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How to restore deleted bookmarks in Google Chrome: all ways


The Google Chrome browser synchronizes data online, making data loss seemingly impossible. And yet, when you uninstall Google Chrome, format your drive, etc., information can get lost.

Let us tell you how to get your bookmarks back in your browser if you accidentally deleted them or they disappeared on their own.

Restoring bookmarks from a backup file

If you have previously backed up your bookmarks, restoring them should be easy. To ensure that all changes are saved, create a Google Account and only open your browser from there. Don't forget to check whether your bookmarks are synchronized or not - you can do this in the Settings menu, under Settings - Sync. Your changes will be detected automatically.

Recover bookmarks from Google History

In your browser history you can find sites you've visited during the last 3 months (provided you didn't delete any History by the user). Of course, resource addresses and bookmarks are not the same thing, but some information can be recovered.

If you log into Chrome and synchronize your history, you can see in the list the browsing data from all the devices from which you went online.

Note . Pages are not saved when you open pages in incognito mode.

The Chrome History can be accessed:

  1. Browser menu - it opens by clicking on the triplet in the top right part of the programme. You can access the History section by pressing the "Ctrl" + "H" keys simultaneously (for Windows).

  2. If you type chrome://history/ (press "Enter") in the address bar.

How to find Bookmarks.bak /files

If you did not succeed with the first two methods, use special applications. A popular tool to search for deleted /files is Recuva. To perform the Recuva procedure:

  1. Download Recuva from the sender's website.

  2. Run the program and indicate in the settings the folder you wish to find. In this case, it is located in your browser: C:{User\[username]\AppData\Default".

  3. The program will search for you and if it succeeds, it will find the Bookmarks file. You should restore it on your PC and copy it to the Default folder, overwriting the current file.

Chrome saves all user created bookmarks in a bookmarks file, but without the json extension. You can open and view its content with Windows Notepad.

You need two /files: the normal bookmarks file and bookmarks.bak. To check the content you can copy them to the main desktop and open them in Notepad.

If you find a lot of relevant data in the /files, rename bookmarks.bak, remove the .bak, copy it to the browser profile folder on the C drive. Close Chrome (you need to quit the browser), update bookmarks.

Safeguard bookmarks from accidental deletion

And for the future, export your bookmarks as a separate file. The convenience of this method is that copies of the site addresses will always be available, moreover you can import them to other browsers.

Note . You cannot export bookmarks in the Google Chrome mobile app.

How to export bookmarks to a local file:

  1. Open the browser, click the Google Chrome icon in the control bar.
  2. In the menu that opens click "Bookmarks".
  3. Click "Bookmarks Manager".
  4. Click the "⋮" icon on the blue ribbon on the right, select "Export bookmarks" in the popup menu.
  5. In the File Explorer window enter the name of the file you want to save, indicate the folder.
  6. Click "Save".

This is it, now you have an exported bookmark file you can always open to retrieve the information you need.

However you cannot automatically access your bookmarks from an exported file in the mobile App, you can use a little tricky. Run the Google Chrome app on your mobile device and open the same account you use to login on your PC.


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