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How to restore FOUND.000 and FILE0000.CHK


On various disks, both internal HDD and portable, in the hidden /files and system documents view mode, you can find the found.000 folder. The contents of this folder are represented by so-called chk /files. Many users wonder why found.000 is needed and what the chk extension means. About that see below.

How to recover chk /files

  • Containing the FOUND.000
  • Why do you need chk /files
  • How to recover chk /files
    • in UnCHK
    • in FileCHK
    • in Recuva

What is stored in the FOUND.000

In the folder found.000 is where fragments of damaged /files are saved in cases where there is a failure during operation or program start-up, or when the power supply suddenly shuts down or the power goes out during the copying of a file from one medium to another.

The directory found.000 can appear on the desktop hard-drive as well as on any storage device connected to it, e.g. USB-Stick, SD-card.

Why do we need chk

Chk /files are the format of all damaged /files, pieces of which are directed by the system to the hidden folder found.000 and are stored there.

Chk /files are usually not very useful anymore. Often they can be deleted without trying to figure out which computer irregularities caused their creation. The best way to do it is not to delete each file individually but to erase the entire found.000 directory at once.

Some users rely on recovery of chk /files, which can be understandable when valuable information is lost during a program or Windows crash.

Can chk /files be recovered

With the help of some programs and applications you may try to restore the contents of the defective chk /files in the found.000 directory. In some cases these persistent attempts can be successful.

In order to restore the contents of hidden chk /files you can use such programs as UnCHK, FileCHK, Recuva, DiskDigger, Chkparser32, Chkrepair.

Let us look at the working principles of some of these programs.

Utility UnCHK

The program for the Windows operating system UnCHK has a russian language interface and is understandable for russian speaking users.

The program is not able to see and read the folder with the hidden contents, therefore you have to create a new directory and move there all the requested /files from the folder found.000

Now select the /files you need and click on "Start". The file recovery process will take from several minutes to several hours. This depends on the specifics of the object being recovered and the format of the /files you are trying to recover. The /files are automatically distributed into new folders depending on the format of the lost data.

Download UnCHK


FileCHK program is an analog of UnCHK program and its main task is to recover chk-/files. The program can be downloaded for free. The interface of the utility is simple and obvious to use.

Download FileCHK

Recuva - a program to recover deleted /files

After Recuva is installed, you need to select the type and location of the /files you want to recover (chk format cannot be selected, but you can specify All types). The Deep scan option in the settings will help for a better recovery.

After the scan process is over, the program displays all the /files detected. Red color marks the /files that are no longer recoverable. Yellow marking indicates /files that can be recovered only partially. Files marked in green are available for full recovery.

Before clicking the recovery button, select the destination folder to which the results will be placed.

Instructions on how to recover /files in Recuva

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