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How to remove ads on the Android / Samsung tablet lock screen


Advertising on the phone lock screen - what could be more intrusive and unpleasant for the user? For unknown reasons it appears as soon as the user touches the touchscreen. It is not easy to remove the pop-up banner, the culprit among the applications is very difficult to find.

Most annoying is that the source of the ads may be a ransomware virus which tests the emotions of mobile device owners. This nasty virus demands money to disable it on the lockscreen. If this is not done,

  • advertising pop-up windows will pop up on the screen, preventing the use of the mobile gadget,
  • advertising (pop-up, windows with banner) will appear if the screen is unlocked,
  • advertising will be displayed on the whole screen of the smartphone or tablet,
  • banners will be displayed in the system and applications installed by the user - for example the Chrome browser.

It is clear that you should not agree to the terms of the scammers under any circumstances. In this guide we'll help you detect the virus and tell you how to disable ads in Android by your own efforts. Well, or almost with your own efforts - special ad blockers come to your aid.

Content :

  1. Installing the ad-blocker firewall
  2. Searching for adware apps
  3. Checking your phone with antivirus
  4. Resetting your phone to factory settings
  5. What to do,
  6. Answer to questions from the readers

Installing Firewall - Ad Blocker for Android

One of the best way to block the adware viruses on your phone is to install the Firewall.

Firewall is an add-on for the operating system which controls the applications access to the internet. As a rule, all advertisements and virus /files are downloaded from the Internet, so a firewall can help to identify a malicious application and block it. And in general, you need a firewall to prevent your phone from getting infected.

Track through the NoRoot Firewall log to see which programs are accessing the Internet and block them as needed. You can also determine from the log if any /files have been downloaded or if commercials have been downloaded without your knowledge.

First of all, we recommend that you install NoRoot Firewall. With this application you can flexibly control the internet access of all installed applications and successfully block ads.

Install NoRoot Firewall

Video instruction how to get rid of viruses:

Remove adware applications

There are other ways to disable ads on your tablet/smartphone loccreen. The easiest way is to remove the culprit app by finding it out yourself.

How to do this:

1. Recall when the ads appeared on the lockscreen.

2. Download and install the CCleaner application:

Download CCleaner for Android

3. Through the CCleaner application manager, find out which programs were installed in a given period and remove them.

4. If among the applications you do not need, uninstall them as well.

Note . If you have a free version of an Android application, it may display ads. This is not a virus, this is just how the developer monetizes the application and you pay for the free version. To disable the banners you need to purchase the full - i.e. paid version of the program. Doing so or not is your right.

Universal way: check your phone with Antivirus

Another proven way to get rid of ads when unlocking is to remove viruses. There are quite a few of them written for Android, and one of the best mobile antivirus is Doctor Web for Android.

1. Download and install the lite version of Doctor Web (it consumes less memory while being as efficient):

Install Doctor Web

2. Run the scanner indicating all memory areas of the mobile device to search for.

3. Dr.Web will find and quarantine all infected /files even those which are not removed normally and are masked as system applications.

Often antivirus scanner allows to quickly remove ads on lock screen as well as comprehensively check the phone for virus threats including Trojans, Malware and keyloggers.

Tip. Make sure you install a root manager for Android

All instructions to remove ads on your phone/tablet imply that you have full access to the Android file system (where ad viruses and infected apps often hide).

Hence, almost any antivirus application will require root rights. Read here how to install them.

Do Hard Reset

If the application uninstallers, the firewall and the antivirus scanner have not brought any results, a Hard Reset remains. Factory reset is almost the most reliable way to get rid of adware viruses. At the same time it is safe and fast, though it requires preliminary preparation.

It is important ! You will have to make a backup of your data and only then proceed to reset it.

After Hard Reset you will receive the mobile device with the original state of the software and memory, therefore free of viruses. All the user data (texts, pictures, contacts etc.) stored on the device will also be deleted.

How to reset the phone

How to perform a Hard Reset on a specific device - please refer to the forums. The risk to screw up the device and turn it into a "brick" (inoperable state) is rather low as long as you carefully follow the flashing instructions provided by the experienced users.

"I failed to remove adware on my lockscreen"

If none of the methods worked and you are unable to remove the adware virus, please continue to dive into the problem. In particular, we advise you to refer to our big guide How to remove adware on Android, ask questions via contact form.

We hope you will succeed in cleaning your problematic Android device from annoying ads and viruses. Good luck!

Questions - Answers

I have a lg g5. It keeps popping up ads everywhere in all apps. Even in camera. But only when i have internet access. When I click on ads to disable I get redirected to Facebook. How to remove ads from the screen?

When I turn on my phone (Samsung) the screen is blocked by tinkoff ads along with more ads , it is hard to get to the desktop. How to disable the ads on the Samsung?

About two weeks ago the ads from google play started to pop up on the lock screen. But not when i open an app, but pops up as soon as i turn on my screen, sometimes in one minute intervals, sometimes in 30 seconds. And so constantly as long as the smartphone screen is on and there is a connection to the Internet. If advertising pops up, I close it on the cross, or press cancel by closing the pop-up window with advertising. But in both cases I return to the main screen and exit the current application. For example I am writing a message, or some application is open, after closing the pop-up banner the current application is closed, I press the button in the manager of applications to select the last application, and so all the time the Internet is on. If something has to do with the internet connection it is simply impossible to do this normally.

Huawei Mat 10 Android 6.0 phone if there is any idea how this can be stopped would be very grateful.

In this article (// says that the easiest way to figure out the program that creates pop-up ads is to install the program, which did not help me or 90% of users, judging by their negative reviews and evaluations of this application. A very "simple" way, yes. I have a question: why aren't you advising people a way that is a hundred times faster and more effective? Why can't you just go to the multitasking panel and... and that's it! You will see the name of the program that is bothering you! Please add this information to the website.

Help solve the problem with the Media Service app on the Samsung SG9. How it got in I don't know. Tried different antivirus, deletes for five minutes. Tried just stopping it, just for an hour. Now it wakes up in 15-20 minutes. Ads are overpowering. And the tablet is slowing down terribly.

Kaspersky, avast, super cleaner do not remove the virus! even more! they do not find it! only doctor web every five minutes is swearing! removed... but it was swearing at the malicious code in settings and file "system! says to delete them...

and air push detector halfway through the search, it kicks out and before clearing it writes Good news! you don't need this app at all Just press and hold on the notification for a few seconds, and your device should tell you who creating it and there are 2 responses: (i translated) it doesn't work! and a thanks! i will do it!

and about the virus! even without internet it downloads facebook light! (i checked in downloads and applications, no) and pops up ads where there is a cross! and it can be closed by clicking on the desktop!"

i downloaded from the market (system updates) after this advertising is running when i turn on any application.... i read all the articles on this page! no scanners no antivirus no ad blockers help....The apps came google admob which can't be removed... in the market shows that i don't have it installed! and for all that, if i hide it under system /files how can i find it manually?

Android gone crazy, initially appeared a small amount of advertising "yula, alleys" etc.

dadela returned to the factory default settings, did not help again press return. and here it began, first entered the data wai fai and a bunch of ads poured, as a result of imposing one to another phone began to show only a black screen and a battery with wai fai at the top.

I have a problem with viruses! I got an adware virus on my android that throws ads all over the screen! On the one hand it is harmless, but on the other hand per * * storious (constantly popping out advertising)! I downloaded different antivirus, but no one antivirus does not find a virus! Please tell me how to find a virus file on android without doing a return to the factory settings? Because I have nowhere to transfer photos and videos!

in recent months I very often have popped up ads that do not give me very often video watch news read a then it happens that in the middle of the night advertising with sound me will be or else sometimes so happens and in the middle of the day.before this never was.and here's this ad hinders me great.and i do not know how to get rid of it. please help me with this issue as soon as possible advise me what to do in this situation.

All the time in 3G network the advertising appears and then the phone (Samsung) slows down and the advertising appears more often and installs game applications

Android 4 from the system update notifications with advertising popup with a link to the relevant site. Resetting to factory settings doesn't do anything. Antivirus and Airpush don't find anything suspicious. Is there a solution to the problem?

In the beginning, when switching on the Samsung Galaxy 8 phone a window would pop up suggesting to disable the software update request. Naturally did not disable it was not deleted now Far posf ads are bothering me, and others are creeping.

I do not know how to fight. Help, can you send me a link?

I don't know why, but adverts with the name messenger have started to appear very often. It pops up all the time when unlocking, no matter if I am playing a game or doing something else, help me to remove it.

On my phone Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), SM-A520F the ad pops up on the desktop. It turns the phone on itself. What to do? Please help!"

I am overpowered by ads on my lock screen. When I unlock the screen, SPONSORED CONTENT appears. I tried almost all methods suggested by you, none of antivirus detects this virus. I have not downloaded or installed anything in the near future. I've decided to remove all my previously installed apps, but Instagram won't uninstall, INSTALLED ANYWHERE! I have android 8.0.0. What to do?

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