dialogs are sometimes difficult to understand, what emotions does the interlocutor express? A special tool was needed to help fix this, which is what happened with emoji. Now almost every correspondence, friendly or professional, is not without them.

      Emoji help avoid misunderstandings about each other. They add emotional colouring, humour and expressiveness to a conversation, help make a text visually pleasing, dilute it or create a pleasantly designed list.

      Where to find emoji to copy

      For the use of Apple emoji in Android smartphones, special services have been created. There are many of them and this article describes the most popular and convenient ones. The technique is simple - the emoticons are copied with a single tap, saved to the clipboard of the phone and pasted into any messenger or social network.

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