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How to recognize music from YouTube videos: the most effective ways


To find out music from a Youtube video, use special applications or online services. In some cases these are trivial but effective methods.

Sometimes while wandering through the labyrinths of the Internet you come across an interesting clip or video and the song from it becomes an obsession. That's why you want to find the music from the video in every possible way. And there are many of them. We review the TOP 10 ways to recognize music from YouTube - from simple to complex:

  1. Search music by description
  2. Question in the comments
  3. Search the song lyrics
  4. Film soundtrack
  5. Telegram bots
  6. Search in VKontakte
  7. Web services
  8. Applications (Shazam etc.
  9. Andex Alice
  10. AudioTag

Level 1. Recognize music from description

The most trivial way to find a song in a video is to read the description of the video where the list of used tracks is often published.

This is a trivial tip, that's why it is the first in order to be difficult and useful. However most YouTube users simply forget or do not want to expand the description of the video. Apparently they don't look for easy ways.

Level 2. Comments

The World Wide Web (and Youtube in particular) is full of enthusiasts who specifically share useful information in comments. Some consider it their duty to leave a comment with the music from the video, especially when it comes to a rare tune. Therefore you can read what people write about the video trying to find a precious track among all the various opinions.

Level 3. Search by Words

With at least a few words in mind, try searching for the song on a Yandex or Google search engine. Type the phrase of the song into the search box. If the lyrics used are in English add "lyrics" or "lyrics"

Foreign words which you do not know the spelling of - write them in Russian. The system will automatically transliterate them and try to understand you. Among the search results you might find what you search for, but the percentage of this is not high.

Level 4. Searching for soundtracks

Finding music from a video presenting a film or series is easy with soundtracks. This option will work for those who know the name of the movie. Type the title in a Yandex or Google search and add the word "OST" or "soundtrack", for example, "ost once upon a time in hollywood". The results should give you the official tracklist.

There is little further steps. You should listen to the songs one by one until you hear the familiar notes.

Level 5. Telegram

There are special bots in Telegram for recognizing music from videos. The most famous ones are @YaMelodyBot and @acknobot.

How to use the Telegram bot to recognize music from videos:

  1. Locate the bot by name and run it.
  2. Click the microphone icon in the messaging bar and select the audio you want.
  3. If the sound is good the bot will immediately give you a positive result. If you hear it with interference, however, there is little guarantee that the software will recognize the song.

Level 6. VKontakte

Try what you see in the VKontakte audio. Maybe other users have added the track you are looking for using an associative line in the title.

In a pinch, try the groups created in order to find rare tracks. For example, these: //, //

Level 7. Web Services

There are several useful sites created to help you find music from YouTube. The most convenient service is Midomi. It is free, easy to use, does not require registration. Just open it in a new tab and click on the microphone icon. If at this moment you activate the desired video in the next tab, the program recognizes the song by its sound.

Level 8. Special applications

There are mobile applications that help you find a track from a youtube video. The most popular one is Shazam.

Instructions on how to recognize music from video through Shazam:

  1. Install and open Shazam Android.
  2. Press the button located in the center of the screen.
  3. Hold the device near the sound source and start the YouTube video.

  4. If Shazam succeeds to recognize the track, you will see the official title. Otherwise the service will notify you that nothing is found.

SoundHound is an analogue of Shazam that is in no way inferior to it and works in the same way. And for smartphones running Android 4.0 and later you may use the standard "Google Audio Search" widget.

Just do the following:

  1. Install the Google application through the Play Store service.
  2. Open it by hitting the Home Screen.
  3. In the popup menu select "Widgets".
  4. Scroll down or right to the Google section where you should find the "Audio Search" icon and drag it to the Home Screen.
  5. Play the desired video while clicking on the "Audio Search" icon or on the "Microphone" icon.

The application displays the track data or indicates "Nothing found". Head-on question

Inquire about the song from Siri or Alice. Let the assistant listen to the tune and ask "Who sings", "What's the name of the track?", "Guess the record", etc. These robots are smarter than some apps and services, so they're often quite useful.

If you like the tune but can't find it, you can contact the author of the video directly. This is easy when videoblog is private, there are contacts and the owner is responsive to any question. But the owners of popular channels are unlikely to answer. However, the answer always depends on how the question is asked.

Level 10. AudioTag

As a last resort, the AudioTag service would help. It is the last difficult level because it requires the download of the file with the requested melody. This is very easy to use:

  1. Open the site and click on "Download file". There is a "Recognize by Link" button next to it, but don't be fooled - it doesn't work.
  2. Select the desired video and upload it to the program. The supported formats are MP3, WAV, OGG. Clips should be between 15 and 45 seconds long, up to a maximum of two minutes.
  3. Wait 30 seconds until the song analysis is finished.

Tests have shown that AudioTag finds the track almost always, even if the recording is of poor quality.


To find music from your YouTube video you should go through the methods listed above from the first to the last. The list increases not only in difficulty but also in efficiency. Once you've tried all the search methods and come to the last one, you will, in 98% of the cases, find out what song is playing in the video. When these steps are futile, use bots in Telegram and poll members of the music groups on Vkontakte. Other useful tools include web services and special applications for mobile devices.

If nothing works, ask the creator of the video directly. Or download the file to your computer, and then "run" it through AudioTag.


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