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How to recover files on Android (without root) in Recuva


Which of us has not deleted photos or videos without fully realizing what we have done? Yes, it is very unpleasant to realize the loss. But there is no need to panic: there are plenty of ways to get your data back. In this article, I will show you how to recover deleted /files on android without root access and without a computer.

Content :

  1. Recover deleted data without root access:
    1. Connect your sd card to your computer
    2. Download Recuva
    3. Recover /files
    4. Save /files on your PC
  2. Recover data on your phone with root access:
    1. Starting DiskDigger for Android
    2. Searching /files in mobile memory
    3. Restoring from internal memory and saving results
  3. Reader questions

Tip . Time after deletion plays a significant role: do not copy new /files to the device before you start restoring deleted /files. Disable Wi-Fi and 3G/4G connections. While the automatic update is working, your data may be overwritten without your knowledge. And, if you had any chance to get your lost /files, it is lost.

Recover deleted Android /files without root

By default, root access is disabled on your phone. Consequently, your rights on Android are severely restricted, so you won't be able to use most of the reanimation software. But there is a way out, and this method will allow you to get the data back from your phone's sd-card. However, it will not be good for reanimating internal memory.

1. Connecting your memory card to PC

The first thing to do is to connect your phone's memory card as a storage device to your computer. Although you can connect your Android via USB, I would recommend a card reader: not all Android phones allow you to mount the sd-card drive as a separate volume.

2. Download the Recuva

Now you have to download the Recuva software, preferably in russian language. It is one of the best free programs for Android. It allows you to recover /files under Android and not only. You can also download other programs such as Coolmuster or Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android (they do, however, require root access) but Recuva is no less excellent and also a free data recovery tool.

Note . As a rule, most of these programs assume the memory must be in FAT32, NTFS or a similar file system format. If your memory card format, for some reason, is not recognized, you can simply make a full copy of the contents to your computer, format the card to FAT32 and then transfer the copied /files back. After that, continue the process.

3. Recover /files in Recuva

When you start Recuva, the first thing to do is to select the type of /files you want to recover on Android: pictures, photos, videos, music, documents, etc. The option to return deleted /files from a specified location is also available, and you can even specify a specific folder. Note that Recuva will only show the areas and locations that the program can actually recover. Just follow the program's prompts.

4. Save recovered data to your computer

When you are finished recovering deleted /files, try to save them to a different device than the original one: this may sometimes lead to conflicts and recovery damages. Thus, if you have recovered /files from your smartphone, you need to write them to your hard drive or PC and then transfer them as soon as they are intact.

Recover deleted /files if you have root access

1. Launch DiskDigger app for Android

You need to download the program DiskDigger . The application is very simple, installs directly on your phone and recovers /files on Android without a computer.

Download DiskDigger

The first thing you should do once you have launched Undelete is to select the storage device where you want to search for your lost data (this can be internal or external memory).

2. Scan phone memory

Scan the selected device. This process may take from 2 to 10 minutes depending on the amount of memory and data storage.

3. Recover data from internal memory

Finally, you will be presented with the found data distributed in several tabs: /files, images, music, videos, documents and other /files. The recovered Android data returns to its original location - where it was stored before deletion. This option might work only partially (if there's a problem with your Android phone's memory). In this case, use Recuva (see above), Wondershare or other root recovery software.


How to recover deleted /files on your Android without any software? Is it possible?

Answer . No. However, if you have backed up your /files to the Google Drive or Dropbox cloud, you can copy the /files from there back to your phone.

How do I recover photos on my Android without using a PC? The programs you have listed above do not help!

Answer. What about the Wondershare Dr. Fone and DiskDigger? We can also recommend Mobisaver. However, the efficiency of these tools is not very high, since you should use other programs and methods to recover the internal memory.

Can I download Recuva for Android? Does it have a suitable mobile version?

Answer. Unfortunately there is no mobile version and it is unlikely that one will ever be available. Furthermore, it would be very inefficient without root access.

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